The Juiciest And Most Savage Fast Food Feuds

For the last several years, fast food feuds have kept people on the edge of their seats with Twitter beef, sign wars, and one-upping campaigns. Some rivalries, such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s, are well known and ongoing, while others faded away after their fifteen minutes of flat top fame. Fast food companies have parodied Starbucks and McDonald’s, stolen competitor’s discount tokens, and engaged in a thrilling love story through their storefront signs. Learn about fast feuds you didn’t see on Twitter and companies you didn’t even know were feuding. Which of these sass battles will make you laugh the most?

See which fast food chain roasted another competitor through a Superbowl ad . . .

Swedish Burger King Parodies McDonald’s Big Mac

not big mac menu swedish burger king parodying mcdonalds
Reddit / u/arif0080

In Europe, McDonald’s was shocked when they lost the trademark for their Big Mac sandwiches after suing the Irish chain Supermac’s. To add salt to the wound, Burger King in Sweden swooped in for the chance to change their burger names to McDonald’s parody names.

The menu “Not Big Mac’s” features options such as “Kind Of Like A Big Mac, But Juicier And Tastier,” “Like A Big Mac, But Actually Big,” “Anything But A Big Mac” and “Burger Big Mac Wished It Was.” CEO of Burger King’s Swedish operation told The Guardian, “it’s too much fun for us to stay away.”

Wendy’s Burns McDonald’s Through SuperBowl Ad

wendys superbowl ad 2018 roast mcdonalds
Youtube / Commercials Funny

Despite introducing some natural beef into their patties in 2018, McDonald’s has primarily used frozen patties. Wendy’s has always claimed to use fresh meat. Wendy’s marketing department discovered that 90% of their customers also went to McDonald’s, so they decided to lay out the distinction between the two during the first quarter of the Superbowl.

In the ad, Wendy’s displayed a section from McDonald’s website that said their patties were “flash frozen.” They responded. “The iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen, too. (just sayin’).” Following the campaign, Wendy’s Twitter followers shot up from 1.4 million to 2.3 million.

Arby’s Frenemy Battle With Jon Stewart

jon stewart arbys fued frenemy
Youtube / Craig Newman

Of all the famous fast food feuds, this one has the happiest ending. “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” started dishing out jabs against Arby’s back in 2013. Stewart called Arby’s food everything from “a dare for your colon” to “the only food classified as a war crime.”

Instead of lashing back, Arby’s went along with the joke. They sent sandwiches to the studio. When Stewart left the show, Arby’s tweeted their hiring link at him. In the end, Arby’s announced an off-menu item named after Stewart and bought two ad slots on the show to say goodbye.

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Chik-fil-A and Moe’s Bar B Que’s Sign Feud

moes bar b que vs chik-fil-a sign wars
Facebook / Moe’s Original Bar B Que

The residents of West Mobile, Alabama got a laugh in 2017 when a sign feud between Chik-fil-A and Moe’s Bar B Que across the street broke out. Chik-fil-A began by advertising their new Smokehouse Sandwich, to which Moe’s sign replied, “I thought we were friends. Open Sundays.”

When Chik-fil-A asked to be friends again, Moe’s stated they were with Diamond’s now (a gentleman’s club down the street). Chik-fil-A then asked if they could look at their White BBQ recipe. Moe’s replied, “Shyeah, we’ll send it over when pigs fly.” Then Diamond’s sign chimed in, “Let her go Moe.”

KFC Goes After Everyone Else

kfc doublicious trolls everyone
Youtube / Big J Reviews

KFC created a savage campaign in 2010. In July of that year, the chicken chain offered free Doublicious sandwiches to the first ten employees of competitor fast food chains. The catch: they had to wear their work uniforms.

The company even offered “Sandwich Amnesty” to anyone who lost their jobs by betraying their company. They simply offered them a job at KFC instead. It was a savage marketing scheme to advertise their new sandwich to competitor employees.

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Burger King Offered A One Cent Whopper If You Ordered Near A McDonald’s

whopper detour promo burger king feuds mcdonalds
Twitter / @deedeeMOH22

When Burger King’s sales slipped in December 2018, they sent customers to McDonald’s for a one-cent Whopper in their #WhopperDetour. If customers parked within 600 ft of a McDonald’s, they could unlock a Whopper for a penny using the Burger King App.

Just before this, McDonald’s had launched a deal where you could buy fries through their app for only $1. Burger King decided to increase their revenue by one-upping McDonald’s app deal. For the promotion to work, Burger King had to geofence over 14,000 McDonald’s locations. They didn’t even tell McDonald’s it was coming.

