Master Marketers Who Know A Deal When They See It

We’ve got a deal to announce.

No, we don’t. This isn’t Major League Baseball, just a writer trying to have some fun. For real though, outside of trades in sports, we always try to find the best bang for our buck. We spent countless hours browsing different places to see who has the best deal and save money at the same time. For the most part, if you dig deep enough, you’ll come across those special bargains. Like, if you wanted to buy an Xbox One, why not get a ring out of it too? That’s a win for you and your girl, right? Well, let these people remind you that there are better deals compared to Black Friday.

Free Gas? Yes Please!

I never expected to see the price of gas fall from the sky. Imagine we lived in a world where gas was actually cheap? Long gone are the days of getting a tank of gas for under a dollar a liter. For now, let’s enjoy the awesomeness of this once in a lifetime deal.

Don’t Go To Walmart On Black Friday

Nobody would be that foolish to buy a vest that’s from Walmart. This person could have at least removed the logo on the back. For $20, this isn’t that bad of a deal. If it didn’t have anything Walmart related to it, the vest would make a cute birthday gift for your grandmother.

WTF Is This?

Okay, this is weird marketing here. But, this is for lazy adults, like you and me. It’s hard enough having to go home and make dinner after a long day of work. But this ad really makes you hungry.

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Lack Of Skill

No effort, no real job here. It’s small things like this that won’t make people take your business seriously. Who am I supposed to call? Is there a cash settlement? Come on, we have more questions than answers with a sign like this. I hope they generated some business.

Save On Meat

Take that, vegans! Just kidding. You can just remove the savings. But, this makes for one ironic deal, to begin with. You have a mix of people who don’t eat meat who will be outraged, while others just peel off the coupon and keep on walking. Either way, that could get awkward once it’s brought to the manager’s attention.

You Go Arbys

Leave to the marketing team at Arby’s for being on point. That onion ring looks like it’s going to unravel a significant moment in your life. Hopefully, this means onion knight or something like that.

One page ads in papers, are they good or bad? The answer is just ahead.

Easter Came Early

Here’s actual proof that not ALL couples have to be cute on Valentine’s Day. If I were in this relationship, I’d be more pleased with the Easter candy than the sign itself. See, you don’t have to go full out on Cupid’s special day. This is a sweet deal that’s also a troll.

What A Painting That Is

Now, that’s one way to sell a painting. It’s not even that artistic, but I’m not a painter so I wouldn’t really know the difference. Who would try to spend close to $70,000 on such a childish painting? Heck, not even 15-year old me could paint something this bad.

Xbox One Anyone?

Microsoft knows the advertising game. Basically, all they did was take out on a page just to market their Xbox One. That’s okay, it’s not the only time it’s been done since PS4 likely did the same thing too.

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The Job Interview

Funny how the tables turned with this one. This is such a total mind-messing game and we all know this guy needs to be hired. For real though, who even does that as an interview? The employer just gave the candidate the best deal in their lives, a free laptop.

Ill-eagle Fireworks

Puns like this make buying illegal fireworks more badass. Since the late seventies, this company had their fair share of fun with fireworks that are hopefully legal. Sometimes, we wish that some fireworks weren’t illegal, but, the safety of others comes first. They are the best part of the Fourth of July anyway.

To Infinity And Beyond

Apple literally pulled a Buzz Lightyear. Really don’t understand the reason why they did, but they just want to use fancy terms. That’s their way of staying in touch with the technology lovers who swarm to their products.

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And The Cheapest Item On The Menu Is…

What is a Kirkland hot dog? As much as this is nice to have, that hot dog is cheaper than any you’d get at a baseball game. For a $1.50 you can’t go wrong with that. With a low price like that, it’s pretty obvious why Costco is a perfect place for a lunch date.

I Love DP

Don’t you love it when street teams take over a sidewalk? Dr. Pepper did just that, including the t-shirts too. You would think that they would offer the shirts with a free bottle of soda. It’s stuff like that where the deal is there, but not the best one we’ve seen.

How To Get Engaged 101

If you and your partner have been together for a while, this might be one way to pop the question. It really is a win-win for both sides. One person gets an early wedding gift in the Xbox One, while the other one gets a ring on it like Beyonce.

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So, Are You Hiring?

We’ll just assume the store is closing. On top of that, they’re probably hiring for seasonal staff just to get through the hard times. Stores that close with sales like this offer a bargain and a dream come true. Just be sure to go extra early, like weeks before the store actually closes.

Buy None, Get None Free

Give us a free snack why don’t you!? Come on now, you know the public loves free stuff. In fact, a “deal” like this should be considered false advertising. But if you really think about it, if you aren’t buying anything at the store, the deal is the right fit for you.

Gotta Find The Right Deals

When you can’t find the deals online, so you have to go in person to have an employee help you. That’s what customer service is all about. Providing the best service, no matter who it is. Chances are if you help them out, they’ll love you for being a good employee.

Weird Al And MJ

Didn’t expect these two standing side-by-side at the record store. Although, this would be a sweet deal to pick up. You can listen to MJ’s iconic album with a mix of Weird Al in the background, parodying most of the King of Pop’s music.

Genius Right Here

No one really uses that word unless you’re a true beer enthusiast. Usually, they’re just called pints or glasses. That’s Stella fancy way of saying pint glass. On the other hand, having both beer glasses from these ads would be a nice fit for anyone’s man cave.