It’s A Hard Knock Life If You’re A Short Person

Being short sucks. There’s no other way to say it because short people have it harder than the rest of us. But if you’re someone like former NBA All-Star Spudd Webb, anything is possible. However, we aren’t all like the 5’7″ former Slam Dunk champion.

Besides the fact that everything in the top cupboards is impossible to reach, short people have some serious everyday struggles. If you’re a short person yourself, you’re probably in the same boat as every other mini-me out there.

Someone Give This Guy A Medal

Photo Credit: @SHORTGIRLS/Twitter
Photo Credit: @SHORTGIRLS/Twitter

Clever. I wish I thought of this in high school – it’s a cute way of asking a girl out. But of course, the loser in me never had the confidence to pull it off because of my fear of rejection.

Oh well, hopefully, this girl said yes. You can’t turn down creativity like this.