Pets That Are Fully Rocking Their Cone Of Shame

The cone of shame might seem like a silly medical instrument but it’s often a crucial part of an animal’s recovery. Whether your cat or dog is licking a wound or attempting to fend off allergies, their incessant licking can lead to prolonged injury, further infection, and worse.

While most pets hate their cone of shame, there is a small group of house pets who have learned to live with the contraption in some really silly and creative ways. From superhero cones to self-inflicted medical intervention, you’ll be cracking up when you see how these cones of shame became badges of honor for our furry four-legged friends. Wait until you see one cat’s transformation into Batman.

A Stylish Cone Of Shame For This Dapper Pup

Dapper Cone of Shame.jpg

If you’re going to be forced into wearing a cone of shame why not do so in style. The best cone of shame pictures we’ve seen used nothing more than a marker to completely change the look of the cones. This dapper pup is happily wearing a top hat, sporting a red bowtie and smoking on a cigar. We don’t know what happened to this poor little guy to end up in a cone of shame but he’s living it up in style until he’s all healed and free of his head-based shackles. Our next pet wasn’t so high-class with their cone.