Let’s Face It, Kids Are Pretty Dumb, But We Love Them Anyway

Kids haven’t been on the planet for as long as adults have, so they haven’t had as much time to acquire some knowledge and get smart. That’s why most kids are pretty stupid.

That’s ok, though. They’re cute, so we forgive them for being stupid. Keep reading to see a kid who accidentally stole a whole plate from a restaurant and a kid who’s stuck between a few bars and a hard place.

Man Man: The Strength Of Two Men

Photo Credit: Big_Bowler419 / Reddit

What is the perfect name for a superhero who has double the strength of a normal man? Man Man, of course!

What do you call a superhero who has the strength of five men? Man Man Man Man Man? This is never-ending.

Kid Logic

Photo Credit: bggims / Reddit

I have no idea what LeBron James’ number is. I know what his name is, though. It’s LeBron James.

This kid couldn’t become anonymous if he tried. He should just embrace his lot in life. Every other kid would love to be LeBron James’ son.

There’s Enough Air To Go Around

Photo Credit: FataLegend_ / Reddit

These kids are just going to have to learn that everybody is stealing their air 100 percent of the time.

So far, there’s been enough air on earth for everybody. We don’t know what the future’s going to be like, but for right now, we can share the air.

Getty Washington

Photo Credit: likeoldgaming / Reddit

This kid is going places. Getty Images wishes they were America’s first president. Maybe in some alternate universe, they were.

Flickr was the vice president, and Google Images was secretary of state. Keep reading to see a kid who is the ultimate snitch.

When You Can’t Figure Out How To Get Paw Patrol On The Picture Frame

Photo Credit: ProbablyNotBatman_ / Reddit

This is what our future is going to look like. There will be no analog frames. Everything will be digital (or whatever the next thing after digital is going to be).

This kid’s not dumb, he’s just ahead of the curve. You’ll see.

To Be Fair, Those Look Like Good Chicken Nuggets

Photo Credit: Jellywell / Reddit

Ok, kids know about stranger danger, but do they know about chicken nugget danger? Imagine being nine years old and getting a text from a chicken nugget asking you to hang out.

That would be pretty hard to resist. I know some adults who would have trouble resisting a chicken nugget.

He’s So Proud Of Himself

Photo Credit: peachpantiez / Reddit

This is what happens when you teach your kids right from wrong. They might hold you to a higher moral standard.

If your kid doesn’t follow the rules, he gets a timeout. If you don’t follow the rules, he’s going to call the police. We gotta keep each other accountable.

Just Take The Whole Thing

Photo Credit: MyNamesKyIe / Reddit

Did… did he even eat any of his macaroni? At least they got a new bowl and fork out of this whole situation.

I wonder if the waiter is still standing at their table counting the plates like, “wait a minute, I could have sworn…”

Dog Training For Dummies

Photo Credit: jerben / Reddit

This kid told his dad that he wanted to learn how to train his dog. His dad said that there were lots of dog training videos on YouTube.

So, here he is, showing those videos to the dog. I wish dog training worked like this.

Wait, Who Is That Supposed To Be

Photo Credit: puffintpuffinty / Reddit

So, I don’t know what’s wrong with Allison’s crayons, but that looks nothing like Martin Luther King Jr.

That guy that she drew, he had a dream too, but it wasn’t a very good one. More like a nightmare, if I’m being honest.

She’s Trying To Draw Mermaids

Photo Credit: dpearse2 / Reddit

This is the most innocent thing I have ever seen. I don’t know why the mermaids are in a circle. Maybe that’s the ocean or something.

I think they might need some long, flowy hair. That might make the whole situation a little bit better.

The Only One Not Laughing

Photo Credit: Rogocraft / Reddit

You know what, kid, maybe if you didn’t want people to laugh at you, you shouldn’t have gotten your head stuck in a grate.

What I’m wondering is, how did he even get in there? Did he go through the window and somehow fit his body through the bars?

They Asked Him To Feed The Cat

Photo Credit: ThisThatSauce / Reddit

This is what happens when you ask a toddler (who isn’t very smart) to feed the cat. What is that cat supposed to do with an orange?

It’s not even peeled. The cat doesn’t have thumbs. None of this makes any sense.

Too Dumb To Think

Photo Credit: PiousLiar / Reddit

This kid is what we call psychologically impaired. Imagine being afraid of your literal consciousness.

I’m not sure if that’s stupidity on a whole nother level, or if this kid is on to something and none of us are who we think we are.

Fine, Go Home And Eat The Expired Mustard In The Fridge

Photo Credit: tatszico / Reddit

Why do all kids do this? Even if you prep them before you get to the restaurant, they still end up spilling the beans.

I bet restaurants would make a lot less money if kids were ok with telling people that they’re a little bit younger. But no, they have to be like “I’m four and five-eighths.”

The Dolphin Is Loving It

Photo Credit: BBviolette / Reddit

If this is what he thinks a gentle kiss looks like, I feel bad for his future girlfriend. The dolphin looks like it’s having a good time, though.

I’m so glad that this moment was captured on camera so that this kid can look back at this moment and remember how dumb he used to be.

He Didn’t Think This Through

Photo Credit: PrestigiousFish / Reddit

You thought your kid would be safe around your treadmill because he can’t reach the start button? Think again.

Kids will always find ways to hurt themselves. They’re very resourceful. Hide your stools. Hide your tools. Hide everything, basically.

This Pre-K Student Has A Very Special Egg Recipe

Photo Credit: gonegirl6 / Reddit

This is exactly how I like my eggs. Any eggs you can cook in two seconds are the perfect kind of eggs.

It’s also really good when they’re not eggs at all, but pancakes with Skittles. Pancakes with Skittles are way better than eggs with nothing.

Kids Don’t Know Anything About Time

Photo Credit: JoyfulNumber / Reddit

Just for the record, asking anybody if they were a slave is probably not a good idea. I wonder what it’s like to go about your life and not have any idea about the nature of history.

Must be nice. Oh, to be a kid again.

Wait, Are They Talking About Me?

Photo Credit: Kerbabble / Reddit

This is just like that scene in Forest Gump where Jenny’s like, “I named him after his daddy.” and Forest says, “He got a daddy named Forrest too?”

Somebody give Titus some shrimp and a box of chocolate ASAP. This kid is going places.