Sports Signs That Will Have You In An Instant LOL That Will Make You Shed A Tear

As passionate as sports fans are, there are some fans who love to go all out. They paint their faces, dawn a jersey, and design an epic sign — a sign so legit that it would amuse the writers from Saturday Night Live. Not only that, but it would satisfy any sports fan. Usually, the signs are filled with something humorous that makes fun of something, someone, or the opposing team. Then, there are signs that indicate how much fun a team should have. Despite the bitterness of some sports fans, these signs will put a smile on your face.

Where’s Your Talent?

Where's Your Talent.jpg

Now, that’s a sign with a troll with it. Waldo has been found but CSU’s talent is MIA based on what we see. Much like Waldo, the talent just gave up to the point where only one decided to show up. if CSU won this game, then both Waldo’s should go back into hiding.

Still Not Sober

Still Not Sober.jpg

Same. Well, not really. Although, that lady is brave for showing off her honesty with the sign. We really need to see more signs like this because many sports fans go hard in the paint the night/day of the game. The hangover might suck, but at least they made it to the game.

Have Fun Out There

Have Fun Stay Safe.jpg

Just go out there, have some fun, shake hands and call it a day. Man, we wish sports would be this easy. However, that’s not always the case since it really depends on the matchup. Despite the sign being plain, both teams should always have fun playing the sport they love.

Get The Rat

Brad Marchand Sign.jpg

The similarities between Brad Marchand and a rat are unbearable. It’s like Marchand is the modern version of the Animorphs book series. When he’s not playing, he’s a rat (as he is on the ice). Needless to say, rats who get caught playing dirty suffer major consequences.