Priceless Photos Of Pets Realizing That They’re Going To The Vet

Animals enjoy going to the vet just about as much as humans enjoy going to the dentist. It’s an unavoidable aspect of life that always manage to sneak up on you. Here are a series of pictures that shows right when animals realize that they’re on their way to the vet.

Some are funny, while others make you happy that you don’t have to go to the vet like your pets do.

Don’t Move A Muscle

By the looks of it, this cat has passed the point of no return and is now inside of the vet’s office. Now, there’s nothing left for her to do except attempt to hide in any way possible.

This is a rather impressive attempt, with the cat having some sense of self-awareness knowing that her fur is nicely camouflaged with the cotton balls and the walls around it. So close, yet so far. It’s only a matter of time until the vet pulls this cat out of her hiding spot and gets to work on it. A+ for effort though.