Hilarious News Anchor And Reporter Bloopers That Happened On Live TV

A Toddler Invades Live News Broadcast… Does Whatever She Wants


This is only a partial live news blooper. Let us explain. Alastair Stewart, an ITV anchor introduced her viewers to Lucy Wronka and her two children, son George and daughter Iris. She then joked that “Iris, who will do whatever she chooses to do over the next couple of minutes.” The adorable little girl then proceeded to climb all over the studio while talking to herself. The little girl seemed completely indifferent to the fact that a live news show was being produced right in front of her. Iris quickly received cult status for taking the “do what you want” moniker to the extreme. It was an adorable moment, unlike anything we’ve seen on live news.

At least these newscasters didn’t relocate San Francisco like our next team.