Hilarious News Anchor And Reporter Bloopers That Happened On Live TV

The news cycle is now 24 hours long and that means a lot of reporters, anchors, and meteorologists need to fill the airwaves with an endless cycle of stories. With thousands of stories being produced at any given time, there are bound to be a handful of bloopers that are so funny and shocking that they can’t be ignored. From hilarious reporter reactions to the stories they are covering to unexpected moments during a live broadcast, these hilarious live news bloopers were not expected but they were perfect for so many different reasons.

Wait until you see the “Pigs Run Wild” blooper and its perfectly placed photo.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Never Been More Funny


If you’re a reporter working at a local affiliate there is a very good chance you’ll be the network’s guinea pig for hands-on reviews. Nobody knows this better than reporter Cory James. Working in the field meant James would be one of the first people to check out Disney’s new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. During the adventure, James screamed like his life was coming to an end, nearly passed out, and provided entertainment for thousands of viewers. His reaction might be more entertaining than the actual ride. Just look at his amazing reaction while everyone around him remained calm and collected.

This Meteorologist Was Totally Plowed While On The Job


Reporting in adverse weather comes with a bunch of challenges. It’s cold, you’re fighting against the elements the entire time, and sometimes a snow plow completely destroys your broadcast. This meteorologist was reporting on record snowfall while standing on the side of the road and it didn’t go well. As they commented on the numerous snow plows driving down the street one of those plows empty a massive amount of snow directly onto the reporter. The shot cut back to the studio and they were thankfully dug out of the snow with help from a frantic cameraman. Live news reporting is hard.

Hey Look, We Found Pot Satsquash


You’ve probably heard of Sasquatch but what about their distant relative, pot sasquatch. WWLP meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was covering a big winter storm when a strange creature appeared in the background of her carefully placed shot. The creature, representing a giant marijuana plant, stalked the reporter as she attempted to remain composed. She posted the video on her Facebook page and said it was a “walking tree” but WWLP had already dubbed the creature to be the Mary Jane friendly “pot sasquatch.” A short time later, Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis use, coincidence? We think not!

Your Putting Your Reporters To Sleep


Remember that 24-hour news cycle we mentioned? Apparently, it’s enough to put even veteran news anchors into a coma at awkward times. Journalist Deedee Sun was exhausted during a live feed and let out a yawn at the most inopportune time. Just as the weather feed cut to the field report she let out a huge yawn. Sun, not letting the moment get her down, posted the video on her own Facebook feed. Meteorologist Ross Janssen even joked: “Deedee looks a little tired out there, doesn’t she?” Her quick wits had her blaming the serene calmness of the area for the brief moment of relaxation. She joked in her post that, “Someone accidentally pushes the right button at just the right time to catch my GIANT yawn hahha!”

This Is What Happens When You Daydream On Live TV


Be honest with yourself for a moment, you probably daydream at work way more than you should. Unfortunately, when you’re on live TV that type of behavior can make you look silly. An Australian newscaster was preparing to introduce a new segment when she was interrupted while examining her nails at the anchor desk. She could have quickly composed herself but instead, she gave the reaction you see above. We have no idea what she was planning to introduce next but it couldn’t be as entertaining as her shocked reaction.

A Friendly Giraffe Just Won’t Take No For An Answer


One of the most difficult events to cover on live TV is anything involving a wild animal. Even something as adorable as a giraffe can be unpredictable and that makes field reporters think on their feet. Ashley Jacobs was reporting live from the San Diego Safari Park when a 9-month-old giraffe decided to become best friends with the journalist. Her network’s anchors couldn’t help but laugh as the giraffe refused to stop showing her some love with gentle nuzzles and the exploration of her mic.

Pigs Are Running Wild


We promise this wasn’t some mean-hearted commentary about the news anchors looks. If you have ever watched news being produced you know that each photo is carefully placed for a certain camera shot. The newsroom this type accidentally placed a camera wrote or superimposed the image of a pigs snout on the wrong part of the screen. Laughter erupted in the studio and the anchor managed to continue on with her broadcast like a true professional. Or perhaps humanoid pigs were invading the area and this was a perfect image and caption placement.

This was funny but the reporter who was afraid of a single bug will help you develop a new phobia.

A Toddler Invades Live News Broadcast… Does Whatever She Wants


This is only a partial live news blooper. Let us explain. Alastair Stewart, an ITV anchor introduced her viewers to Lucy Wronka and her two children, son George and daughter Iris. She then joked that “Iris, who will do whatever she chooses to do over the next couple of minutes.” The adorable little girl then proceeded to climb all over the studio while talking to herself. The little girl seemed completely indifferent to the fact that a live news show was being produced right in front of her. Iris quickly received cult status for taking the “do what you want” moniker to the extreme. It was an adorable moment, unlike anything we’ve seen on live news.

At least these newscasters didn’t relocate San Francisco like our next team.

Nobody Told Us San Francisco Relocated


There’s nothing like a relaxing trip to Southern California. The weather, the sights, the amusement park attractions, San Francisco. Wait… what? If you are going to plot cities on a map you should probably have at least a basic understanding of geography. We’re 100% certain San Francisco didn’t relocate when we weren’t looking, although there’s enough money in that city to get it done. We just feel sorry for all of the San Francisco residents who were suddenly worried about nuclear plant risks from the San Onofre plant.

