People Are Taking 7-Eleven’s ‘Bring Your Own Cup Day’ Way Too Far, Because Of Course They Are

What’s better on a hot, sticky, sweaty day than a Slurpee? 7-Eleven has long given us exactly what we needed on those gross summer days, and no day is better than ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ day. Frankly, it’s a bold strategy, because people absolutely take advantage of them.

All they ask is that you pay $1.50 and you can fill up literally anything you want with delicious, not-nutritious Slurpee. So people brought pretty much any large vessel they could hold and set a high bar for us all to clear. It’s amazing 7-Eleven continues to bring this deal back again and again.

They Put Out A Challenge In 2017

They Put Out A Challenge In 2017

Photo Credit: Twitter / @7eleven

So 7-Eleven really seems to know their customers well, because they didn’t even try to hide what they expected customers to do come D-Day.

They were very aware that people would show up with anything that can hold whatever solid-liquid combo a Slurpee counts as. The look on this guy’s face shows all the joy and doom that 7-Eleven investors expect on the big day.

Always Have A Plan

711 near me slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Armistarphoto

It’s very important to have your wits about you when going out in search of cheap Slurpees. Frankly, everyone should have a detailed map on their phone at all times that show where every possible Slurpee can be found.

This guy isn’t messing around and knows that some stores are going to be more lenient than others when it comes to the definition of a cup. Always have a backup plan.

Grab The First Thing With A Handle

handle slurpee day.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / fucema

This is what happens when you don’t do your research. While us normal people have ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ day circled on our calendars for months, this is what happens when you panic after learning about it on your lunch break.

You run home and grab the first thing you can because there’s no guarantee the store is going to have enough to last the entire day.

Or Grab The First Bowl-Shaped Thing You Can Find

slurpee chalace day.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / jimmmyboy

Even royalty knows a good deal when they see it. How do you think the Royal family got all that money anyway? It wasn’t by buying full price Slurpees, that’s for sure.

This person didn’t have a pitcher on hand, so naturally, they GRABBED A CHALICE to hold their delicious Slurpee. One day, I hope to have the money to afford the finer things in life while still being able to clip coupons and cut costs wherever I can. While these people just grabbed the first thing they could find, most customers clearly planned for this day as you’ll see just ahead.

He Did The Math

He Did The Math

Photo Credit: Reddit / chetdude

Whenever there’s a deal everyone can take part in, you see people rediscover skills they haven’t had since grade school.

Sure, we learned our multiplication tables way back in elementary school, but when we’re talking Slurpees, just watch the math flow from our brains. This guy did the math and figured that he could pocket the 50 bucks he was given to pick up lunch for his workplace. He’s got upper-middle management written all over him.

I Hope It’s Clean

I Hope It’s Clean

Photo Credit: Reddit / ghanksta57

Garbage cans are designed to handle everything life throws at them. Whether we’re throwing out our least favorite Chrismas gifts or scraping off some nasty potato salad without hurting someone’s feelings, trash cans are there to take it all on.

So why wouldn’t we trust them with holding all the Slurpee goodness it can? This is clearly a clean freak who was ready to invest in a new trash can anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

One Cup To Rule Them All

giant slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / daftmunt

I don’t have any idea how you get ahold of this giant Slurpee cup, but I’m pretty sure I need three. This looks like the cup that would sit on top of a Slurpee truck that would go up and down the street on a hot summer day.

This guy clearly has some 7-Eleven connections. Is he the owner’s son? Can’t he always get cheap Slurpees if that’s the case? There are just too many unanswered questions here, along with quite a bit of envy. While these people used their head to find the perfect ‘cup,’ these next people made sure things got as uncomfortable as possible.

All That Money Down The Drain

toilet slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / VerticalLegion

Ok. I admit I’d do a lot for a super cheap Slurpee, but grabbing my favorite toilet bowl to stock up is not one of them. I’m not a plumber, but I can’t imagine even a brand new toilet meets the sanitary standards to literally be clean enough to eat off of.

People like throwing out numbers that the toilet is actually cleaner than other places like the bottom of your feet, but I’m not here for it.

Band Practice Is Officially Canceled

trombone slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / nailcoiledink

So I was never big into the brass instruments, but anything that has a spit valve probably shouldn’t be trusted to hold your Slurpee.

Using a trombone as a cup may have seemed like a great idea before band practice, but think again. You might be trying to get the perfect sugar rush for your 80th rendition of ‘Living In America,’ but considering how rusty those things can get, I’d probably go check out a hospital ASAP.

