Fails That Make Halloween Seem A Lot Less Scary

Halloween is easily one of the most chaotic and complicated holidays of the year. You have to decorate, put a costume together, go to or throw a party… the list goes on and on. With all these moving parts, it’s incredibly easy for something to go terribly wrong. Whether your Pinterest cookies come out looking terrible, your costume looks like a joke, or your decorations don’t even make sense, it’s all just part of Halloween. Now, take a look to see some of the worst Halloween fails out there. Hopefully, they’ll give you some confidence for this year’s festivities.

Not Many Customers Today

We’re not sure if a worker made this mistake unknowingly, or if they did it on purpose so that they didn’t have to deal with any customers. We’re going to assume the latter and if that’s the case, that is a genius idea on their part.

People don’t follow the speed limit, they talking on their phone while driving, and do a manner of other things they aren’t supposed to, but for some reason they usually listen to caution tape. There’s no doubt that numerous customers went to this McDonald’s, saw the tape, and turned right back around. The manager is probably wondering why sales are down.

What A Creery Pair Of Socks!

There are so many things wrong with this pair of socks that they are scarier than Halloween. Aside from clearly spelling “creepy” wrong, what is that thing supposed to be below the word tricky? Are people supposed to know what that is?

Hopefully, nobody bought these socks because they would be getting ripped off big-time. We’re sure that the reason they’re displayed next to the cookies is that someone noticed everything that was wrong with them and just put them on the nearest shelf instead of wasting their money.

Some Things Are Better Left Alone

When it comes to decorating for a holiday, some areas of the house are better left alone — like the toilet. You don’t see people wrapping their toilets with Christmas lights, or painting them red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, so why would you think it’s okay to decorate it for Halloween?

This decoration in particular is especially weird since it can be interpreted in so many many different ways. All we know is that it makes us uncomfortable and a little skeeved out.

So Close, Yet So Far

When you’re trying to draw a pentagram, it’s usually important that you make sure that you aren’t accidentally making a Star of David instead. Mixing the two up could offend two parties, both Satanist and Jewish, at the same time.

All we hope is that people noticed that something was wrong before buying and wearing these out for Halloween. You would definitely get some weird looks walking down the street while wearing something like that.

OK, Nice Try

In my opinion, they could have figured out a way to fit all of the words on the board without having the sign look like it says “Let’s Get Spoy, oK.” We’re not sure what that means, but it sure is confusing.

It’s probably safe to assume that the person whose job it is to test the quality of the product was fired, all because of one word. We would be very surprised if anyone bought this to hang up in their home.

Wrong Holiday

We thought that Halloween was about ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, not about love! It looks like this shirt is meant for a little kid, but still. It’s Halloween… maybe you can give all of that love stuff a rest for a month.

We can think of a million other appropriate things that the shirt could say while still being Halloween-themed. Also, the message could be interpreted to say “live,” which makes it an all-around confusing and poorly executed design.

Learn Your Biology

While these Halloween decorations are horrifying in their own right, once you realize what’s wrong, they become a lot less terrifying. These decorations are the skeletons of a spider and a scorpion, however, if you knew your biology you’d be aware that both of these insects both have exoskeletons.

Looks like the company that produces these decorations didn’t think these ones through before mass-producing them before Halloween. The sad thing is, most people probably won’t even notice.

Fonts Are Important

We hope that this is supposed to be some kind of code, because if it isn’t, whoever made this flyer might want to get their eyes checked. A Halloween-themed thought doesn’t mean that people aren’t supposed to be able to read it. What’s so scary about that?

We bet very few people went to the event because nobody even knew what or where it was. Our suggestion? Choose a better font next time if you’re trying to set up an occasion.

Spooky Dinosaur

If you don’t dress up your dinosaur for Halloween, are you even celebrating the holiday? While this may be funny to look at, there are far better and simpler things you could to do to dress up this stegosaurus. Put a pair of sunglasses on it or even a hat, you don’t have to waste a sheet so it looks like it dressed up as a ghost.

It just appears to be under construction rather than dressed as a ghost. They didn’t even give it eyes!

