People Who Are Out Here Risking It All When They Don’t Really Need To

It’s worth the risk.

Is it really? Anyone who’s felt the pressure of taking a risk knows all about it. Sometimes, we don’t even need to take a chance at anything. People do it despite the fact that they really didn’t need to. They are just gambling on the fact that whenever they take a risk, they’ll be greatly rewarded. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even if your parents are out here sending inappropriate messages to each other even though they’re happily married, those are the kind of people who tend to shoot their shot.

Simple As That

Simple As That.jpg

Well, she didn’t know the answer, so why not? Teachers like to make our lives difficult enough as it is, especially on tests. We think we studied enough, but clearly, it’s never enough. When in doubt, just risk it all and white it out. It’s a signal that you gave up.