Everday Monsters I Kind Of Want To Be Facebook Friends With

Why you gotta be like that?

People who think they’re funny tend to tease you or pull a prank. They aren’t out to get you, but it’s their way to make people laugh, even if you don’t think it’s nice. Depending on the situation, they’ll push boundaries like they never have before. Even if it means using hot dog water for guests you can’t stand, people will do anything to be a monster. When people do this sorts of thing, it instantly reminds you that have a little bit of Jim Halpert in them.

Come On, Man

Thor Is Mean.jpg

Damn Thor, the toilet isn’t your property. Just because you have a “heavy” hammer, doesn’t mean you have to do this. Poor Spider-Man has to go before he can stop the Green Goblin. If not, well, his spidey senses will tingle and make sure Thor is caught in a web.

A New High School Prank?

Bikes On Lawns.jpg

Where did all of these bikes come from? There are two questions that will be answered here. First, yeah this does look like a new prank for students. Secondly, to get the same exact bike on the lawn takes this to a new level. Long gone are days of tee-peeing your teacher’s front lawn.

License And Registration Please

Pranking A Cop.jpg

This police officer was pranked in Montreal. The officer believed that this was a car, but it was actually a car built out of snow! You can imagine the cops reaction once they found out it’s not a real car. Honestly, that would be a little offsetting, but it’s funny at the same time.

For The People, You Can’t Stand

Hot Dog Water.jpg

When you have people over, there’s a good chance someone’s coming over that you can’t stand. Whatever the reason it may be, you choose to give that person ice that’s actually hot dog water. It’s not like they’ll instantly notice the difference, but once they find out, they’ll be running to the toilet.