The Scariest Halloween

First off, who gives someone a card of Halloween? We’ve never even heard of that before. That aside, we thought the point of Halloween was to dress up and give someone a fright, not play a horrible April Fools’ joke on someone and give them a heart attack.

Many people would rather fight off Michael Myers and Dracula at the same time than get news like this. We just hope whoever got his card is alright.

Defeating The Purpose

We wonder which poor child eagerly went up to a house to tick or treat, only to find out that they were handing out “Halloween Pretzels.” These little goodies defeat the purpose of the holiday, because every kid already has a big tub of pretzels at home that they haven’t touched in years, and for a good reason.

It looks like whoever got these instead of candy wanted to make a point and discarded them onto the ground.

Why Didn’t They Call It Hot Potato?

Anybody brave enough to wear this costume would be the winner of just about any costume contest. Nothing screams Halloween more than turning a vegetable into something sexy! Just when we thought out of options for scandalous costumes, somebody came up with the genius idea of turning a potato into a “racy” outfit.

Our only real concern is where the arms go. That could be a bit of an issue if you need to do just about anything that requires hands.

Regular Pumpkins Were So Last Year

We’re going to assume that this person was trying to recreate something they saw on Pinterest. As we all know, attempting to copy something from Pinterest usually turns into a disaster, just like this pumpkin did.

We’re not sure what the original pumpkin looked like, but we’re pretty sure that it wasn’t anything like this. We hope that they bought extra pumpkins, because they’re going to need a few more tries to get it right.

Starbucks’ Number One Fan

We get what this person is going for, but this is downright horrifying. Imagine sleeping in your room and waking up to see this person standing in your doorway. We’re surprised M. NightShyamalan hasn’t tried to make a horror flick using this character. We wonder what the twist would be?

This person must drink a lot of Starbucks to decide on this as a costume. We’re just pretty sure that their mascot is a mermaid, not whatever this thing is.

Starting Them Young

We guess this dad decided that if he was going to have to dress up with his son for Halloween, he was going to do it his way. Luckily, the kid is young enough to have no idea what’s going on even though the dad knows exactly what he’s dressed up as.

Other dads dressed up as princes, with their daughters as princesses , better watch out for these two walking down the street. The woman in the picture even looks like she’s running away!

Just Throw Everything In There

Sometimes, when you’re low on candy, your best bet is to just start grabbing random things around your house and putting them in a bowl. Better to give little kids dog food rather than admit you are empty-handed. Or else the next thing you know your house might be toilet papered.

Also, we’re sure someone’s dad would be more than thankful to take that beer off of your hands. After all, who knows how many more houses he has to go to.

That’s Cold

Who would do this to a child? What kind of sick person gets a giant bag of Laffy Taffys and only leaves out the worst flavors. We take back what we said about being empty-handed, this is far worse. They know that the good flavors are inside, and who knows the lengths they are willing to go in order to get them.

However, this is going to make the kid who likes the bad flavors night. It’s like a dream come true for them.

What Is Going On Here?

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry when we see this. We’ll give him some major points for creativity as well as points for being totally creepy. It’s a sure conversation starter — that is if anyone even wants to talk to this guy walking around the party.

It would be even more interesting if he had his shirt buttoned up except for a few baby limbs hanging out. Then people would really be wondering what’s going on.

Tearing Down Gender Norms


This guy decided to think inside of the box, literally, for his Halloween costume. It’s a hilarious costume idea. We’re just not sure how many people want to see a full-grown man in a bikini walking around inside a Barbie box.

If we were the judges of a costume competition, this man would win in terms of both creativity and boldness. Few men have the guts to walk around in a bikini, especially dressed like a Barbie doll.

Simple, Yet Effective

Sometimes you just have to think smarter, not harder, when it comes to Halloween costumes. Yes, this costume is repulsive and over-the-top, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. You don’t even have to buy this outfit, you could just make it yourself if you wanted to (with paint, of course)!

You’ll be the talk of the party although everyone will think of you as the immature guy that still thinks this kind of stuff is hilarious.