All The Most Awkward And Cringe-Worthy Photos Of Politicians That Somehow Make Them More Relatable

One of the biggest complaints about politicians is that they don’t seem relatable to the average Joe. They are supposed to represent the people, yet they come off as elitists. Sometimes they barely seem human.

Think again. These photos of politicians in their most humanoid form will remind you that they can be just as awkward as any of us. Hilary Clinton might be a millionaire, but at least we both can’t dance. If we’re going to pay their salaries with our tax money, we should at least be allowed to laugh at them.

Stumbling Into The Uber Outside The Bar Like

Photo credit: @iBalusa / Twitter

This photo of Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe hit the internet harder then he hit the floor. People were photoshopping him onto a skateboard, racing Usain Bolt, and even scoring a touchdown.

He’s a controversial figure in Zimbabwe that finally resigned from politics, and I’ll assume that it was because he was too embarrassed by this photo.

This Member Of The Mexican Delegation Takes Selfies Like My Mom

Photo credit: ERIKA SANTELICES / AFP / Getty Images

To whatever photographer snapped this photo of a Mexican delegate taking the most cringe-worthy selfie, we salute you. They caught an unfiltered glimpse into the fact that all politicians are as awkward as our grandparents.

Let’s also note he’s taking the selfie on a digital camera as if it’s 2002 even though this happened in 2011.

When You Told Your Friends 1000 Times You Don’t Want A Surprise Party

Photo credit: @MaiaDunphy / Twitter

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of whining about the fact no one’s ever thrown me a surprise party. But when it comes down to it, I’d hate a surprise party. It seems like UK politician David Miliband and I are on the same page. We want the attention, but only if we have more than 48 hours to prepare for it.

The photo coming up might be the sole reason why McCain lost to Obama in 2008.

Is There Any Right Way To Eat A Fish In Public?

Photo credit: JENS BUTTNER/AFP/Getty Images

I’ve seen the frozen yogurt episode of Veep and I know that the staff’s sole duty is to make sure politicians don’t look like idiots.

Well, Angela Merkel’s intern failed because there was no way for her to successfully one-bite a pickled herring in public.

White People At The Club When Despactio Comes One

Photo credit: The Telegraph / YouTube

Hilary was another person who was not set up for success. In anything. All the cards were stacked against her, and taking her to an event where she has to dance in a pantsuit was not the right idea.

What do you think? Was it the e-mails, or her breaking it down alongside the woman who is actually on beat that tanked her presidential run?

McCain’s Reaction To Exiting The Wrong Way Is All Of Us

Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images

John McCain ended the final presidential debate of 2008 with this move, and it is honestly probably why he lost. But I’m not sure why people couldn’t relate. This is the exact face I make when I say goodbye to someone, and then we start walking the same way. Then I’ll relive the moment in my nightmares for years.

The President coming up is known for trying to look tough, but I’m not sure the photo he released helps that image.

Lennu For President 2020

Photo credit: @KELLYWEILL / Twitter

So if we set aside Lennu for a minute (I know, it’s hard), the Finnish president’s attempt to make him behave is all of us with our babies and fur babies in public.

At first, he’s just trying to ignore Lennu and hope that he starts to behave. Then he’s done with it all and does the firm, under-the-voice threat.

Never Attempt The Flip In Public Unless You’ve Practiced In Private

Photo credit: KillbotLuna / YouTube

Gary Bauer should have known better than to attempt that big of a flip right away. Yes, he did catch it, but at what cost?

This is like the first time I tried to look cool and make breakfast for my partner, except I broke four egg yolks trying to show off, and we ended up at Denny’s.

When Someone Catches You Staring At Yourself In The Mirror At The Gym

Photo credit: @hemlockii / Twitter

Putin survives in politics by coming off as the toughest guy at the table. That includes releasing photos like this. But this really doesn’t make him look tough. He’s only lifting two weight plates. That’s barely 15lbs. And sweatpants tucked into tube socks with New Balance shoes is not impressive.

Keep reading to see what happens when both H.W. and W. Bush try to connect with the people.

Winners Never Take It Easy On Their Opponents

Photo credit: @ConnorByrnesy / Twitter

So Borish Johnson was tasked with playing a fun game of rugby with some Japanese school-children. What could go wrong? Well, he got way too into it and shouldered this little kid to the ground.

