Pictures To Remind You That Wishing We Were Older Was The Biggest Mistake Of Our Lives

We all know that growing up sucks. We think about it daily. It was so much easier back when we didn’t have jobs or kids or responsibilities. We could just play video games all the time. I guess some of us actually went outside…

These pictures perfectly illustrate the struggle of getting older. We know there’s no going back, but sometimes it’s nice to look back at what used to be. Keep reading for some dogs who don’t understand why everything around them is getting smaller, and a kid who just realized he’s too tall to have fun.

Here’s The Truth


Photo Credit: Imgur

This is the kind of street signage that we really need. Growing up is definitely a trap. Unfortunately, it’s a trap with no way out.

As long as you know it’s a trap — that’s the important part. Just enjoy your youth while you still have it.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Turn And Face The Strange


Photo Credit: Imgur

This is definitely a sure sign that you’re getting older. Not only did this guy not play around with a staple remover, but he also didn’t pull out the staple with his fingers.

Young people have no use for staple removers except as makeshift monsters. They use their nimble digits with no regard for potential prickings.

Time For A Bigger Cabinet


Photo Credit: Ysorigin / Reddit

This poor puppy has just learned a hard truth— growing up is the worst. The only solution to his problem: a bigger shelf.

There’s no going back to the simpler days of being teeny tiny. It’s all long walks and loud barks from here on out. Good luck out in the world, puppy.

Hits You Right In The Feels


Photo Credit: decembersun / Reddit

Codename: Kids Next Door was one of the greatest shows of the early 2000s. We all secretly (or not so secretly) wanted a clubhouse like they had.

We also all wanted to know what the lost fourth ice cream flavor tasted like. This artist rendition of the treehouse without a child’s imagination— heartbreaking.

Stuck In The Past


Photo Credit: meetforgranfalloon / Reddit

This girl sank butt first into reality, and then she got stuck there. Those baby swings don’t seem as big when you’re not actually a baby.

Time to get out some big scissors and literally cut the last bit of childhood off of her. Keep reading for a cartoon mashup you’re really not ready for.

It’s That Time, Son


Photo Credit: judokitten / Imgur

Sorry kid, it’s time to move on to a bigger toy car. The good news is that now you’re one step closer to an actual car.

Not that actual cars are any better than toy cars. They mostly just take you to work and back home again.

How Time Feels As A Grown-Up


Photo Credit: Imgur

Actually, it feels like the “work” and “not work” portions of that pie chart of a watch should be switched. I guess if SpongeBob spent too much time at work, the show wouldn’t be as interesting.

Yet he still always gets employee of the month…

Hello Darkness My Old Friend


Photo Credit: PrincessPineapple / Reddit

Calvin dropping off Hobbes at Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends is just about the saddest thing I’ve seen all week.

If this doesn’t make you feel a twinge of pain in your heart, then you’re probably are too young to remember Calvin and Hobbes. You haven’t grown up yet— but it’s coming.

The End Of An Era


Photo Credit: mix_it / Reddit

I really hope this guy is donating his old Legos to a child and not just throwing them out. Legos deserve to be cherished forever.

My childhood was literally built out of Lego. It’s the only reason I ever talked to my brother before he was ten.

Kids Get All The Fun


Photo Credit: Imgur

Everyone loves to buy presents for kids. That’s because kids’ presents are fun to buy. They’re colorful and exciting, and they remind us of our own childhoods.

Adult presents are not as much fun to buy. I guess some of us like shopping for blenders.

The McDonald’s Paradox

grow18 (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is an astute observation, Graham Linehan. When you ate McDonald’s as a kid, you didn’t even realize it was because your parents were too tired to actually cook dinner for you.

As adults, we know that mom and dad need a break sometimes. McDonald’s will never be as exciting as it was when we were eight.

The Carousel Of Progress


Photo Credit: SwirlStick / Reddit

Must advertising ruin everything? This was a beautiful mint green… something. Now it looks like Pepsi threw up all over it.

A Coke machine would have been a little bit better. Obviously, I am extremely biased. Keep reading for the exact moment you know you’re officially an old person.

That Dresser Is Shrinking


Photo Credit: emoposer / Reddit

Zeus knows that he’s getting older. He just can’t leave his old hiding spot behind. One day he’ll have to find a new, bigger hiding spot, but not today.

Today is for reminiscing about the good old days, and dreaming about mountains of treats as far as the eye can see.

Someone Needs To Make These Things For Adults


Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s not just kids who like crawling into small, dark spaces, you know. In fact, adults probably need the escape even more. What are kids hiding from? Imaginary monsters?

We have to hide from taxes and apartment hunting. Why can’t that little pod just be my apartment?

You Look Old, Dude


Photo Credit: ssj_bill_clinton / Reddit

I don’t think I’ve ever been carded at a liquor store. Granted, I don’t go to liquor stores very often, and when I do walk into one, I do so with so much confidence that nobody would ever suspect that I didn’t belong there.

Does it still make me feel old? You bet it does.

Nobody Cares About Your Birthday


Photo Credit: superslinky1226 / Reddit

When you’re a kid and it’s your birthday, it’s the best day of the whole year. You get cake and presents, and everybody is nice to you.

When you’re an adult, you maybe get a few Facebook wall posts and a free cookie if you’re lucky.

Everybody Grows Up— Even Snoopy


Photo Credit: Imgur

Remember when Snoopy used to just sleep on the roof of his doghouse all day? That was the life. Now he has a job and adult responsibilities.

Everybody has to grow up sometime. Even Snoopy. This street artist must not like his day job very much.

Now He’s Older And Wiser


Photo Credit: mineola / Reddit

Benji spent his puppyhood reading that whole stack of books that he’s sitting on. Now he’s a genius. There are some perks to getting older. You get a lot smarter when you get old.

You also get bigger and less cute, though, so it’s not a fair trade.

Growing Up Sucks— Rat Edition


Photo Credit: SuspiciouslySoggy / Reddit

Remember when you and your brother could fit in a single cereal bowl? Well, these rats remember.

They remember it so hard that they still try to fit their fat rat bodies in that same bowl. It can’t be done, boys. The past is the past.

Bills Are Just A Part Of Life


Photo Credit: Imgur

Kids don’t have to worry about bills. They just go about their business making sand castles and eating candy.

Meanwhile, we’re over here drowning in debt. This cat knows the struggle. It’s hard to have actual responsibilities. Why can’t rent and electricity be free?