These Are Some Of The Most Epic Bridal Party Photoshoots We’ve Ever Seen

One of the most important aspects of a wedding has always been the bridal party. After all, a bride and groom need their squad to help them celebrate their big day! But long gone are the days of traditional bridal party photoshoots. These days bridal parties seem to try to outdo one another whether it’s with outlandish poses or serious Photoshop skills. Need proof? Check out this list of the most epic photos of bridal parties we’ve ever seen.

How ‘Bout A Lift?


This bridal party really worked together to unite the bride and groom in holy matrimony. In fact, the groomsmen seem to have taken the calling quite literally by hoisting the groom up to the second story of the building! Of course, the endeavor was all in good fun as the bride wanted to give her husband-to-be a kiss before she walked down the aisle. Apparently, these two aren’t huge fans of the traditional not seeing each other before the ceremony bit. This couple is definitely lucky to have such wonderful friends who will obviously always be there to pick them up (literally) in their time of need.