Bizarre Stories Of Missing Children That Deserve More Attention From All Of Us

It’s a nightmare scenario that no parent would ever wish on their worst enemy. When a child disappears, it seems like the world stops. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of children are still missing. In fact, the FBI claimed that there were 464,324 missing children reports in 2017 alone.

Thankfully, most of them are found. But, there are still cases of missing children that will make your heart bleed in agony for the families and the child. Some of the stories are so odd and bizarre that the deeper you go, the more mysterious it becomes.

Danielle Cramer

Twitter / @unsolved_thread
Twitter / @unsolved_thread

This is just truly bizarre. After 15-year-old Danielle Cramer went missing for a full year, police had no leads.

After some helpful tip-offs, police found the girl in the neighbor’s cupboard underneath the stairs. Her parents were friends with her captor. He had been using her and other girls to make pornographic videos and posting them on the internet.