Nescafe Trolls Starbucks With Pop-Up Cafe

nescafe pop up cafe trolls starbucks
Pinterest / Technologo

Starbucks has taken over the coffee business in recent years with few competitors. To gain back customers, Nestle’s Nescafe coffee opened a pop-up with everything Starbucks has–coffee, outlets, free wifi–except no baristas. Yes, the Nescafe Coffee Taproom was a marketing spoof of Starbucks.

In place of espresso machines, the shop offered self-serve hot water cups. Each cup had a misspelled name, “just like you get in those other coffee shops,” says the promo video. The cafe also included other coffee shop perks, such as visitors talking loudly on their cellphones and slow wifi.

Wendy’s Battles Burger King Out For The Four For Four

wendys four for four response against burger king
Twitter / @bguerns / @Wendys

Wendy’s four for $4 Meal offered a full round of chicken nuggets, fries, a burger and drink in January 2016. When Burger King saw their promo post on Twitter, they fired back with the five for $4, adding a cookie into the mix.

How did Wendy’s respond to the challenge? In the classic Wendy’s Twitter fashion, they said theirs included “edible food.” The tweet has since been removed, but Twitter users and news outlets still managed to screenshot it before then.

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IHOb Didn’t Last Long

pancake king burger king trolling ihop digiorno white house wendy's
Twitter / @WORLDSTAR

In 2018, IHOP decided to promote their new Ultimate Steak Burgers by making an unexpected name change to the International House of Burgers, or IHOb. Though IHOb didn’t intend for feuding, that didn’t prevent other food chains from pouncing on the opportunity.

Burger King’s Twitter posted a newly crafted logo for Pancake King. White Castle also announced on Twitter that they were switching their name to Pancake Castle. DiGiorno edited their slogan to say “It’s not Burger, it’s Pizza.” And of course, Wendy’s pitched in–“Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard.”

The Ancient Rivalry Between Pizza Hut And Papa John’s

papa johns vs pizza hut 1997 feud
Youtube / Food Central TV

In 1997, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut entered a feud that only resolved after they petitioned the Supreme Court. It started with a co-founder of Pizza Hut appearing on a Papa John’s commercial saying he had “found a better pizza.” The advertising war between the two stores escalated quickly.

Eventually, Pizza Hut sent vinyl punching bags to franchises with Papa John’s imagery. They even dropped Pizza Hut coupons on the door of anyone who ordered Papa John’s. Pizza Hut sued Papa John’s for a misleading slogan, which Papa John’s appealed. Both companies lost millions of dollars in this feud.

Pizza Hut isn’t the only company to rip on Papa John’s logo . . .

DiGiorno Revises Papa John’s Slogan

digiorno beefing papa johns slogan
Twitter / @DiGiorno

In November of 2016, the CEO of Papa John’s expressed dissatisfaction with the NFL handling of players kneeling to the national anthem. Enter DiGiorno, mocking Papa John’s slogan with “Better Pizza. Better Sales.” They even temporarily changed their website slogan.

Papa John’s fired back by changing their Twitter bio to “Frozen pizza = pizza equivalent of a participation trophy.” The response did not receive as much attention, and it seems DiGiorno’s move took the Twitter trophy.

Burger Used McDonald’s Anniversary Promotion Against Them

mcdonalds maccoin burger king feud
Twitter / @USATODAYmoney

In January 2019, Burger King aimed to improve McDonald’s Big Mac by launching the Big King XL sandwich. The XL had 175% more meat than the Big Mac. Burger King offered a discount for the sandwich over GrubHub and another, better deal.

For customers in the Chicago area, Burger King would give out a free Big King XL if you gave them a rare McDonald’s MacCoin. In August 2018, McDonald’s released 14,000 MacCoins for their 50th anniversary that could redeem a free sandwich. Now that they were expired, customers could turn them in for a free sandwich at Burger King.

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White Castle Tries To Win Over Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Tiegen White House Taco Bell competition
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

In 2014, model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen tweeted that her inbox was flooded with remarks about the new Taco Bell breakfast menu. Burger chain White Castle didn’t want to be left out, and responded “Yet you neglect our tweets about delicious sliders. We see where we rank.”

When Teigen responded with “a good ol fashion showdown,” White Castle continued–“All we have to say is, your an original cover model. We’re an original slider. It’s a match made in heaven.” What did Taco Bell have to say about all this? Just a grammatical correction to White Castle, “You’re*.”