You Know When People Say You Have A ‘Hollow Leg?’

leg slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / cheetah-ina-pita

This guy might not have had the big day circled on his calendar, and clearly, he couldn’t be bothered to head home to get himself a bucket. So he did the only logical thing and used his prosthetic leg to stock up on that sweet, sweet Slurpee.

He might not have a great exit strategy, but I’m sure it’s all going to be worth it in the end. While these people went to some pretty extreme lengths, the customers coming up just grabbed the first thing they found in their kitchen. Most have to be plugged in.

Just Like Mom Used To Make

rice cooker slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / randyboy204

All be the first to say it — the rice cooker is the most underrated appliance that a house can have. I know what you’re thinking — ‘it just makes rice!’ That’s not really true, but even if that’s all it does, that’s a staple of any good meal.

This guy proved that it can do other things, but apparently, someone tried to steal his social media thunder.

Give This Man His Props

rice cooker slurpee cup2.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / randyboy204

Not so surprisingly, someone tried to steal his moment in the sun by posting his picture online for some free internet points. Well, the whole reason people grab the most ridiculous things possible for ‘bring your own cup’ day is for the likes.

This guy felt cheated, so he made sure to post a recap of how far he got in his sugary journey. Looks like the green didn’t last.

This Just Seems Dangerous

microwave slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Sanchezwashere

While I’m all for the idea of using a rice cooker for your Slurpee cup, a microwave might be pushing it. For starters, a rice cooker usually has a removable bowl, so really, there’s no harm done.

On the other hand, a microwave has all kinds of gadgets and gizmos that will no doubt be ruined, and almost every microwave ever has a bunch of spaghetti sauce stains all over the inside. People are clearly taking advantage of the deal to beat the heat, but one healthcare provider decided to use something a little more… intimate, for his cup.

The Real Purpose Of Kiddie Pools

Kiddie pool slurpee

Photo Credit: Reddit / wargghhh

It’s really hard to just go and buy a kiddie pool, especially if you don’t actually have any kids. They can be a great way to cool down after a long day at work, and if you have a dog, they’re perfect to keep them cool.

However, the real reason they were made was to actually hold as much Slurpee as humanly possible. This guy is just living his best life.

People Took Notice

kiddie pool slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / ohmercy

Clearly, a bunch of people have jumped on the kiddie pool train when it comes to ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ day, and I can’t say I blame them. Honestly, this is probably the most cost-effective strategy and the best way to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Think about it? If you can’t possibly stomach any more Slurpee, you can just swim in it for the rest of the day. You might be sticky, but you won’t succumb to heat stroke.

For When It Goes Right Through You

urinal slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / RedditNurseBot

So, for those of you who don’t know, that’s a urinal. If you’re fortunate enough to never have had to sit in a hospital bed for a while, this is the easiest way to go pee. However, this guy apparently figured it was the perfect thing to bring to fill with Slurpee.

I’ll give it to him — this is brilliant if he’s on a late night shift and can’t duck out for a bathroom break. It seems like most customers decided to grab their Slurpee after a trip to KFC, and for a very good reason.

Way To Reuse That Bucket

2 girl kfc slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Axel_Foley_

When you see people walking into 7-Eleven with buckets, but you don’t own a bucket, you have to go get one. And who’s more famous for buckets than KFC?

These two girls made sure to make the most of not only the deal but made sure to make a whole day of it. This is actually a perfect date night option now that I think about it.

Seriously, This Is The Only Place To Get A Bucket

kfc slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / SheriffJoseArpaio

I’m not going to lie, the odds of me seeing that it’s ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ day as I drive by, and decide to not only go home to grab some kind of container before circling back is pretty low.

However, if I’m driving by and see that it’s ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ day and then drive by a KFC, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. You might get a weird look when you ask for a double-bucketed chicken deal, but it’s a small price to pay.

They Took A Good Idea Too Far

horse kfc slurpee cup.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Furah

So remember all those things I said about doing all these things for social media internet points? Ya, this guy definitely was going for the clout.

While he did what these other people did with the KFC bucket (which I’m a definite fan of), they doubled down with the horse head, which is just never a good move.

It’s Every Man For Himself

It’s Every Man For Himself

Photo Credit: Reddit / SoldiveriMoc

When it’s game time, you have to be willing to make sacrifices. If that means setting your baby on the ground because this cup is a two-hander, well, you put that baby on the ground.

They say that women and children get to go first, but that baby can’t even have a Slurpee, so really they’re just taking up some valuable real estate.