Funny Moments When People Took Advantage Of The Situation And Beat The System

Without laws and rules, society would be thrown into total anarchy. They’re made for a reason. However, some rules are just plain boring and stupid. People who are smart and quick on their feet know this because they refuse to bow down to an unjust system.

They have to come up with innovative ways to bend the rules. One person even went above and beyond just so they could have a good seat. It’s times like that when people refused to follow orders and go their own way.

It’s Like Reading A Book Under The Sun

Photo Credit: reviewstl/Imgur

There’s nothing wrong with this. I honestly did this all the time. I took my Gameboy color outside and played Pokémon under the shade.

However, that was back in the good old days. Kids today just take a tablet or a computer outside with them. The most important thing here is that he’s getting fresh air.