Just Some Of The Most Disrespectful Things That Have Ever Happened

I’m not one of those people that expect to be handed everything in life on a silver platter. To succeed in life, you have to roll with the punches and expect the unexpected. But sometimes life throws you a curveball that completely throws you off your game.

I’m talking about the things that are unnecessary, make absolutely no sense, and cut you deep. Like when you’re going about your day and out of nowhere, Siri tells you to die. Nobody deserves to be disrespected like that. We’re all just doing our best to put one foot in front of the other and survive this thing called life. Don’t make it any more difficult than it already is.

What Kind Of Psychopath Peels An Avocado Like An Orange?

Photo credit: @foxii.fox / Instagram

I’m almost positive that peeling an avocado like an orange is blasphemy. And to make it worse, this person is just biting straight into it like an apple.

What happens when you reach the pit? Or when it’s fully peeled, and you’re just holding avocado insides with your hand? This is just wrong.

When You Hate Your Coworkers But You’re Forced To Be Polite

Photo credit: anlyin / Imgur

Anyone who has worked in a corporate office environment will understand Brendan’s thought process. It feels like you have to sign a card every other day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Yes, receiving a card with a stamped “happy birthday!” in it is a bit offensive, but we understand where he was coming from.

They Didn’t Even Attempt To Find A Martha Stewart Recipe

Photo credit: @Nick_Tweetz / Twitter

I get it, bringing in a dish for an office potluck can be intimidating. You don’t want to bring in the thing no one wants to eat. Mac’n’cheese is usually a safe bet, but what on earth is this? Why didn’t this person spare five minutes to search for a recipe online? At this point, make three boxes of Kraft Dinner and pour it in a crockpot.

Keep reading to see how the US government is always ready to do us dirty.

This Cat Knew Exactly What It Was Doing

Photo credit: @MomokaRage / Twitter

Let’s be honest, any cat owner should come to expect a power move like this from their cat. House cats are some of the most disrespectful creatures on earth, but they’re cute and cuddly, so we keep welcoming them into our homes.

This cat is simply seeing how far they can push your buttons before you completely crack and they can reign over the house.

Kids Are Smarter Than We Give Them Credit For

Photo credit: @VictorPopeJr / Twitter

Kids don’t just come out of the womb like little evil geniuses. They watch quietly behind the scenes and pick up behaviors. That means that as mad as this parent was about their child opening every banana, they learned that move from someone.

My bet is the babysitter is a little crazier than they appear to be.

We Can’t Even Trust The State Department To Do Us Right

Photo credit: @girlwithnojob / Instagram

When we’re born into the world, we give up some freedom in exchange for social services, police protection, and other fun stuff. We send in passport photos with the belief that it won’t come back and make us look like Beavis or Butthead. Apparently, we’re all getting played.

Continue on to see what happens when the technology that we created decides to turn on us.

Why Did You Even Order Chicken Wings?

Photo credit: @loveleyjessij / Twitter

There’s no excuse for wasting a perfectly good basket of honey garlic chicken wings like this. If this person didn’t like them, they would have stopped after eating one or two wings.

And this person didn’t even discriminate with the type of wings. They ate both the wings and the drumsticks in an equally disrespectful way.

The Classic Complisult

Photo credit: @KelseyJohnsonnn / Twitter

Ah, the complisult. A favorite of dads around the world. It’s the perfect way to troll your kids without being so mean that they tell mom. Sandwich a clever insult with some kind words.

Yes, the deer-killer joke was uncalled for, but it’s nice that he remembered to wish you luck on your exam.

Really, Siri? After Everything We’ve Been Through?

Photo credit: @sardonicheight / Twitter

This feels like a breach of trust and friendship. Siri and I may not be best friends, but we’ve been through a lot. Remember the time last week I asked you to tell me the weather and you were kind enough to warn me about the heat? How could you just forget about that?

The next photos are all about the way dogs get disrespected, and the ways they get back at their owners for it.