Imagine leaving politics with the combined legacy of hurting an 8-year-old and Brexit.

The End Of A Terrible Date

Photo credit: burlross / YouTube

I imagine this as the climax of an overall bad first date. They pick you up in their parent’s minivan and take you to the local Bowlarama. You put up the two dollars for bowling shoes, but your date refuses because other people’s feet have worn them.

You’re having an okay time until your date decides to show off with a trick shot, and sends themselves halfway down the lane. Run while you can.

All Of Us When Your Friend Just Hands Over Their Baby Out Of Nowhere

Photo credit: Imgur

It’s not okay to make this face when you’re the President of the United States, but let’s be honest, we all feel the same way when someone hands us a baby. And it happens way too much when you’re in your 20s. Its like people want you to get baby fever, but trust me, handing over a crying child will make me want kids less.

Keep reading to see one of the few times Obama couldn’t stay calm, cool, and collected.

No One Is This Excited When I Photobomb Their Photo

Photo credit: @paddyb_ireland / Twitter

I’ve been awkwardly stuck in the background of many photos, and no one is excited about it. But apparently, if you’re the Irish President walking his two dogs, then it’s okay.

Only in Ireland would a politician walk his two dogs down a cobblestone lane while wearing a tweed suit. Iconic.

Ah Yes, The Ol’ Thumb-In-The-Pockets Move Will Ensure You’re Extra Casual

Photo credit: Harry Reid / Facebook

Harry Reid is giving us some seriously senior vibes. If you’re an old white guy in office, just accept it. You’ll never be hip with the youths, and you’ll never blend in.

His attempt to fit in did make him relatable to when your stuck at a party with people you don’t know, so you sit around while a drunk guy beside you sings Wonderwall for three hours straight.

Even The Youngest President Couldn’t Make A Hug Look Normal

Photo credit: @SickBoyMcCoy / Twitter

Obama was the voice of the people, and he represented us all when he went for the handshake, but Jay Carney went for the hug. It’s the thing we dread more than anything. Do I abort the handshake and hug someone I don’t want to? Or do I hold my ground and risk stabbing them in the stomach?

Keep reading to see how Nancy Pelosi showed us exactly how to appear even more elitist.

I’ve Hit Myself In The Face Multiple Times Playing Badminton

Photo credit: ODN / YouTube

I feel for David Cameron. Badminton is a hard sport. I don’t care how easy it seems, when that birdie — or shall we go full Brit and call it shuttlecock — gets taken by the wind you, have no control over the game.

Plus it doesn’t help that he’s playing in dress clothes, so he’s risking a deep pant rip with every move.

Rand Paul Is As Unimpressed As All Of Us On The Subway

Photo credit: Imgur

This is exactly how unimpressed I am taking public transit. I thought Rand Paul was above it all, but it looks like he’s got the subway mastered.

Legs crossed, arms crossed, a stern look but making no eye contact. It’s the textbook way to avoid people trying to talk to you.

Basic Labor Is Hard

Photo credit: AP Archive / YouTube

Literally, all she had to do was hammer a single nail, and to say Nancy Pelosi struggled is an understatement. You don’t have to be Bob the Builder to know basic labor skills.

That is unless you’re Pelosi and have maids and handymen to do all your housework for you.

Ukraine’s Parliament WIll Never Stop Being Entertaining

Photo credit: @reuterspitcures / Twitter

This is a real-life scenario where an MP decided to gift a bouquet of roses to Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk for absolutely no reason, then immediately lift him up and try to remove him from parliament. It resulted in a full-blown brawl in between MPs in parliament.

If the photo looks familiar, there’s probably a similar one of you that time you got kicked out of the bar when you were 21.

Is He An Alien In Disguise?

Photo credit: @rgncny / Twitter

So if you weren’t aware, there’s a legitimate conspiracy theory out there that believes members of the world elite are lizard people in disguise. I won’t get into the details, but when you see a photo like this, you stop and think, “ya, he could be a lizard.”

This isn’t even relatable because I don’t know a single person who doesn’t know the proper way to drink from a glass.