Just Looking At These People Will Make You Feel The Need To Take Out The Trash

I hope that it doesn’t surprise you to know that some people are just straight trashy. Now, people immediately think that’s a bad thing, but I disagree. Trashy people are able to live more free and easy than your average law-abiding civilian.

It’s not easy to get your life together, and quite frankly, sometimes it’s not even beneficial to do so. Stealing a chocolate bar in a brand new suit is looked down upon way more than if you steal it in a baggy sweater with dog hair all over it and Looney Tunes pajamas. Let’s be honest. We’re thankful for our trashy friends because they bring us entertainment in a way that, well, only they can.

Same, Same But Different

You know what? “Steve” should just be happy he got a cake at all. Also, this might be an unpopular opinion, but Steve is a better name than Nick anyway.

Steve Martin, Steve Buscemi, Steven King — the list goes on and on. Who named Nick is cool? Nick Lachey? He’s so 2006.