It’s A Hard Knock Life If You’re A Short Person

Being short sucks. There’s no other way to say it because short people have it harder than the rest of us. But if you’re someone like former NBA All-Star Spudd Webb, anything is possible. However, we aren’t all like the 5’7″ former Slam Dunk champion.

Besides the fact that everything in the top cupboards is impossible to reach, short people have some serious everyday struggles. If you’re a short person yourself, you’re probably in the same boat as every other mini-me out there.

Someone Give This Guy A Medal

Photo Credit: @SHORTGIRLS/Twitter

Clever. I wish I thought of this in high school – it’s a cute way of asking a girl out. But of course, the loser in me never had the confidence to pull it off because of my fear of rejection.

Oh well, hopefully, this girl said yes. You can’t turn down creativity like this.

Double Checking Before The Ride

Photo Credit: @SHORTGIRLS/Twitter

It’s not a common thing to happen when you’re older. Obviously, it makes sense when you’re a kid.

However, when you’re older, the carnies aren’t fooled because their job is to keep ride-goers safe and having fun. Thankfully, this girl is tall enough to go on the big kid rides. Her parents must be so proud.

Oreo Cookies And Cream Please

Photo Credit: @djbewbz/Instagram

If she falls in, she’s going to get frostbite. Honestly, this has to be one of the crappiest jobs for short people.

Baskin Robbins could have been thoughtful by providing a step ladder. Because they didn’t do that, she’s going to be in this position until someone else clocks in for their shift. Truly, the next one ahead is in a vulnerable position. It’s a big reason why top loaders are a pain in the butt.

Good Luck Doing Your Makeup

Photo Credit: @EngInTheWild/Twitter

She won’t know how her makeup looks until she leaves the bathroom. You can blame your 6’5″ father for setting up the mirror like this.

How is this fair to anyone who just wants to look nice for the night? If this was me, I’d be hiding beers from my dad for this.

Same Size For Life

Photo Credit: @Shamettow/Twitter

Even if you’re in your twenties, you probably had the same size since you were sixteen.

This could become an annoyance, especially if you buy your shoes in the kid’s department. There’s no shame in that at all, because if you’re a short boy, you probably have little boy hoodies.

The Water May Be A Little Shallow For That Dive

Photo Credit: @kookextra/Twitter

Truly, a vulnerable position. This is a big reason why top loaders are a pain in the butt.

I bet you can’t decide whether to come up from behind and scare her or throw her all the way in to see if she’ll fit. Laundromats need to have top loaders for tall people and front loaders for short people. If you’re too short for a coat, the next one ahead could be beneficial during the winter months.

She Fell In Love With His Eyes

Photo Credit: @FOREVERNayy/Twitter

It’s fair to say that she fell in love with his nipples too. You should have got him to kneel down or something like that.

Both of you look fantastic, but there’s one way to settle this. The tall dude could have sat in a chair while the girl puts her hands on his shoulder. See, problem solved!

The Secrets Of The Giants

Photo Credit: Tumblr

If you’re over 6’5″, I guess you could get on your tiptoes to reach those books. However, I don’t think anyone could reach them unless you’re Andre the Giant.

Andre would be able to get the books. He would be the most useful and helpful library assistant ever.

When A Coat Becomes A Dress

Photo Credit: @mainpulated_daydreams_/Instagram

You’d be taller if you had legs. To me, it seems like she’s kneeling up against a wall, but at least she’s not freezing in the winter.

Now that I think of it, this would be nice to have to stay warm. I would get a coat like that, but I would need a hat and gloves to go with it. Short people have the advantage when it comes to being cozy. The reason behind that is still on the way, and it will make tall people jealous.

What Are The Boys Supposed To Do?

Photo Credit: @JackWellon/Twitter

This better be an adult only place. If your son needs to go, I don’ think he’ll get a good shot.

It’s ridiculous because this is not the usual “I can’t reach the shelf and don’t want to get a step stool.” The poor guy just wants to use the bathroom, and thanks to this, he can’t go.

There’s Always A Small Shopping Cart

Photo Credit: @tinytina3/Instagram

You should be blessed if you can laugh at yourself. She looks amused and confident to go shopping in her small cart.

It would have been hilarious if she had a daughter or whatever, that would be cute. But, she’s smiling so hard that she’s ready to walk around like a 12-year-old.

That’s More Of A Fish Tale Blanket

Photo Credit: @nadiakesh/Instagram

It does look a bit fishy, doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t made to scale but at the same time, at least you’ll be warmer.

But, this is an advantage for short people because they get to be cozy. On the other hand, for tall people, they get short-sheeted most of the time. Still on the way, if you’re going up to the top cupboard, there might be a disturbing surprise waiting for you.

The Ability To Climb Window Sills Is Awesome

Photo Credit: @porcelaingrouge/Instagram

Five feet tall? Screw it, do whatever you want. That’s just the vertically challenged way of doing something, but the fact that she doesn’t need a stool is incredible.

If any girl is able to pull this off, I’d ask them out on a date. If it was any other window, I doubt they could do this.

Apparently He’s Two, But He Looks Like He’s Five

Photo Credit: @rachstaig/Twitter

That’s still a babyface. To be fair, boys do grow faster than girls, it just happens. Like, I’m the youngest in my family.

I have two older sisters and they were taller than me until the start of grade nine. By the tenth grade, I wasn’t the short one in the family. Also, that was around the same time I had a bigger shoe size than my dad.

There’s A Step Ladder For That

Photo Credit: @Woah_Its_Kaylie/Twitter

This is the first time she’s ever been up on the counter. With no step ladder, she has to climb up every time.

There’s nothing special up there other than cans or boxes of food. In fact, there’s probably a family of spiders who are living up there, undisturbed, until she opened the cupboard. The average person could NOT be able to reach for the next one ahead. You’re going to need all the support in the world.

Why Would You Buy The Bed?

Photo Credit: @tropicanagirl13/Instagram

Well, nobody is that into futons, but the bed is too high. You’re going to need more than one step ladder if you have this.

She should be the short person queen since she’s the only one here smart enough to have a step stool. Great job, whoever you are!

Why Wasn’t She Put In Front Of The Group?

Photo Credit: @shortgirlproblem/Twitter

If you’re a photographer don’t do this. Technically, you’re supposed to arrange people in order of height — it’s why all class photos look good.

She could have walked out in the front row of the picture, but that could have been awkward. Her attempt at smiling is pretty much her not trying anymore.

The Average Person Couldn’t Reach Up There

Photo Credit: @MeggMcGee/Twitter

Sometimes, the store puts the hook on the wall so you don’t have to ask. It’s frustrating when stores do this, especially if you’re like 5’8″.

However, that is a good friend. Not only is she there for some uplifting support, but her friend is going get that top she wanted for weeks.

At Least She Can Kiss Tupac

Photo Credit: @SHORTGIRLS/Twitter

It looks like she prefers Tupac and her thought is “I’m only dating you for your shirt.” Am I the only one who sees this and is kind of crept out by a man dating a girl who looks like she’s in high school?

I think they’re both teenagers, but the only way we will know is if they end up on Teen Mom.

Good Luck With This

Photo Credit: @Mrs_Loforte/Twitter

This is how short people scrape the windows in the winter time. At the same time, you can see for yourself how much they fail at doing this.

That’s why hockey sticks work for this kind of ordeal. They’re longer than an actual brush, and you’ll able to get all the ice off the window.