Thanks For Stating The Obvious


Graphics for live news programs need to be created on the fly and that means human error is always a possibility. This reporter was telling a tragic and shocking story when an obvious graphic appeared with her report. Apparently, the two people that were dead were found dead. In all fairness to the tech responsible for this announcement, some people are found and then die at a later time. Our friendly field reporter thankfully couldn’t see the attached graphic and continued on in a professional manner until she cut back to the show’s anchors in the studio.

A Truly Devastating Drama Unfolds


A truly devastating drama unfolded on a local news station when this mother cried as she told the story about her son. Her kid recently told her of his plans to become a… illustrator! Double gasp! It was either a really slow news cycle or this town doesn’t have any real crime stories to shock their audience with. This mom does have a point though, illustrators are known for being vastly underpaid while working on top comics, TV shows, and movies. We didn’t even need the reporter or anchor on the screen to get a laugh out of this news blooper.

Attack Of The Bugs!!! On Live TV


Reporter Brad Wills was just minding his own business and giving a weather report on the beach when something shocking happened. A large bug flew right in front of his face! Okay so it wasn’t that shocking but his reaction was definitely pretty funny. As Wills attempted to jump out of the way in a frantic attempt to avoid the large flying bug, the camera cut back to his anchors in the studio. Another reporter was forced to declare, “Brad was just attacked by either a large bug or a small drone.” Brad was fine and his reaction lives on thanks to a ton of social media shares.

An Apocalyptic Weather Report


Are you planning an outdoor trip? After watching this weather report from Cory McCloskey you might change your mind. Sure there are such things as heat advisories but we’re pretty sure it has never been 2960 degrees in Cave Creek. The best part of this weather report is probably the look on McCloskey’s face as he realizes there is a heat wave coming and it’s apocalyptic in nature. He even joked, “I would get out while you still can.” Meteorologists definitely have the most awkward graphic fails but they usually have a pretty funny response to go with the mistakes.

Grumpy Cat Completely Destroyed A News Anchors Interview


When Karl Stefanovic was asked to interview the hugely popular Grumpy Cat he must have known it wasn’t going to be a regular interview. Despite the cat’s inability to actually speak, Stefanovic continued to ask Grumpy, real name Tartar Sauce, a bunch of questions. Eventually, he couldn’t take her silence and famous face staring back at him. Stefanovic broke out into a fit of laughter like any sane person would do under the same circumstances. Once again, Grumpy Cat proved why she is the queen of the internet and we’re not.

That’s One Crazy Looking Horse


If you don’t know the difference between a deer and a horse you probably shouldn’t be in charge of a newsrooms graphics. This deer was probably as confused by this claim as the network’s human viewers. On a positive note, the news anchor is just reading off a teleprompter and probably wasn’t distracted by the fact that one of his staffers have never learned their animals. Producing the news is hard but this type of mistake is just silly. Live TV is full of silly moments and this is probably not the last time we’ll see the wrong animal labeled in a graphic.

School Is TWO Easy For Kids


Are kids suffering through long days of boring school work because of no child left behind? Have they become super intelligent because of the internet’s instant access to the answers they seek? We have no clue. What is certain is that the person who put together this graphic for their news anchor doesn’t fit that mold. If school is “TWO” easy for kids these days we might want to reconsider what is viewed as prime education in America. Obviously, it was an honest mistake and a pretty funny one for that matter!

What Tornado?


This reporter was doing exactly what they are paid to do, report on a live news story as it unfolded. As he explained to his viewers that a tornado was currently touched down in the area his news producer cut to live footage of the tornado. There was a small problem with the live feed. Despite being on location near the tornado, his cameraman failed to capture the large funnel as it moved throughout the area. The news reporter was instead left pointing to an area that was completely void of any type of weather event. Amazingly, he kept his composure

The Bugs Have Risen!!!


When you’re dealing with technology anything can happen. There are a surprising number of live webcams being attacked by bugs on news programs. When you blow up the live feed to fill a green screen the objects being shown look way bigger than they are in real life. The look on this reporters face as they realize what is happening might make this giant bug attack even funnier than it actually is. Either way, if bugs are ever that big in real life we are running for the hills and awaiting commands from our new bug overlords once they establish their dominance and weed out the human population to sustainable levels.

Another Reminder That Animals Do What They Want


Even when a news reporter isn’t handling an animal directly they have a way to poke fun at a live news feed. This reporter was trying to tell her viewers about the Lodi Grape Festival when an unexpected friend showed up for their closeup. Nobody was hurt and it made for a pretty funny and slightly unnerving viewer experience. If you want to work in the glitz and glamor of network or cable news, you might want to be prepared for all of those times you have to deal with animals while on location.

Subtitles Matter When Reporting The News


When you declare a title in your news slug you better make sure the subtitle works to support what you are claiming. If you’re not a fan of Donald Trump this might be right on the mark. Regardless, the President could have made the best choice in the world and this subtitle would have ended up looking rather dramatic. The look on the news anchors face as he realizes what is written is priceless. This is what happens when you have to fill even half an hour of news reporting on a daily basis, often seven days of the week.