Photos That Are All Too Relatable If You’re Stubborn AF

The ability to be stubborn 24/7 is not a lifestyle that many people can handle. Most of us get through life rolling with the punches. Stubborn people live their lives handing out the punches.

Even when you know you’re wrong, you have to stick with your decisions and keep on trucking. Yes, I know that I should just accept my fate and take two trips for groceries. But I’ve already decided it’s going to be a one-tripper, and nothing you say or do will stop me. These photos are a gentle warning never to get into an argument with people who are stubborn AF.

Push Your Limits, Especially When Other People Think It’s Impossible

Photo credit: @IZRem27 / Twitter

One thing bound to inspire someone to bring out a little extra stubbornness is when someone else thinks they can’t do it. When you prove them wrong, you get the ultimate bragging rights.

Oh, you think I can’t finish a marathon? Well, now I’m going to train morning and night for the next three months just to prove you wrong.

No Amount Of Sun Will Affect Your Outfit Choice

Photo credit: @tank.sinatra / Instagram

The simple fact of the matter is that if I leave the house with an outfit, no amount of wild weather can make me change it.

This outfit took more than an hour to perfect. I would rather be blinded for life by the sun than turn my hat around.

Don’t Underestimate A Man’s Ability To Do Nothing At All

Photo credit: @brando_tc / Twitter

It has been a lifelong debate who is more stubborn: men or women. Women hold a mysterious power that gives them an ability to end up on the right side of an argument even when they start it. But men are incredible at doing what they want when they want.

The person coming up should have admitted they made a mistake and fixed it, but they made things more difficult instead.

This Guy Decides When He’ll Leave

Photo credit: xX-El-Jefe-Xx / Reddit

I don’t know if this guy was invited to the party or not, but it doesn’t matter. If this group of friends kicked him out and he refused to leave, then I respect his initiative.

If this is his idea of how to make new friends, then I respect his commitment. Maybe if he puts his ear up to the window, he can be a part of their conversation.

No Point Letting A Good Photo Go To Waste

Photo credit: Deadlyspinner / Imgur

This mom ripping her (ex)friend’s heads out of the photo shows the commitment to how good she looks.

Any girl will throw their friends under the bus for a good photo of themselves. Oh, Carla is in mid-sneeze, but I look great? I’m posting it to Instagram immediately.

At This Point, You Just Have To Own Your Mistake

Photo credit: @94__MARKK / Twitter

We’ve all seen it happen at least once. You’re waiting in line at the gas station, and the idiot in front of you can’t read their fuel gauge and forgot which side the gas tank is on. Most people would turn the car around and suffer the embarrassment, but a select few like this woman will own it.

The house coming up definitely has a difficult owner who literally refused to budge.

One Trip Or Die

Photo credit: @_SHXRXN / Twitter

I understand that the consensus of the internet is that you’re only allowed to take one trip to bring in groceries, but that seriously isn’t always possible. Have you ever one-tripped after a Costco haul? It’s impossible.

This stubborn person had to MacGyver something because they’re so committed to the one trip mantra.

Because Plastic Bags Are For Losers

Photo credit: GreenerDay / Reddit

So the rest of the population would have just transferred the pizza to a plate, container, or a Ziploc bag since the box was too wide for the fridge. But for some reason, this guy needed it to remain in the box no matter what.

I’d tell him that cutting the side off will make the pizza stale, but he’s probably too stubborn to listen.

At Least The University Dorms Will Have A Lovely View

Photo credit: JDnotsalinger / Reddit

This homeowner refused to sell their property, which forced a college to build their dorms all around the house. They must have loved the movie Up! because they are taking a page out of Carl’s book. We’ll see how long they last when the college kids start partying.

Coming up, it’s not often that two equally stubborn drivers meet in this way.

Cats Are The Epitome Of Stubbornness

Photo credit: @Baably28 / Reddit

If dogs are the joy, cats are the epitome of stubbornness. Don’t get me wrong, I have a cat, and I love it despite the fact they can really get on your nerves.

Tell a dog once not to jump up at the counter, and they stop immediately. I’ve been telling my cat for three years not to go on the counters, and nothing has changed.

I’ll Shovel A Path But I’m Not Happy About It

Photo credit: DangerSaurus / Reddit

This man’s girlfriend told him to shovel a path from the door to the driveway, and he technically did just that. A key aspect of living a stubborn life is adding a dash of petty in every once in a while.

What’s shocking is that this couple lives in Alberta, Canada. Apparently, not everyone is polite north of the border. One point towards men being more stubborn than women.

The Car On The Right Definitely Got There First

Photo credit: gnitto / Reddit

I’m sure there’s a study out there somewhere that looks at the link between stubbornness and road rage. I’m not a scientist, but I feel like there must be a strong correlation. No one who lives a chill life would get stuck in a toll booth like these two.

The retail employee coming up had their work cut out for them with one stubborn mannequin.

Extraness And Stubbornness Go Together Like Biscuits And Gravy

Photo credit: Deadlyspinner / Imgur

It must be an unwritten rule that as soon as you become a mother, you become 10x more stubborn. Kids will offer to help cook or clean, and mom always says she wants to do it all.

Then when they’re sitting at dinner mom tries to say that she does everything in this household and no one will help. Well maybe if you weren’t so stubborn you’d get the help you want.

This Menu Is The Definition Of Petty

Photo credit: Lawful_Lazy / Reddit

Following the rules is the biggest burden for someone who likes to be as difficult as possible. They’ll do it begrudgingly because they know there are consequences, but they aren’t happy about it.

Just like this menu, they’ll make it clear the entire time that they are doing it against their will.

I Can’t Tell If The Mannequin Or The Store Employee Was More Stubborn

Photo credit: IamAmyzing / Reddit

When two equally difficult people collide, there’s bound to be some damage. Sometimes it’s an argument that will go on for years. Other times, it’s a retail employee and a mannequin facing off. Hard work did not pay off for this stubborn employee.

The woman coming up would rather accept her fate than go through the pain and suffering of new shoes.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Car Repairs

Photo credit: @streetcatto / Instagram

This person is definitely the one who is holding up weeks of claims for their insurance broker. They got in a car accident but won’t admit to being at fault because then they have to pay half of the repairs.

It looks like they’re driving Jeep-style until the other party admits to being 100% at fault.

You Can’t Let Your Followers Down

Photo credit: @kalesalad / Instagram

It doesn’t matter if you’re living your best life in Santa Monica or in San Quentin — you have to give your followers what they want. This inmate even went the extra mile to stand on his metal bench and get the above-shot.

A ten-year sentence won’t stop this guy from keeping up with his #foodstagram.

No One Wants To Have To Break In A New Pair Of Flats

Photo credit: @kalesalad / Instagram

I think we all have a bit of stubbornness in us when it comes to buying new shoes. We usually have to spend weeks with blisters to break in new shoes, so we’ll avoid it at all costs.

This woman is a hero to every person out there that has worn an old, ugly, uncomfortable pair of shoes just to avoid buying new ones.

Anyone Else Would Have Quit Immediately

Photo credit: @kalesalad / Instagram

We all lie about being proficient in Microsoft Excel, but this guy lied about operating a machine that would put him at the center of every kid’s attention.

If it got to a point cotton candy was in the trees, I would run faster than ever. But this guy stuck it out as a point of pride.

It’s Pan Or Bust

Photo credit: @HJHardcastle / Twitter

This is honestly what I imagine men feel like in marriage. The husband can suggest going to Outback Steakhouse all they want, but he knows he’ll end up eating at Chili’s again because his wife says so.

Even deciding on what movie to go see is an exhausting task.