Some Of The Most Frightening Images Captured By Drones

Drones are great gadgets. Since they were first invented people have been able to capture footage and angles they wouldn’t have ever been able to previously. Sometimes, trying to get a shot might be too dangerous for a human to snap with a traditional camera, but with a drone, the job is way more accessible. In a few cases, people have come across things they weren’t expecting while using their aerial devices and the results have been frightening at times. Have you ever seen a clown wandering a corn field all by himself? You’ll have to read on to learn about that odd setup!

Are You A Believer?

Terri Altherr/Pinterest
Terri Altherr/Pinterest

What are crop circles? They’re elaborate and “random” shapes carved into crop fields. Many people believe crop circles are the work of life forms from other planets. How else are these enormous circles created overnight?

Clearing out crops and forming these complex shapes and lines isn’t something that is ordinarily completed in just one day or night. This drone might very well have captured proof of aliens out there. Woah.