The Most Uncomfortably Suggestive Moments And Characters In Our Favorite Childhood Movies

Although all of these movies have a PG or PG-13 rating, they have moments in them that skew more towards R. Some of them are more innocent than others, but they’re all a little too suggestive and a little too tantalizing.

Keep reading to be reminded of all the times you wish you hadn’t watched that movie with your parents. Maybe you’ll learn something about why you’re attracted to certain people and patterns as an adult.

Lola Bunny’s Basketball Skills


Photo Credit: @yeeitsanthonyy/ Twitter

Yeah, Lola Bunny is pretty. You know it, I know it, Bugs Bunny knows it. His eyes don’t pop all the way out of his head because she’s good at basketball.

I mean, being good at basketball is a nice bonus. One Redditor said that Lola Bunny is the reason he’s attracted to Natalie Dormer now, which is fair.

Robin Hood Was A Fox


Photo Credit: @JennySheltonCam / Twitter

I think this one is more about the British accent than anything else. Also, the whole take from the rich give to the poor thing is working for him.

I guess he looks sort of Clooney-esque, but maybe I’m just making that connection because of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Princess Leia’s Gold Bikini


Photo Credit: Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images

For the most part, Star Wars was pretty sterile. It involves a lot of people wearing a lot of full body armor. It had it’s sexy moments though— like when Leia came out in that gold lingerie.

Yeah, she was forced to wear it, but it still looked hot. Also, Harrison Ford was pretty dreamy in his day. Keep reading for the lower-key beauties in Beauty and the Beast.

Princess Jasmine Becomes Jafar’s Slave


Photo Credit: @pxxrielegend / Twitter

Jasmine is a nice-looking gal for the entirety of Aladdin, but she absolutely turns heads in this scene. Is it a good thing that we’re more attracted to the enslaved version of her? Probably not.

The heart wants what it wants.

Jessica Rabbit Was Just Drawn That Way


Photo Credit: @ronniedelcarmen / Twitter

Everybody knows that Jessica Rabbit was created to be the cartoon embodiment of sexiness. She’s not bad. She’s just drawn that way.

Her body proportions are completely unrealistic, and she’s shady as heck, but somehow, we’re still into it. This chick has become a universal symbol of all things sultry.

Gaston’s Fangirls Left Little To The Imagination


Photo Credit: @melanietweets / Twitter

Belle’s name means beauty, which means that these girls are probably named some french word that means busty or bootylicious.

Seriously, are these chicks supposed to be women of the street? They’re women… and they always seem to be on the street. Read ahead for a Hollywood starlet’s first role. We were lovestruck from the beginning.

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls


Photo Credit: @enews / Twitter

Oh, Kate, these love scenes were steamy as heck, but way too many of us watched Titanic with our parents. We were too busy cringing to fully appreciate the gift that is the “draw me like one of your French girls” scene.

PG-13? I don’t think so.

The Pokémon Ladies Were Dressed To Impress


Photo Credit: @jlist & @chopperface69 / Twitter

Misty’s outfit is straight up goals. You either wanted to wear it or date someone who could pull it off.

Nurse Joy rivals Pikachu’s cuteness, plus she’s super helpful and caring. All the makings of a perfect girlfriend. Brock is pretty good looking too if you”re into that sort of thing.

When Cameron Diaz Was Unmasked


Photo Credit: Twitter

The Mask was our introduction to Cameron Diaz, the spunky blonde actress who played Tina Carlyle opposite Jim Carrey’s wacky Jekyll and Hyde shtick.

Diaz has had a pretty great career since 1994, but you probably remember her best in this red dress. Keep reading for a cartoon trio sho made us feel all the feels.

Ghostbusters Wasn’t Always So Kid Friendly


Photo Credit: @EW / Twitter

Watch Ghostbusters, our parents said. It’s funny, they said. So we watched it. And we sat there awkwardly when our parents realized they forgot about THAT scene.

You know, the one where a ghost “pleases” Dan Akroyd’s character? Also that whole Sigourney Weaver thing at the end. What was that about?

All Of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Scenes In Zorro


Photo Credit: @beautifulcelebz / Twitter

As if Antonio Banderas wielding a long, hard rapier wasn’t suggestive enough, he goes and cuts off Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dress. Like slices it right off her body.

According to a 2006 interview, apparently, the actors were just as aroused by this scene as we were… awkward.

Totally Spies Was Totally Spicy


Photo Credit:shamefurudispuray / Tumblr

Were you more into Sam, Alex, or Clover? A quick google search confirms my suspicions that a lot of people had a lot of feelings about these girls in tight catsuits. The internet is full of Totally Spies! fanfiction and x-rated videos.

To be fair, this kids’ show did have way too many bondage scenes.

Who Didn’t Crush On Kim Possible?


Photo Credit: @DisneyChannel / Twitter

Kim’s cargo pants and tight black crop top is a timeless look. It looked good in 2002, and it looks good now.

If you didn’t have a crush on Kim, you were probably into darker chicks, like Shego. Or maybe you had a thing for Wade. Wade was cute.

Zak And Crista Were Well-Drawn Fairies


Photo Credit: @DarkFilly/ Twitter

Fern Gully is basically Avatar but much, much better. Avatar is Pocahontas in space. It’s a little bit problematic, and the plot is uninspired. There are nice visuals though. Controversial opinion? You tell me.

Fern Gully is a little less in-your-face about the whole environmentalism thing, but somehow more effective in its messaging, which is impressive for a kids’ film. Oh, Zak and Crista are hot. That’s what I came here to say.

Angelina Jolie Is… Confusing As Maleficent


Photo Credit: @MovieGrafTR / Twitter

Yeah, her name translates to “causes harm and destruction,” but who doesn’t love a bad girl?

I know that this is supposed to be a kids’ movie, but you don’t accentuate Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones like that unless you’re doing something a little extra for the parents. Read on for the most handsome elf in Middle Earth (and what we’d like to do to him).

She Wears Seashells By The Sea Shore


Photo Credit: @millsbw / Twitter

I know The Little Mermaid is a super tame Disney film, but the main character is a sixteen-year-old fish woman who wears a bikini top for a good two-thirds of the movie— and then she gets legs. Glorious legs.

What we wouldn’t give to be part of her world.

Nala’s Bedroom Eyes


Photo Credit: @KatieKat1321 / Twitter

That is a suggestive look if I ever saw one. Nala started out as an adventurous young cub and then became a full-grown lady— well, lioness.

No wonder Simba went back to Pride Rock. I think this scene left a lot of people very, very confused.

Legolas Looks Good To Us


Photo Credit: @RobBenaddict / Twitter

Middle Earth of is full attractive characters, but none of them stole the screen like Legolas. This guy was rocking Khaleesi’s look before she ever blew our minds on Game of Thrones.

It does look good on him, though. Maybe Orlando Bloom should think about bringing back the blonde.

I Dream Of Jeannie


Photo Credit: Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

We’re throwing it way back with this one. She may have been 2,000 years old, but Jeannie was cute as heck.

Jeannie always had the best outfits, and she grants wishes, which makes her even more desirable. Also, her bottle? Hella phallic. And you get her out of the bottle by rubbing it? Come on.

Sandy’s Catsuit


Photo Credit: @TheBlankOfItAll / Twitter

Goody two shoes Sandy shocked us all when she came to the carnival wearing a skin-tight black catsuit. Apparently, Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into those pants, and she didn’t drink anything while filming to avoid inconvenient bathroom breaks.

Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.