Creepy Photos Of Ghosts So Real You’ll Get Nightmares

Have you ever had that feeling in the middle of the night like you’re being watched when you’re all alone? Then you feel a cold breath on the back of your neck and begin to shake with fear. You grit your teeth and build up the courage to turn around. And when you’re finally ready you look and see… nothing. Were you relieved or disappointed? If you were hoping to catch a glimpse into the great beyond, then we have just the pictures to make the hair stand up on your arms. Are these ghosts real? They look pretty real to us!

This Poor Guy Is About To Get A Trick Instead Of A Treat

This is easily one of the best pictures of a ghost you’re bound to see. The photographer had just bought a new Samsung Galaxy 9 phone and wanted to test out the camera by taking a picture of their pooch. They didn’t know they were also getting an amazingly clear shot of a ghost.

The person is adamant that they have done nothing to doctor this image, even proclaiming how frightened they are. And to think, if it wasn’t for amazing smartphone camera technology they might never know!

Would You Shower With This Ghost Outside?

What do you see outside this bathroom window? To the little boy who lived at this house, it was a ghost. He was so certain it was a ghost that he was scared to go to the bathroom. Ever. According to the submitter, the young boy refused to take showers alone after seeing "the ghost."

When this possible apparition first made its presence known, the boy was 10 years old. We would be frightened too at that age if there was something outside watching us!

Those Are Some Ghostly Orbs

One of the more controversial ideas to us about paranormal pictures are ghost orbs. Seemingly easily explained as light flares or lens dust, paranormal experts claim the orbs prove the legitimate presence of spirits in an area. The orb is the ghost’s energy being manifested.

Do you believe this orb is a ghost? It would help us if it there was movement. The most compelling orbs move directionally, from one point to the next, unlike the erratic behavior of dust. Because this is in a tunnel, we can rule out this possibly being a light flare.

Do You See The Face In The Window?

It happened on a snowy night in January. The picture taker said he wanted to get a picture of the weather for his grandmother and forgot to turn the flash off from his previous picture. When he reviewed it, he saw what appeared to be a face in the window.

It’s a little hard to see, but it’s definitely there, and it’s definitely creepy. We will not be going to this person’s house for Christmas. Hard pass! Maybe Halloween though.

There Was Only One Person In The Tower

The person who submitted this photo online said, “Only one person went up into that prison tower.” Well, that’s unsettling. We’re guessing the person on the left with more distinguishable features is the one who is alive. The one on the right looks creepily lifeless.

What do you think? Is this a real ghost, left forever to haunt this prison tower, trapped in the world of their former crimes and suffering forever? The thought really chills us to the bone!

This Student Never Wanted To Graduate

This picture was taken in Yeater Hall at the University of Central Missouri. It’s widely known to be a haunted location, and this picture could be proof that at least one student who went to the school never wanted to leave.

What’s interesting about this photo is that it seems to be a fully formed transparent apparition. It looks like a female wearing a long dress with light colored hair. If you don’t like ghosts, now you know where not to go to college. We wonder what her major was; ecto-biolog perhaps?

What’s In The Chair?

This picture was taken in an abandoned old mill in Western Australia. The person who submitted it says their niece took it and promises the picture is unedited. It’s clear there is a ghostly figure in the wheelchair, our only question is who, or what, the figure is.

There are skinny legs, but once you look to the top hard to tell if it’s a little child or maybe a demonic entity. Whatever it is, we’re not going to any abandoned mills anytime soon!

This Ghost Can Open Doors

If you thought ghosts were creepy enough without being able to move inanimate objects then you’re going to freak out at this picture. The photographer was at the haunted Whaley House in San Diego on a ghost tour and decided to snap several pictures.

It wasn’t until they got home and looked at the pictures, however, they saw what looks to be a ghost opening a door and staring at them. The figure doesn’t really look human to us, but we have a theory for what it might be; a ghost cat!

Graveyard Ghost

This one is a little hard to see, but there is definitely something hanging out just above the gravestone in the middle of the picture. Taken at a graveyard in El Paso, Texas, the photographer admitted they didn’t believe in ghosts until they took this picture.

What do you think the figure above the child’s grave looks like? Is it a strange apparition or just a well-placed mist? Cemeteries are known to be incredibly haunted, so we’re going with the spirit of a child rising from the grave.

