The Most Intriguing Things People Came Across At The Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store sucks. It really does because you have to make the effort to do it, and you’re dropping money only healthy food you don’t want to eat. But, going shopping is no different than taking the subway to work.

It captures the peak of the human experience, with some interesting things that stand out like a Broadway play. You never know who you’ll come across at the store. The next time you walk into the store, go ahead and watch in awe.

Poor Pikachu Can’t Reach The Table

Photo Credit: chkenpooka/Reddit

Okay, that’s one way to fight loneliness, but poor Pikachu is too small to reach for the food. He’s even got his own plate too.

It’s a pretty common thing for kids to leave their stuffed animals with mom and dad. My bet is that the child is running around somewhere and the best Pokémon had to stay behind.

Put A Smile On

Photo Credit: Reddit

Now, that’s a fun lady. I wouldn’t do that on purpose, especially if you and your husband just had a fight.

Surely she doesn’t care, but it’s noticeable if you’re standing behind her at the checkout line. Just be glad it’s not something more than just underwear under that dress.

The Cat Wasn’t In The Right Snack Aisle

Photo Credit: dnjowen/Reddit

The little guy got too excited that they ended up in the wrong aisle. I’m surprised there are items still on the shelf.

When it comes to cats and their snacks, there’s no horsing around. If there are no snacks in sight, cats are going to lose it, but not this cat. What if the same cat found another spot to find some snacks? That’s just ahead shortly.

Viral Advertising At Its Finest

Photo Credit: spacebargettingmenow/Reddit

Genius thinking right here. It takes a very creative mind to even think of doing something this epic.

A lot of grocery stores can get fancy with how they show off their stock, especially with a product like cases of soda. I guess it keeps the job from getting a bit too boring while working the night shift.

Kudos To This Guy Spreading The Message!

Photo Credit: TartofDarkness/Reddit

It’s important for people to know this. My great aunt had polio as a child and she had severe physical disabilities.

However, she would never let that stop her from doing what she wanted to do. She had a strong spirit and attitude much like the man in the dairy aisle.

The Cat Moved, But Wasn’t Pleased With It

Photo Credit: Shadowfogkiller/Reddit

The cat is cooler than the other cats who came across this store. Oh, and they’re chilling like a villain too.

The smirk on their face is them wanting the snacks since they couldn’t find any before. It’s like the cat owns the supermarket, which would be better than a human anyway. Just ahead, one cat might be praying, but it could be looking for the snacks.

It’s Too Late To Say

Photo Credit: doctor_robocop/Reddit

The customer is messy, but at least they had the heart to apologize. Honestly, it’s not a big deal whenever this happens.

My concern is that I hope that the customer told an employee about the mess. If someone slips and falls, it’s not going to be a pretty aftermath.

It’s A Trap

Photo Credit: defactsosithlord/Reddit

Oh, so that’s why the rotisserie chicken always tastes so fresh! Come on though, let the bird shop in peace for once.

You silly grocery store employees, haven’t you learned anything from the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show? It’s like Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner going at it again.

The Cat Is Praying For The Snacks

Photo Credit: Thegoddamnpatman/Reddit

Or it could be a hole that leads the cat to a universe full of cat snacks. I’ll be honest and admit that my cat Little Jerry sleeps this way.

But that’s not all. Whenever we’re watching a movie, he’ll go into this position if he doesn’t like a scene. When it comes to sports, he’s rolled up whenever his team has a meltdown. The next one ahead will be great if all grocery stores could help pets have a home.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Photo Credit: @LetMeRestPls/Twitter

She loves wine more than her first husband. Actually, though, this would make the shopping experience a hell of a lot easier.

Instead of using a wine glass, she could have used a soda can instead. That way, it’s not so suspicious because it’s five o’clock somewhere, no matter what day of the week it is.

You’re So Punny

Photo Credit: danceswithwool/Reddit

Lettuce buy some tomatoes. Store signs like this will always attract customers, especially the dads who can’t get enough of the puns or dad jokes.

They live for this kind of thing. However, if they aren’t a tomato guy, let’s hope they’re a bell pepper kind of father.

This Would Help Cats Find A Home

Photo Credit: UnderContra/Reddit

If I was there, I would insist on buying it for the price of a bag of Cheese and Onion chips. It’s in the box, and it happens to be my favorite flavor.

However, the only downside to this is getting cat hair in the chips. It’s not fun, especially if there’s a hairball in there. Have you ever seen a therapy duck? That’s still on the way.

When All The Good Chips Are Gone

Photo Credit: KyloRad/Reddit

Yeah, that’s a pretty disgusting flavor in my opinion. Let’s put it this way, chicken and waffles don’t go together when they’re in chip form.

Even if you had it a restaurant, it’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread. Although, it’s no surprise Lays would make a flavor like that. They’re desperate for anything.

Two Very Different Types Of Relationships

Photo Credit: GallowBoob/Reddit

We all know about the flowers, but let’s focus on the hot dinner and Jack Daniels. It’s okay if you’re single.

It can be exhausting seeing every Facebook post with someone getting engaged. That’s why there are people out there who ain’t got time for that crap. Whiskey and chicken are better than popping an important question anyway.

Quack Quack Quack

Photo Credit: ArielChipps/Reddit

What’s up, therapy duck? Most of the time whenever you’re walking in a store or in the airport, you might come across this.

It’s like having your own therapy peacock whenever you catch a flight. However, some kids might assume it’s another round of duck-duck-goose. Ever had a bad day when something unexpected turns it around? One dog did just that and it’s just ahead.

Lost & Found

Photo Credit: cassper1/Reddit

At least the kid isn’t handcuffed to the trolley. This might look like the last minute pose to post on social media.

Better yet, at least they didn’t try to steal a video game like Bart Simpson did. It can be overwhelming when your mom disappears to find something on her list, so this guy went and found a friend.

Nightmares In Walmart

Photo Credit:aeppsii/Imgur

Geez, Slenderman put on some weight before his big theatrical debut. He must have been too excited that he started playing his game just a bit too much.

Now, he’s at Walmart, assuming his debut would be on the DVD shelf. But unfortunately, he’s living in his own nightmare.

“Who’s That Licking My Arm?”

Photo Credit: MBA2016/Reddit

Anytime you see a dog, it will always brighten your day. Not going to lie, but if I’m having a bad day, I would want a puppy to pop its head out of a backpack.

They’re wondering what the wait is, but at the same time, there’s a bunch of new faces to say hello to.

She Was Born For The Grocery Industry

Photo Credit: Reddit

She’s the most popular girl at the store. In fact, her sister, Kashlee, just had an interview. But holy mackinaw, she’s counting all of the Benjamins like Usain Bolt.

I bet she’s very good at making it rain, which is why Kashera will be the face of the grocery industry for years to come.

Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Photo Credit: moterhead120/Reddit

Screw it, who needs to diet these days? Just kidding, it’s important you get in shape. But for this person, they saw the Reeses Pieces and decided to trade in the apple.

You have to treat yourself every once in a while, especially when it comes to Reese’s Pieces.