Cross-Stitches That Your Grandma Definitely Would Not Approve Of

Newsflash: cross-stitching isn’t just for sweet, old ladies anymore. For those of you who don’t know, cross-stitching is basically the easiest form of needlepoint. You simply follow a pattern along fabric that is grid-like. If you have some time and patience, you can cross-stitch.

The hobby has undergone a strange revolution in recent years. Instead of grandmas stitching dogs or Bible quotes, people are stitching much more relatable phrases and pictures. After seeing these cross-stitches about wifi, pets, and drinking alone, you’ll be on Etsy ordering one to hang in your home.

Home Sweet Home

Photo credit: @time_lordess95 / Twitter
Photo credit: @time_lordess95 / Twitter

I don’t care who you are. You rely on wifi every day. It’s not like the ’90s when being on the internet meant blocking the phone line for three hours.

Which is why this cross-stitch is as relatable as it gets. When I don’t have to sign up for promotional e-mails to get wifi, I’m happy.