Master Marketers Who Know A Deal When They See It

We’ve got a deal to announce.

No, we don’t. This isn’t Major League Baseball, just a writer trying to have some fun. For real though, outside of trades in sports, we always try to find the best bang for our buck. We spent countless hours browsing different places to see who has the best deal and save money at the same time. For the most part, if you dig deep enough, you’ll come across those special bargains. Like, if you wanted to buy an Xbox One, why not get a ring out of it too? That’s a win for you and your girl, right? Well, let these people remind you that there are better deals compared to Black Friday.

Free Gas? Yes Please!

I never expected to see the price of gas fall from the sky. Imagine we lived in a world where gas was actually cheap? Long gone are the days of getting a tank of gas for under a dollar a liter. For now, let’s enjoy the awesomeness of this once in a lifetime deal.