People Who Are Out Here Risking It All When They Don’t Really Need To

It’s worth the risk.

Is it really? Anyone who’s felt the pressure of taking a risk knows all about it. Sometimes, we don’t even need to take a chance at anything. People do it despite the fact that they really didn’t need to. They are just gambling on the fact that whenever they take a risk, they’ll be greatly rewarded. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even if your parents are out here sending inappropriate messages to each other even though they’re happily married, those are the kind of people who tend to shoot their shot.

Simple As That

Simple As That.jpg

Well, she didn’t know the answer, so why not? Teachers like to make our lives difficult enough as it is, especially on tests. We think we studied enough, but clearly, it’s never enough. When in doubt, just risk it all and white it out. It’s a signal that you gave up.


Chugging Back.jpg

You’re already in the cop car, you don’t need to push it further. It’s not like this guy is going to care, but he will once he sobers up in the drunk tank. As much as some of us have dreams to do something like this, the consequences that come with it aren’t so great after all.

Not My Job, Not My Problem

Not My Job Not My Problem.jpg

Signs like this are required for people who don’t need little reminders. Simply put, don’t tell someone how to do their job when they know what they’re doing.

Coming up, a sign that was made to remind people not to drink from places we shouldn’t be.

Jumping Into The Revine

Jumping Into Revines.jpg

At least he’s sober doing this. The only worse case scenario here is the guy going into the water. As soon as his clothes are wet, everything else is too, including his phone. Let’s hope he took that out before jumping into the water. Or else, he’s going to be living a first world problem.

Stay Safe, Kids

Stay Safe Kids.jpg

When kids are afraid to do something, parents will look to be brave and be the hero. Sometimes, it works out well, while other times, it doesn’t end up that way. This dad tried to be like Tarzan and swing with his daughter. It’s best to not reenact scenes from movies, no matter how great they seem.

Didn’t Know That

Didn't Know That.jpg

Like we didn’t know that already. A sign like this is a reminder that common sense isn’t always so common. Apparently, people will do anything to get their daily source of H20.

Still on the way, one guy did what he had to do to keep his girlfriend from asking one too many questions.

Random Things On Signs

Random Bar Sign Says Things.jpg

So many facts in one bar sign. I guess this is for the out-of-towners who are looking for something to do. Well, thanks to this sign, people can take the risk of drinking whiskey, to the point when they feel the need to take their clothes off like it’s hot in here like Nelly.

Stealing Yo Cash

Quack Quack Stealing Money.jpg

Mother ducks are masterminds. Not only do they raise cute little ducks, but they know the game of robbery. Unlike real robbers, ducks are stealthy and quick thanks to their cuteness. Mother Duck is snatching up all your dollar bills so they can order take out during winter.

It’s A New Look

It’s A New Look

This is what happens when dudes get tired of having all their hoodies stolen. It’s time for action, and this guy is cleaning up. Sure, this could lead to some sort of fight, but that might be better than being out 17 hoodies a year.

What’s dog sitting with specific instructions you ask? That answer is just around the corner.

Transporting Ducks

Transport Ducks.jpg

This is better than having a flock of ducks walking across the road. It’s safer, convenient, and the ducks get to ride along together. If we learned anything from the Mighty Ducks trilogy it’s that ducks stick together. More importantly, they roll out together.

Don’t Read That!


See, nothing sexual going on here, mom. Pagers are a thing of the past, but it’s surprising to see this one still functions. At least it wasn’t an old iPhone, or else that could get awkward. But for now, this person will probably see how much the pager is worth, if anything.

Dog Sitting 101

Dog Sitting 101.jpg

These dog sitting instructions are almost like a short story. It’s like a beginners guide to watching pets, but we already know how to take care of dogs. Now cats on the other hand…

Still, on the way, workplaces that remind us of why we shouldn’t touch someone else’s food.

Ronald At KFC

Ronald At KFC.jpg

A bunch of dudes walk into a KFC dressed up as Ronald McDonald. Not only is this on another level of stupidity, but I guess this is a McDonald’s lovers way of saying how much they hate the Colonel. The next thing you know, KFC employees start throwing drumsticks at Ronald.

Stops Everywhere Man

Stops Everywhere Man.jpg

As funny and clever as this sign is, the bus literally stops at every mom’s house. We could make this more 18-A than ever, but we’re keeping it PG-13. We can’t help but laugh at a sign that’s so true on so many levels. Don’t get offended, the bus driver knows everyone’s kid and parent too.

Case And Point

Case And Point.jpg

The biggest pet peeve ever. People who tend to touch other people’s food without asking, where is your common sense at? It’s gotten to the point where we have to label our lunches and say ‘DON’T EAT’.

Just ahead, pizza delivery drivers who express themselves just to get a tip.

Instant Regret

Instant Regret.jpg

Bruh, how dumb are you? Sure, you had more than a six pack, but how much money were you offered to get fake grillz? You’re a long way from looking like a want-to-be rapper. Good luck trying to explain that one at your next dentist appointment.

Hookah Nation

Hookah Nation.jpg

Move over vape nation, hookah nation is on the rise! Case and point, this guy clearly has no time for vaping. All that matters is taking his hookah to the smoke shop down the street. Also, it’s not illegal either, but clearly this is a habit that takes a bit of time and effort to take on the road.

Express Yourself For A Tip

I Love My Job.jpg

Pizza delivery drivers will do anything for a tip. Customers tend to ask them to do funny things on the boxes. This guy clearly loves being a pizza delivery driver for good reasons. Imagine meeting random people at their homes and expressing yourself, all to get more than a two dollar tip.

Fake News

Fake News.jpg

All about the fake news game here. More importantly, this could have been an iconic podcast series if this was actually a crime. Nonetheless, it’s the just random person who lost her way after the party. At least she’s safe and okay, so she better not end up here again.

There Are Sweatpants For That

There's Sweatpants For That.jpg

This poor soul probably lost a Super Bowl bet and this was their punishment. I mean, this is more embarrassing than someone caught wearing an ‘I Suck At Fantasy Football’ t-shirt that’s an extra small. We had to see more down there than we would with an extra tiny shirt.