Do Ghosts Have The Right Of Way?

Why did the ghost cross the road? To get to the other side! That’s what this ghost is trying to anyway. Too bad it’s crossing a walkway and not a road. We’re sure it will figure out where it’s going. Eventually.

This picture was taken almost a decade ago on an iPhone. The poster of the photo says they took two pictures, but only one showed up with a ghost in it. Is that proof that this really is a spirit captured?

Nothing Like Dancing With A Ghost By The Fire

The person who posted this picture wants everyone to know that "Stokes State Forest is haunted." If this is a genuine picture of a ghost dancing by a fire then yes, Stokes State Forest is indeed haunted. Located in New Jersey, this isn’t the first time someone has claimed the park is haunted.

This apparition couldn’t resist getting warm by the fire and maybe even dancing a little. This must have been one of the colder and creepier nights ever documented on the East Coast.

This Oldie But Goodie Is Frightening!

This famous ghostly photo is of the ghost of Corroboree Rock. Taken in 1959, people have argued for years who they actually see in the background. Everyone agrees they see something, though. Many say the ghost looks like an Australian Aborigine, a people who place great significance on the rock.

Others believe the ghost on camera is a woman in a nightgown or a priest. Knowing the history of the rock, our eyes tell us it’s probably an Aboriginal woman. Who do you see?

The Boothill Ghost Is Rising From The Grave

Another famous ghost photo, this is the Boothill Ghost. Taken in an Arizona graveyard in 1996, Ike Clanton claims no one was behind his friend when the picture was taken. A close up in the top right corner gives us a better look at the ghost.

At first glance, we thought this was the ghost of a child hiding in the grass. Most people who see the photo, however, believe it to be an old settler rising from the grave. Several websites have tried to debunk the photo with minimal success.

A Ghost Enjoying A Nice Day At The Cemetary

The picture is named “Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove.” In it, we have the ghost of a woman hanging out and soaking in the sun at the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicago. Considered one of the most haunted locations in the United States, it’s still a rarity to catch a ghost on camera during the daytime.

The person behind the picture said the cemetery was empty when they snapped this. When they got it developed, the young woman appeared sitting on top of her tombstone. Anyone else have the chills right about now?

This Ghost Is Waiting For A Cure

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium closed in 1961 after a drug to treat tuberculosis was invented. Before then, it was able to accommodate up to 50 patients. The ghost in this picture is likely one of those patients, wandering the halls endlessly hoping for a cure.

Contrary to our beliefs, paranormal experts believe this actually isn’t a patient but instead Mary Lee, a nurse who committed suicide. She decided to end her life after a doctor at the sanatorium impregnated her.

This Is Not The Ring Bearer You Were Hoping For

This picture was taken while Neil Sandbach was preparing to shoot a wedding at a farm in England. He didn’t see the girl when he took the picture, but there’s no doubt she was hiding in plain view the whole time.

Sandbach isn’t the only person to ever see this ghost girl either. Plenty of people who have visited the farm claim to have seen the same girl running around and playing. What do you think? Would you let her be your ring bearer?

Straight Out Of The Fire

The picture above was taken at Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England. To your left, you can see the building is very much on fire. To the right, you can see a girl calmly standing in the doorway, unaffected by the heat.

We’re positive this girl is a ghost because a living person would never be able to stand up to the flames. She also would not be nearly as calm as she appears if she was really that close to a fire that could engulf her at any moment.

The Most Royal Ghost Of All-Time

See the ghost in the chair? It is believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere, Field Marshal the Right Honourable. He died in 1865 after being hit by a horse-drawn carriage. Refusing to become a victim of the afterlife, he instead proudly reclaimed his throne as a ghost.

Amazingly enough, this photo was taken in close proximity to wear his royal funeral was held. We have no idea if the picture was taken on the same day as the funeral.

A Phantom Monk Saying A Prayer

One of the more genuinely creepy photos on this list, this picture was taken at the Skelton-cum-Newby Church of Christ the Consoler by a Reverend in 1963. The ghost has been called a phantom monk and looks mostly human, although some skin might be missing.

Is this figure praying? Is it waiting to give one last sermon before passing on to the great unknown? Unfortunately, if we had the answers we wouldn’t be asking the questions. Do you have the answers?

