Pets That Are Fully Rocking Their Cone Of Shame

The cone of shame might seem like a silly medical instrument but it’s often a crucial part of an animal’s recovery. Whether your cat or dog is licking a wound or attempting to fend off allergies, their incessant licking can lead to prolonged injury, further infection, and worse.

While most pets hate their cone of shame, there is a small group of house pets who have learned to live with the contraption in some really silly and creative ways. From superhero cones to self-inflicted medical intervention, you’ll be cracking up when you see how these cones of shame became badges of honor for our furry four-legged friends. Wait until you see one cat’s transformation into Batman.

If you’re going to be forced into wearing a cone of shame why not do so in style. The best cone of shame pictures we’ve seen used nothing more than a marker to completely change the look of the cones. This dapper pup is happily wearing a top hat, sporting a red bowtie and smoking on a cigar. We don’t know what happened to this poor little guy to end up in a cone of shame but he’s living it up in style until he’s all healed and free of his head-based shackles. Our next pet wasn’t so high-class with their cone.

Fluffy Cat In A Cone!

A tip to all very fluffy cats, if you end up in a cone of shame because of your own actions, this is how ridiculous you will end up looking. This friendly feline not only fills out their entire cone of shame they also decided to lick their way out was a viable option. Perhaps someone should let her know that licking too much in the wrong spot was exactly what put her in the cone of shame to begin with. Our next puppy turned their cone of shame into an iconic logo and it’s spot on.

The Pixar Cone Has Replaced Its Famous Lamp

The Pixar lamp in the company’s logo is one of the most iconic symbols in Hollywood these days. That little guy introduces us to every new Pixar film and also appears in numerous Pixar short films. If your dog or cat ends up in a cone of shame you can create this adorable photo on your own. As a pet owner, we have to agree that a fluffy dog wearing a cone is a much more adorable version of this logo. Our next little guy on the list is just happy to be surrounded by all of his favorite toys while wearing his cone.

The Cone Of Toys!

OMG all the toys!!! This adorable golden retriever has a few favorite toys and he’s learned that his cone of shame will allow them to play with all his buddies at the same time. He might not be able to lick himself and eating and drinking might be a pain but he still looks to be in heaven. He was probably disappointed to have the cone removed after weeks of playing with all his toys at once. Our next feline friend has used his cone of shame to transform into Gotham City’s best-known protector.

I’m Catman

Either grab a marker and draw Bruce Wayne’s jawline onto your cat’s cone of shame or looking for a printout of this famous comic book hero to complete the look. Whatever method you choose, your cat will soon be running around the house in search of evil that needs to be dealt with. Of course, if you have Batman fighting crime it’s only a matter of time before Superman shows up for a battle. Have no fear, Super pup is ready for a fight in our next slide.


We just showed you Batcat and that meant Superpup was only a few seconds behind. We love this fabric-based cone of shame because it serves a medical purpose but can also be easily turned into a cape. If your dog is having a hard time eating or drinking because of their cone of shame, this might be a more viable option. Hopefully, this dog’s superpowers help them heal from whatever ails them as quickly as possible. As long as they stay away from kryptonite we have a feeling this dog will make a quick recovery. Our next cat is ready to show off their stache for Movember.

A Meowstache

You don’t have to be a Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci to pull off this stylish look for your furry friend. Just grab a sharpie and draw your favorite style of mustache right onto your cat’s cone of shame. Just keep in mind that we are 100% sure that our feline friends are capable of holding a grudge for years. If you draw this mustache on your cat’s cone of shame and your curtains end up in taters the next day, we warned you. Our next dog is ready to take on the Jedi in a battle of galactic domination.

The Cutest Deathstar Of All Time

If the Death Star looked this cute there is no way Luke Skywalker would have blown it up. The best part of this cone of shame is how simple it is to create. Just grab a marker and copy the design in this photo. If you have some mad photoshopping skills like this digital artist you can even re-enact the most well-known sci-fi fight scene of all time. Our next dog won’t fight against the Jedi but he will serve you a James Bond-style martini while they recover from whatever injury they’re facing.

I’ll Be Your Bartender For The Evening

This dog should not be shaken or stirred because they are already recovering after a visit to the veterinarian’s office. However, they would be happy to eat those olives and cuddle on the couch while you sip on a martini. This cone of shame took some construction skills and we don’t suggest modifying the device so much but it sure looks cool and James Bond would be proud. Our next dog might be the happiest pooch we’ve ever seen wear the cone of shame.