This Pupper Didn’t Deserve Any Of This

Photo credit: @lindsaymartin15 / Twitter

What did this doggo do to deserve a haircut like this? Because I can promise you that he had zero desire to “keep it long on top.” This mom clearly saw a photo of a tiny Pomeranian that kept their fur long on top and thought this doggo could pull it off.

Now, this dog just looked like a 15-year-old pop-punk kid from 1997.

I Feel So Uncomfortable

Photo credit: anlyin / Imgur

Is it possible to feel disrespected by something just for being itself? Because this dog’s human-like face is downright disturbing.

I want to have a word with the parents of this dog and ask why they would dare to create something that blurs way too many lines.

“This Is For Feeding Me The Costco-Brand Kibble”

Photo credit: @Holly_Monson / Twitter

We don’t have concrete insight on why this dog decided to try to drown a member of its owner’s family, but I think we can make an educated guess. The most realistic is that it has been plotting this move for months ever since they got a cat and had to switch the dog from the all-raw diet to the no-name brand kibble.

The photo coming up is only disrespectful if you’ve got something to be embarrassed about.

Anyone Who Eats A Kit Kat Like This Is An Alien In Disguise

Photo credit: @byrdinator / Twitter

So this girl’s boyfriend had never had a Kit Kat bar before and decided that this was the proper way to eat it. Not only is this disrespectful to one of the best candy bars out there, but it’s also uncomfortable.

This guy must be an alien masquerading as a human being who didn’t have “How to eat a Kit Kat bar” in their training manual.

Should Have Just Bought The Unfrosted Poptarts

Photo credit: @autocorrects / Twitter

If Kellogg’s is going to pull a stunt like this and ruin a perfectly good Poptart, then they need to at least warn us about it. Just put “Terribly frosted” on the package so I know I might as well buy the unfrosted ones.

At least with the unfrosted, you know you’re going to be disappointed, and you won’t get blindsided like this.

Hopefully, You Don’t Have A Shy Bladder

Photo credit: Ri-RIY / Reddit

I’m not sure whose idea it was to put this painting right above the urinal, but I love them for it. The only people who will find it disrespectful are the ones who rely on their manhood as their sole source of confidence. A truly confident man won’t care about two imaginary women staring at them while they pee.

Keep reading to see how anyone’s confidence can plummet after one bad Faceswap.

Sometimes You Don’t Even Know Your Own Strength

Photo credit:@HacksonJorlockr / Twitter

This person was just trying to eat their feelings, and the ice cream was so hard that they managed to bend the spoon.

Ice cream is supposed to be there for you when you’re down. No one eats straight from the tub if they’re in a good mood. It’s only when you’re at your lowest point that you dig the spoon right into the ice cream. That’s why this cuts deep.

That’s Not What I Meant When I Asked For Sour Cream On The Side

Photo credit: filthykazual / Imgur

Who is the rookie at Taco Bell that thought “sour cream on the side” meant that this person wanted to hold a sour-cream laced taco?

I get that Taco Bell probably doesn’t exactly have strict hiring standards, but you would hope they have some mandatory “respect in the workplace” training.

Glad To Know I Have The Facial Features Of A Puffer Jacket

Photo credit: VelourLuciel / Reddit

Faceswaps always enter dangerous territory. Like when you Faceswap your partner and have the cringe-worthy realization that you look more like siblings than a couple. But nothing is worse than being mistaken for a puffer jacket.

This woman doesn’t even seem to have a very “puffy” face. The app just downright disrespected her.

Not What Anyone Wants When They Ask You To Send Nudes

Photo credit: Occasional-Win / Twitter

I’d absolutely prefer to be straight-up rejected when I request nudes rather than receive a nude pizza. You would think that getting a free pizza is a good thing, but what are you supposed to do with something like this?

I supposed if you have cheese and butter you could make pizza-sized garlic bread, but that’s about it.

What Kind Of Monster…

Photo credit: @nataliesoutlet / Twitter

I think that if this person decided to put ice cubes in a terrible cereal like Raisin Bran, people would be more accepting of it. But this person decided to add them to Lucky Charms, and that’s just not okay.

Lucky Charms has a cult following, and when you disrespect their brand, you disrespect an entire population.