Historical Cat Photos Prove We Were Always Obsessed With Felines

If you’re a cat lover you can’t help but pamper your pet and take photos of her quirky behavior. Our love for cats goes back centuries — they were sacred and worshiped in ancient Egypt. Following are some amazing historical photos featuring cats that prove we’ve been obsessed with them for years. And some photographers even went to great lengths to pose them in very unusual positions…

Kitten Feast


This woman is absolutely delighted with her trio of kittens. She gave them a huge bowl of what’s likely milk, and she can’t wipe the smile off of her face. Perhaps she found the kittens as strays and wanted to give them a little snack so they wouldn’t be malnourished. Or maybe they’re her pets. Either way, she took time out of her busy day to make sure they were all well cared for. Notice how the bowl is on a table and not on the ground. That proves that the cats were very special to her, and she wanted them to eat in peace.