Men Might Be Strong, But Clearly Their Brain Can’t Put Two And Two Together

If you have ever heard that women live longer than men, it’s for a variety of reasons. Biological, social and lifestyle factors are associated with their different life expectancies, but there’s something missing.

The obvious factor is that men simply take on such silly tasks. These days, anyone can question whether or not men have any real intelligence based on their definition of ‘personal safety’ or their ability to plan for the worst-case scenario. It might be sad, but it’s tragically hilarious too!

A Unique Way Of Painting The Sidewalk

Photo Credit: Fabrio Galicia/Facebook
Photo Credit: Fabrio Galicia/Facebook

If it is stupid but it works, it is really stupid? I mean, there’s a guy waving a flag though, so it looks kind of safe?

It looks okay because if you get any chance to lay down on the job, you better take advantage of that. As long as he doesn’t fall asleep, he’s good to go.