Proof That Video Games Have Taught Us More Than Any Lesson In School

It’s in the game.

If anything, video games are an important part of a child’s life. You learn strategies, techniques and playing against your friends can help you understand the importance of coming out on top. Outside of dominating opponents, every game you play comes with an important lesson. Video games will teach important lessons such as finding secret paths on roads that could lead to an alternate universe. You never know what you’ll come across. Thankfully, these folks proved that video games are a way of life.

Homemade Art

Homemade Banjo Kazooie.jpg

This could be a great school project to show off to your woodshop teacher. There’s a chance they’ll give bonus marks for the perfection of this Banjo-Kazooie figurine. Heck, if this was available in stores, I’d gladly buy one of these. Seeing this instantly brings back any 90’s kid to their childhood days.



Game tags can be license plates too. They might not mean anything, but they make the plate much more unique compared to standard one people at the DMV will give you. It wouldn’t be surprising if somebody had a license plate with ‘L3TS A G0!” as a tribute to Mario.

Keep Your Console

Keep Your Console.jpg

Do it. You’ll be amazed at how much any console from before the year 2000 will cost today. A PS1 wasn’t even that expensive compared to the PS4 as well as the Xbox One.

It’s worth saving your old console. Or, you can make one yourself like the one just ahead.

VR Here, There, And Everywhere

VR Anywhere You Go.jpg

Even on family vacations, you can get the VR anywhere, including the beach. Personally, that wouldn’t be such a great idea. The second that comes off your head, you’re going to have one bad tan line. The worst part is that they’re probably doing some virtual swimming right now.

Gamer Manual

Game Manuals.jpg

At least it’s not an all-nighter. You don’t have to worry about that final exam, although, reading through these manuals will be a tough task. Heck, even back in my day, nobody really read the manuals. Why? Well, just look at how much you have to read!

DIY Console

Build Your Own Console.jpg

This would cost much more than what consoles are worth today. There’s a great chance this could be worth a lot of money, but in the end, it’s just a gaming device for you and no one else.

Coming up, playing an old video game on a new TV just screams “Finish him!”

Ready For Battle

Ready For Battle.jpg

When gaming, you have to be ready for battle. The same thing can work with school, but who cares, right? Even though it’s just a video game, it didn’t stop one gamer from dressing like he’s ready for WWIII. He’s even got the proper gear to fight the bad guys too.

Useful For Something

Useful For Something.jpg

Oh yes, the Wii Fit. Probably one of the most useless things video gamers have ever purchased. This board for the console has to be used for something, so one store had to use it as a door holder because really, nobody bothered to buy it when it was on clearance.

Finish Him!

Mortal Combat On New TV.jpg

Thanks to plasma TV’s, we can still play our favorite games, especially if that’s a classic game like Mortal Kombat. The best thing about this entire bit is that you can do the same with your N64, PS2, or Gamecube, bring them new life.

Just ahead, playing old games on portable devices? Yeah, it’s possible.

Games Over Lectures

Games Over Lectures.jpg

Pffft, see, video games are better than school. It might be due to kids short attention spans these days, but that won’t stop them from playing online games. It’s actually sad that students who do this are the reason why most teachers won’t allow any electronics in class.

Secret Path

Secret Path.jpg

You’ve seen this in more than one video game. A secret path like this could lead you to an alternate universe. Maybe it’s a universe like the Bizarro World, where hello is goodbye and up is down. Outside of that, this could lead you to a world of a galaxy far, far away.

Old Games On New Consoles

Old Games On New Consoles.jpg

Much like playing Mortal Kombat on your new TV, you can play old video games on portable devices too. To think, portable devices like the PSP have come a very long way since it was first introduced.

Ever seen the world record for most video games? That’s still on the way.

Bachelor Party For Gamers

Video Game Bachelor Party.jpg

Bachelor parties are like celebrating the last of your friend’s manhood before they tie the knot. The celebrations can range from wild to relaxing, but imagine having your best buds over for a gaming session? It’s awesome to see grown men relive their youth.


Video Game Bar In The 6.jpg

Adulting sucks. How would you feel if there was a bar for not just drinking, but for video games too? Sign me up! I’m so down for something like that. That would be a great way to kick off the weekend after a long week of work. Grab a beer, sit in a booth and whip out Mario Kart.

Mr. World Record

Largest Video Game Collection.jpg

What you see is the man with the most video games. While he likely spent a fortune on that collection, there’s a good chance that if he took it to Gamestop they would offer him about $3.50.

Having a world record is a major accomplishment. The next one on the way is like the Hall of Fame for video game consoles.

Don’t Buy Games For Yo Girl

Don't Buy Games For Yo Girl.jpg

Ouch, that’s really awkward. A love note on an old PS3 game being put on display for the world to see. Once rejection hits, you have to move onto the next one. Case in point, Jamie’s girl didn’t like the game, the relationship ended, and now, the game is on the shelf for a cheap price.

The Olympics Of Video Games

Video Game Tournaments.jpg

it really is. You don’t even need to go through four years of intense training. Instead, you just need hours of intense video gaming. Since this is considered to be the Olympics of video games, why not present the top three with medals of their own?

Museum Of Consoles

Video Game Console Museum.jpg

When you’re a console and been through it all since the seventies, there’s a special place for you to retire. A museum with video game consoles is the ultimate Hall of Fame induction. People walk by and reminisce about their time playing games. The collection will continue to grow that’s for sure.

Never Have To Sit Up Again

Never Have To Sit Up Again.jpg

Yup, that’s right. You don’t need to get off your butt to play video games on the couch. Just take the box, lie back, and watch it unfold right in front of you. To me, this guy looked fed up with doing homework so he’s having a “study break” to blow off some steam.

Go Outside They Said

Do Your Homework_.jpg

Remember being a kid and actually playing with other kids? Today’s generation is equipped with technology and games that we could never dream of. One way to punish them if they misbehave is to make them sit outside with no games or phones all day.