This Photo Is Verified As Un-Tampered

This 1966 photo taken in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, has been verified by Kodak as the real thing. There has been no tampering, editing, or altering done to enhance or change the original image in this picture.

This picture is one of several ghost sightings that have been documented in some form at the Queen’s House. Pretty creepy, right? We’re going to skip this museum on our next vacation to England.

This Photo Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

This might look like it’s a scene from a old time horror film, but it’s not. This is the famous Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. She haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England and earned her name from the brown brocade dress she’s wearing.

The story states that the Brown Lady is Dorothy Walpole, the second wife of Charles Townshend. When he believed she was cheating on him, he locked her in the her rooms in the family home. It is there she died of smallpox in 1726.

This Dog Is Too Chill Right Now

This good boy must have had a long day not to be bothered by this ghost at all. He had a long walk, and now all he wants is a long nap. The ghost just wants to pet him. It’s been so long since it’s been able to pet a dog.

The person in the photo posted it online, saying he has a hard time admitting it’s his back and his dog we’re seeing. He must not have been a believer before seeing this. Now he is, it’s just hard to accept after so many years of denial.

Never Walk Through Graveyards Alone

This Redditor had a truly frightening experience walking home one night. According to their story, they had to walk through a graveyard, which is creepy enough. Then they saw the figure, and when they approached, it disappeared. Yeah, that’s more than a little unnerving.

In their post, they described the figure as a “person” and they don’t remember how they got the courage to approach it. Let us tell you, after this experience, they will never have that courage again!

Look In The Shadows

What should be a happy picture of someone in their new house is actually terrifying proof that they never should have signed their mortgage! It’s hard to see but look in the shadows. Do you see the face yet? It’s there, just barely sneaking around the corner.

If we saw this figure in the back in a photo at our home, we would move immediately. Say what you want about how cool ghosts are, but would we ever really want to live with one?

It’s In The Window

Another day, another ghost staring at some people through a window. This creepy crawler is hanging out at the very bottom of the window, positioned just as scarily as possible because of course she is. Apparently, this isn’t the first time this girl has been captured on camera.

The person who submitted this post said the rumor is the little girl died in front of the window. And now, tragically, she’s trapped there for the rest of her afterlife. At least she’s not camera shy!

School’s Not Out For Summer

You know the song “School’s Out For Summer.” Well, those words have never been less true for this ghost. It was late at night when this picture was taken, and when the group reported a child trapped in the school to the police, they said there was no one there.

The group, of course, went back to investigate on their own, even though the police were adamant the building was empty and the alarms were on. When they got there, they discovered the cops were correct. The ghost child was gone.

A Ghost Helper

This person was proud of the progress he had made on his home renovation when he took this picture. After looking at it, he realized he wasn’t the only one working on the renovation. That ghost looks like it’s reaching for the broom to us!

It’s nice for once to see a ghost that is trying to be helpful. Too often they’re just trying to scare people. This ghost would rather scare the dust off our shelves and grease off our ovens. How pleasant.

The Kids Have NO Idea It’s Right Behind Them

These two kids have no idea there’s a ghost floating in the room behind them. That would be unsettling if we weren’t unsure about this picture being real. We don’t know how it would be faked, but something here doesn’t feel right to us.

Personally, we don’t think ghosts try to intentionally be creepy. Whatever the ghost in this picture is doing, it’s very early 2000s horror movie-esque. We’d like to think we’re wrong, but not ever picture can be convincing!

A Ghost In The Moonlight

Now that you’ve seen what is probably a fake, let’s get back to the genuinely creepy. This 1998 photo is from an abandoned mental institution. The person who posted online claims there is a man in the middle with his arms folded.

We definitely see a shape in the moonlight. We have no idea if his arms or folded or not, but we can see it’s a human shape for sure; maybe wearing a straight jacket. Not to stereotype what kind of ghosts haunt mental institutions or anything, but it’s hard to deny.

Meet Your New Ghostly Roommate

This one is a little hard to see. In the middle window on the right side there’s something in the window. Do you see it? It’s the shape of a woman standing in the window staring out into the backyard.

The picture was taken by a prospective homeowner. He’s been searching for a new house, but is probably going to pass on this one after this discovery. Unless, of course, he’s into losing sleep because doors won’t stop opening and closing and the lights won’t stop turning on and off.