Moments Most People Would Define As A Mistake, But They’re Just Being Super Negative RN

Look, mistakes are made. Everyone slips up once in a while but what really matters is how you rebound from it. If you can learn to turn your mistakes into learning experiences you’re going to be just fine.

Whether you accidentally trip someone, or break something, or even mistakenly hurt someone’s feelings – there’s always room to look at the positives. If you own your mistake then that’s half of the battle won. This article shows you people who slipped up, accepted defeat, and are dealing with the consequences. Enjoy.

The Best Place To Get Stuck

kid in toy.jpg

This is not a mistake no matter how you look at it. Sure he’s stuck in an arcade game, but he’s stuck with everything he’s ever loved in his entire life. There is no place he’d rather be. While mom is screaming crying outside, he’s literally feeling pure bliss and we can’t blame him.

An Apology Maybe Isn’t Good Enough In This Case

sorry bus.jpg

So this was a mistake. I couldn’t even imagine driving a bus because of the difficulty that would come along with it. I can barely comprehend the depth of a Smart Car, nevermind a massive bus. With that being said, it doesn’t excuse the fact that he plowed into this building. Unfortunately, in this case, I don’t think an apology is good enough.

The Most Romantic Proposal To A Complete Stranger

wrong car.jpg

Promposals are a big part of your high school career and it’s very important that you get it right. You only have one chance to think of a creative way to ask your crush to be your date. This person, uh, spray painted someone else’s car in hopes that they would say yes I assume? Debra, 45, three kids, drives a blue car, ended up saying no I think.

Door-To-Door Service

Fed EX Truck.jpg

When Fed-Ex Says they do door-to-door service, they mean it. This is merely a driver delivering the packages they were told to deliver in the fashion they were told to deliver it in. They said it would be on your doorstep and it is. If you get your door crushed in and some other structural damage to the house, it’s just collateral damage they aren’t responsible for.

Old People And Their Struggle With Social Media

Troy Aikman.jpg

Troy Aikman trying to direct message a girl but instead tweeting it publically represents the baby boomers continued struggle with technology. Aikman thought that by putting the letters “DM” in front of the tweet that it would magically go to her DMs. We couldn’t be happier that it didn’t.

Mom? Mom? No.

Look Where I Am.jpg

When your mom is excited to come see you at college, sometimes the gun can be jumped and mental lapses happen. In this case, this mom was told to go to room 101 but instead ended up in room 745. Don’t ask, we don’t know how that mistake happened either. We just know that it didn’t go well.

Relationships Are Always A Mistake

Funeral For the man.jpg

Okay, I’m about to split the crowd here. While many people say that being in a relationship in college is the best thing in the world, I would have to disagree. It’s a mistake. These guys just lost one of their brothers to the dating game and they’re going to be in mourning for at least three months.

Stairway To Heav-Maybe Not

stairs leading nowhere.jpg

Some dads are handymen while other’s are wanna-be handymen. They’re stubborn and didn’t want to ask questions and this is what happens. They literally built a stairway that doesn’t lead to anywhere but the back of a stairway. In their defense, this “infinity stairway” design looks pretty cool.

Deer Crossing

Hit The Deeer.jpg

If you’ve ever hit an animal, specifically a deer, with your car you know the mini heart-attack that occurs. For a split second, you have the option of trying to swerve around the deer or just run train on it. The safest thing to do is to just run train, but that’s not what our mind tells us to do. Kelsey ran train. Good job Kelsey.

Mind Your Own Business

Solitaire Women.jpg

It’s the CUSTOMERS mistake for waiting in her line when they know that she’s in the middle of a game of solitaire. They KNOW that she’s not going to stop when she’s on a role and has a chance to win. Solitaire is tough and demands all the attention from you. Sorry, 100 people, you’ll have to wait.

So Many Questions…

Blood On Their package.jpg

This is why delivery jobs need to get danger pay. It’s a very high-risk job that involves a lot of blood loss, obviously. How many dog and cat attacks do they have to fend off before they get compensated for their work? Let’s also not forget that they have to carry things on a regular basis. No thanks.

AAA Service

AAA Lock Out.jpg

This is just hilarious. Calling someone to help unlock your car and then having that person lock their keys in their own vehicle. There’s probably a lot of embarrassing things that can happen to an AAA worker, but having to call your buddy to get your keys out has got to be one of the lowest.

And… He’s Fired

Ugly Sweater Contest.jpg

What we didn’t see was moments after this he got sent home. He logged onto his computer and Googled “Resume Templates” and “Cover Letter Examples” because he was jobless. Not going to lie, it’s a great joke and if you are thinking about doing it to your boss, just have an exit plan ready.

Okay Mom And Dad — Keep That To Yourselves Please

Mom? Dad?.jpg

Remember that age, around 12, when you thought your parents were the No Fun Police and never let you do anything? You were convinced that they had grown up never smiling and were miserable all the time. Then you reach 18 and your parents start telling you about their past and all the fun they had before you were born. Don’t even bother asking, it’s a mistake.

Mario Kart Ruins Lives

Mario Kart Couple.jpg

There are no rules when it comes to verbal harassment when you’re playing Mario Kart. It evokes a personality out of all of us that we aren’t very proud of but we handle nonetheless. It’s one of the only games where it is completely acceptable to throw your controller into your tv screen.

When The Thirst Is Real

Drinking from toilet.jpg

This is a mistake on a lot of levels, but it’s hard to blame the guy for being thirsty. Think of it from his point of view. He can’t just drink from the tap because he’s too tiny, so the only way to hydrate is through the toilet. Three-quarters of Americans are chronically dehydrated and this little guy is doing his part to ensure he’s a part of the 25% that’s not.

A Wedding Photo That, Uh, Didn’t Go So Well

Fell Off Horse.jpg

Hey Jenny, do you think it was a good idea to ever ride a horse for your wedding pictures? We know your favorite movie is Sea Biscuit but you’re in a $10,000 gown and the horse your riding is barely trained to walk, not to mention run, with someone on their back.

This Is Not A Mistake, At All

Pepsi Kid.jpg

It’s always a mistake to give your kids soda. The sugar rush that comes around approximately three seconds after the first sip ensures instant chaos. It’s very important to always play mind games with your children so that they grow up to be delusional on specific issues. Like not all meat is chicken even though you were told that as a kid.

Mildly Uncomfortable

Man Loses His Thumb.jpg

This is very uncomfortable to look at, yet it’s fascinating. Let’s just hope this person doesn’t have a fear of toes (it’s actually a thing look it up) because that would result in one stressful life. I guess you have to weigh the options of having no toe or no thumb, and the answer is obvious.

It’s A Double-Edged Sword

My roomate is bacon.jpg

It’s hard to blame Chase’s roommate for just going in for the kill on the icing. Cinnamon rolls are probably the most underrated pastry in the entire world, specifically because of the warm finish. Unfortunately, bacon grease just doesn’t have the same blissful entry into your mouth.