People Were Asked To Pick Two To Defend Themselves Against The Rest, And The Internet Has Never Been More Divided

Oh boy, Reddit, you’ve done it again. Just when you thought that you were immune to stupid hypothetical situations that will absolutely never happen, Reddit infects you. Basically, they gave you nine options for animals and people that you either pick to protect you or attack you.

The spin? You can only pick two of the nine options to protect you and the rest are going to be attacking you. You might say it’s an easy choice, but trust me, it takes some serious consideration.

And Here We Go…

Pick Two.jpg

Alright, take a really in-depth look at all of the options. It’s important that you weigh the pro’s and con’s of each and pick accordingly. the number in the corner, of course, represents the amount of them you would get in the battle. So 10,000 rats, 50 hawks, 15 wolves etc.