Couples Who Know How To Ruin A Relationship In Seconds

Bathroom Stall Relationships


We’ve all been there. The honeymoon phase of a relationship where you just want everyone to know how happy and functional you and your significant other are. You make sure you have a Sharpie handy at all times just in case you see a public washroom stall that doesn’t have your proclaimed love written somewhere inside it.

Matt and Jessica were “4ever” in this stall but Matt didn’t realize Jessica had been 4ever with Jacob just one month prior. Matt also didn’t know Jessica’s strong hate for Nickelback (his favorite band) and her willingness to comment hateful things on lead singer Chad Kreuger’s Facebook posts. Even though Matt wanted 4ever, he only got like, a month.

This “bubble bath” coming will have you a single man in a matter of seconds.