A Collective Bunch Of Neighbors You May Or May Not Want To Live Near

Everyone has that one neighbor they can actually get along with. For me, the best neighbor I had was someone who gave out Freezies every day throughout the summer. He knew that all of us kids played until the break of midnight on the street. He was a great guy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with neighbors. Some blast music, don’t pay attention to their crying pet, or just don’t care about your existence.

But, some people aren’t so bad because they want to be friends with you or they have an awesome feature at their house. Whichever suburb you’re surrounded by, try to introduce yourself and say hi. The world isn’t full of mean people.

Home And Away Jerseys

Photo Credit: ThePuffDiddyDropped/Reddit

Now, that’s a dope way to look at it. You can drive the yellow car whenever you’re in town. Once you hit the road, you can take the black car.

Or, if you feel like switching it up, go for it. Having two cars is like having two video game consoles. It’s all about having options.

“Hello There, Hooman! Can You Get My Tennis Ball?”

Photo Credit: ontpinry/Reddit

Sure thing! As long as you don’t get stuck trying to get it next time. Trust me, you’re very cute and playful and I would welcome this doggo anytime they want company.

Once the ball is found, I’ll give it back, and I’ll offer to look after the dog whenever they go on vacation.

Hey, It’s-A Me, Mario!

Photo Credit: Clay-mazing/Reddit

It’s all fun and games until some little kid attempts to grab the rain pipe like he’s Mario.

Nobody should bother calling the homeowner’s association because you can pretty much do whatever you want. Honestly, if I saw this on my street, I’d be bringing the neighbors some beers and Mario Kart on N64. Watch, in the next one ahead, someone’s going to assume something’s on fire. It’s not your average fire hazard.

The Best Way To Spread Some Cheer

Photo Credit: @truewagner/Instagram

It’s equivalent to someone blaring their speakers with one song on repeat. You don’t want to hear it. Sure, it’s great that you want to have a voice like Fergie and Jesus, but it won’t get you far in life.

If you decide to take them up on this offer and sound anything like that Yodelling kid, I guarantee that some ears will bleed.

$5 Says She Gives Out Full Size Candy Bars At Halloween

Photo Credit: Reddit

I wish my grandma was as cool as her. However, if she really gives out full candy bars, that’s exactly how she made it over a century of being alive.

Last Halloween, she made an immorality deal with death in exchange for a box of full-size Snickers to give out to the kids.

It’s Not Your Average Fire Hazard

Photo Credit: Reddit

Watch, someone’s going to assume these flowers are on the fire. The second they realize it’s not real, they’ll kick themselves in the butt for thinking that.

As awesome as this is, just don’t let the Italian plumber near them and you should be okay. If you’re that neighbor who can’t clean up after your pet, there’s a little note coming up that’s directed towards you.

When The Neighbor Is Relaxing In Their Garden

Photo Credit: Reddit

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a cat beside her. Maybe it’s a purse or a rotisserie chicken? But dang, she’s gotta be higher than the price of gas right now and she doesn’t care one bit.

You don’t see this every day, but if you’re passionate about hot dogs, I guess you can go for it.

Some Cats Tend To Be More Suspicious Than Others

Photo Credit: Nowation/Reddit

The cat heard the distinct sound of someone shaking a bag of catnip. They’re all like “Is that my favorite snack someone has? I must find out who has such a delicious treat!”

But, I think the cat is going to stay put because it looks like they’re ready to hunt down a bird.

That’s Freaking Brutal, Man

Photo Credit: oligarchyollgarchy/Reddit

I would love for this person to fully commit to smothering dog doo for the greater good. For one thing, this is funny, and this is something that could happen to you.

It’s not that hard to apply common sense when your dog does their stuff on the lawn. All you need is a bag and some responsibility to clean up after your dog.

Don’t Tell Me Where My Trash Cans Should Go

Photo Credit: kalinkabeek/Reddit

You know what? They should have put a barrier that was printed with a picture of the trash cans behind it. However, this is one of the most savage things any neighbor can do.

Not only do they not want to be reminded of where their trash cans go, but it’s a great way to say how much you can’t stand the people you live beside. Fun fact: real estate can be more fun if they offered a delicious Mexican cuisine when buying a house. Find out what one real estate did to welcome potential homeowners.

A True Doggomance Like No Other

Photo Credit: Goat_skull/Reddit

These dogs were having so much fun until they lost the ball. The husky is consoling the golden retriever after they suffered an agonizing defeat.

Neither dog is at fault for losing one of their favorite toys, but the important thing here is that they still have each other.

We Need More Real Estate Companies To Do This

Photo Credit: Kykovic/Reddit

Talk about a two-for-one deal. Now, I can’t exactly say how many tacos $250 could buy, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was a major load of the Mexican cuisine.

Adult life is already so damn weird, but offering tacos with a house could make things a little bit easier. Just ahead, it’s weird how as you get older, you remember specific situations. Especially when it comes to asking permission.

New In The Hood? This Is Your Welcoming Gift

Photo Credit: Tru_Fakt/Reddit

This guy is letting everyone know what he expects of your lawn. As a kid, I would mow my neighbor’s lawn partly because they were old.

They never let me accept payments for the work either. But, one good thing about doing something like that is that it builds character.

Who Run The World? This Guy

Photo Credit: ThanHowWhy/Reddit

At least whenever there’s a holiday, this guy can put up a flag for it. I bet he had every single flag from the countries who participated in the FIFA World Cup.

The only thing that would suck if this country didn’t make it to the knockout stage. There’s a chance he will use the flag as a tissue for his issues.

It’s Nice The Kid Thought To Ask Permission

Photo Credit: lakeyoung/Reddit

That’s awesome. It’s weird how as you get older, you remember specific situations like that and it makes you want to give back to the younger generation.

You should try your best to do whatever you can while being the best person every day. It’s the little things that end up making an impact on people. Check out what some kids did to make sure they wouldn’t cause damage to anything. It’s amazing when you live near people who aren’t oblivious.

Being Neighbors Doesn’t Make You Friends

Photo Credit: Whitlow14/Reddit


Certain people in this world lack an understanding of being considerate. The stairs are small enough that it wouldn’t take a minute to shovel the other half of the snow.

To get back at them, when it’s the summer and you need to cut the grass, remember to cut your side of the lawn and leave theirs.

Not Their Fault People Saw The Movie

Photo Credit: mynameizbrian/Reddit

As good as this prank is, I tried to do this to my cousin. One night, he was watching the original It at the cottage.

I tapped on his bedroom window lightly and he was quick to leave the room. It seems mean, but he did say he was “mature” enough to watch a scary movie at 12 years old.

At Least They’re Not Too Oblivious

Photo Credit: CrumbyCowboy/Reddit

It’s amazing when you live near people who are polite and friendly. You can’t even be mad at them for having the consideration to write the note too.

You grew up doing similar things as the next generation does. Hopefully, this awesome cycle continues for future generations.

People Are So Lazy These Days

Photo Credit: scott216/Reddit

You have to feel sorry for the dog. If this was my neighbor, I would do something about it to teach them a lesson about being responsible.

Like, going out in the middle of the night with a shovel, then put all the crap in a bag. Next, I would light the bag on fire, knock on the door and run.

Screw Lemonade When You Got The Kool-Aid Man

Photo Credit: SCPulse/Reddit

Technically, this still counts as a brick wall. All of those kids who were just about to sell lemonade on the street are going to hate the new guy.

Not only is Kool-Aid much more enjoyable, but he’s going to be staying on the street for quite some time. Don’t feel bad for the kids — they’ll get a part-time job one day.