Memes From The World Of Customer Service That Will Make You Say “Been There, Done That” Just Like Everyone Else

For certain people, working at a restaurant is the best job ever. It’s a fast-paced environment that somehow offers everything to make them happy. Plus, you get to work with people and eat food. The downside to working at a restaurant is the less-than-happy customers who give us a headache.

Sure, you might like people, but you can only handle so much nonsense. There are some honest memes that sum up how anyone can survive working in the kitchen. The struggle is real in this industry, and it literally makes you want to rip your head off.

This Is Very True

same fool.jpg

Photo Credit: @server_life/Instagram

This is my favorite because call centers go through this every damn time. It’s hard enough having to deal with people over the phone, especially if they’re being rude and hostile.

Hopefully, you have a manager that has the patience to deal with that kind of customer.