I Will Feth All Of The Toys

“I will fetch all of the toys and they will live in my cone with me!” That’s what we assume this silly dog was thinking when they managed to collect half a dozen toys and shove them into the cone of shame. He might not be happy about wearing a medical device for weeks but he loves the ability to carry around all of his favorite things wherever he goes. Our next dog was lucky enough to have his favorite companion keep him company when the cone was given to him.

A Cone Of Shame Cuddle Buddy

This little puppy may not love his cone of shame but he has a cuddle buddy to keep his spirits up. This adorable dog and their stuffed animal look inseparable and hopefully, the little green dog helped rid their real-life friend of any anxiety they might have been feeling because of the cone of shame that was wrapped around their young neck. Our next cone buddies are a cat and dog pairing who happened to need their cones at the same time. They are going to melt your heart.

A House Pet Flower Garden

This cat and dog teamed up to form the cutest flower bed we’ve ever seen in our lives. With an idyllic background and two animals who managed to pose perfectly together, these cones of shame seem less like a problem and more like a work of furry art. Family pets who cone together stay together. Our next cat is neither a work of art with their cone or graceful in any sense of the word but they’ll make you LOL.

I’m Going To Lick My Way Out!

Not every animal who rocks their cone on our list can be graceful in their approach. This little kitten realized they were being forced to wear the cone of shame and they decided to lick their way out. Maybe they are just attempting to clean the plastic around their cone to get a better view. This is definitely our favorite little window washer. Our next happy dog has found a way to keep their most trusted companion close by while their time with the cone of shame is still happening.

Just Monkeying Around

Human children love their favorite toys, comfort blankets, and stuffed animals they always sleep with. Dogs are a lot like small infant children and often have the same desires. This dog couldn’t live without their toy monkey so they started carrying it around in their cone of shame. Based on the giant smile on this pooches face, they couldn’t be happier to have a new storage space for their toy monkey. Our next dog is a giant yellow ray of sunshine despite wearing a cone of shame.

A Golden Ray Of Sunshine

We’re pretty sure this is meant to be the sun but it could also serve as a giant yellow flower. Regardless, this dog’s cone of shame really does a great job of highlighting their adorable face. If you have some felt or other fabric lying around this might be a fun project the moment you realize your dog needs to wear a cone. If you’re more of a seasonal decoration type of person you’ll fall in love with our Christmas dog and their cone of Christmas.

Cone Of Christmas

We’re pretty sure this dog was posed specifically for this photo. Please don’t put breakable Christmas bulbs around your dog’s neck because only bad things will happen. However, if you buy some plastic balls or make some out of yarn, you can turn your dog’s cone of shame into a Christmas decoration that wins over your family, friends, and the viral internet as a whole. Our next dog proves that playing in the garden is sometimes a good thing.

A Flower Of Shame?

Grab some fabric, glue it to your dog’s cone of shame and immediately turn them into the most adorable flower on the planet. You can make Lillies, Daffodils, Roses, and any other flower of your choosing. This is the happiest flower you’ll ever see in your life. You don’t have to be an artist to make your dog’s cone of shame look awesome because anything looks better than a piece of plastic. Our next dog shamed themselves while wearing their cone of shame and that’s just impressive in our book.

Someone Needs A Second Cone Of Shame

The cone of shame isn’t worn because a dog or cat is being bad. However, this guy took the name of his cone too literal and ended up shaming himself while donning his cone. How he managed to tear apart an entire living room while wearing the cone is beyond our understanding but we’re impressed. He even looks extra guilty while pouting as he wears his cone of shame. Our next dog was ready for Christmas thanks to the cone he was forced to wear.

The Wreath Of Shame

If your poor four-legged puppy friend is going to be forced into a cone of shame why not make it festive? This dog is wearing the season’s most fashionable wreath of shame. If they don’t manage to tear apart this creating within seconds of wearing it call us impressed. Either way, he looks adorable but doesn’t wear his pleasure on his face during this photo taking session. Our final house pet decided they wanted a cone of shame of their own and made a self-inflicted version of the popular medical device.

Well That Went Sideways Quickly

This dog didn’t need a cone of shame but they wanted one. After this bucket of shame ended up on their head we’re positive they started to question this life decision. Some dogs do things because their vet tells them it’s something they need and other dogs rebel against the man, even if they are man’s best friend. Either way, this dog is now the proud owner of a cone of shame and this one is probably a bit more difficult to remove than the vet approved option.