Pizza Hut Roasts Kanye West

pizza hut fake kanye west resume roast
Twitter / pizzahutuk

In 2016, Kanye West tweeted up a storm leading up to his new album, talking about struggles with his finances. Pizza Hut in the UK saw his financial difficulties to be their economic opportunity. They created a fake resume that the rapper “sent into Pizza Hut.”

The resume mirrored his album listing for “God” with its overlapping text. The resume is covered with misspellings and lists sit-ups and baggy pants as experience. It also listed Taylor Swift as a reference, but crossed it off. “We’re sorry Kanye. We just can’t accept this,” Pizza Hut tweeted with the image.

Pharrell Williams Wears Arby’s Hat

pharrell williams arbys hat

Rapper Pharell Williams wore a hat to the 2014 Grammy’s that was criticized by a lot of people, but most savagely by Arby’s. The tweet, “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?” hit almost 60,000 likes.

Willams did take it lightheartedly, though. “Y’all tryna start a roast beef?” he asked in response. It wouldn’t be the only time Arby’s started roast beef, but it was a friendly beef in comparison to the other fast feuds.

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Game Of Thrones Crowns Its Fast Food King

game of thrones chooses wendys over burger king
Pinterest / BlingyTreasuredFinds

After Game of Thrones killed off Bud Knight in the recent Superbowl commercial, they were in need of a new food product king. Fortunately, Wendy’s convinced Game of Thrones on Twitter to usurp Bud Knight as the new king.

Surprisingly, the Game of Thrones Twitter responded to Wendy’s and confirmed them as a new king. Game of Thrones then made a jab at Burger King, saying “Any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king at all.” Unfortunately, the king of burgers missed his chance.

Taco Bell Declares War On McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwiches

taco bell breakfast feud mcdonalds
Twitter / @tacobell

When Taco Bell released its new breakfast items for $1 across the board, McDonald’s all-day breakfast dropped in revenue. McDonald’s then added $1, $2, and $3 tiers. Taco Bell increased their advertising, and so did McDonald’s. Eventually, Taco Bell released a ruthless commercial as an advertising scheme.

Taking the term “war” seriously, the commercial begins with a Ronald McDonald look-alike dictator forcing its citizens to eat Egg McMuffin-looking sandwiches. A group of rebels eventually escapes the society to a bright land of smiling faces eating A.M. Crunchwraps. Not much left for interpretation in this commercial.

Dunkin’ Donuts Raises Arms In The Breakfast War

dunkin donuts breakfast feud mcdonalds
Twitter / @dunkindonuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has aimed to keep up with McDonald’s breakfasts since 2016, revising their drive-thru menu and deals. So when McDonald’s released Donut Sticks just before Valentine’s Day, Dunkin’ was quick to comment.

“What a weird coincidence . . . @McDonalds came out with Donut Sticks, and we just released the blueprints to our new donut packaging . . .” Dunkin’ tweeted, sharing a photo reminiscent of McDonald’s burger packaging. Dunkin’ clearly didn’t appreciate another restaurant copying the Donut Fries they released back in 2018. Their tweeted image copied McDonald’s products in return.

Guess which company came under fire in an Old Spice tweet . . .

Old Spice Battles With Taco Bell

taco bell vs old spice feud
Twitter / @tacobell and @OldSpice

Unprovoked, Old Spice challenged Taco Bell’s fire sauce in 2012. In July, Old Spice tweeted, “Why is it that ‘fire sauce’ isn’t made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising.” Taco Bell came back with, “Is your deodorant made with really old spices?”

Old Spice’s reply really makes sense if you’ve seen their commercials. Meaning, it makes sense, only because Old Spice said it, “Depends. Do you consider volcanoes, tanks and freedom to be spices?”

Carl’s Jr. Can’t Compete With Wendy’s

carls jr replies to wendys challenge
Twitter / @CarlsJr @Andrew_D_Morgan

Carl’s Jr. made the mistake of starting a Twitter fight with Wendy’s in 2017. Twitter user Andrew Morgan tweeted at Wendy’s, asking how they compare to Carl’s Jr. That same day, Carl’s Jr. replied “LOL they don’t,” receiving few responses.

Wendy’s didn’t immediately reply, lulling Carl’s Jr. into a false sense of victory. Half a day later, though, they landed the punch. “Yeah, for one, if we were going to diss another restaurant we’d have more than likes and RTs after 13 hours.” Unfortunately for Carl’s Jr, Wendy’s response got over 62,000 likes compared to their 1,000. Ouch!