These Are Some Of The Most Epic Bridal Party Photoshoots We’ve Ever Seen

One of the most important aspects of a wedding has always been the bridal party. After all, a bride and groom need their squad to help them celebrate their big day! But long gone are the days of traditional bridal party photoshoots. These days bridal parties seem to try to outdo one another whether it’s with outlandish poses or serious Photoshop skills. Need proof? Check out this list of the most epic photos of bridal parties we’ve ever seen.

How ‘Bout A Lift?


This bridal party really worked together to unite the bride and groom in holy matrimony. In fact, the groomsmen seem to have taken the calling quite literally by hoisting the groom up to the second story of the building! Of course, the endeavor was all in good fun as the bride wanted to give her husband-to-be a kiss before she walked down the aisle. Apparently, these two aren’t huge fans of the traditional not seeing each other before the ceremony bit. This couple is definitely lucky to have such wonderful friends who will obviously always be there to pick them up (literally) in their time of need.

One For The Scrapbook


This collection of groomsmen took their roles extremely seriously, so much so that they were willing to strip down for the part! These guys were obviously very committed to looking their best for their friend’s big day. The group of six stripped down to do some serious ironing to ensure that everyone was looking as sharp as possible. You’ve got to hand to this silly group of friends for being willing to bring the laughs by baring their midriffs and showing off their bods. With a sense of humor like that, it’s no wonder the bride fell head over heels!

Look Away!


These picture-perfect bridesmaids are channeling Audrey Hepburn in their little black dresses, however, their behavior is anything but Audrey-esque! Instead, these gals decided to have a little bit of fun and even a bit of debauchery. Perhaps, their silliness is leftover from the bachelorette party night? Maybe these girls went full “Hangover” mode, girl-style. From flashing underwear to chugging champagne, this girl group seems to get into a bit of everything. However, the best part of this photo is definitely the bride covering up the flower girls eyes in order to protect her innocence. Look away, young one!

Serious About Football


Undoubtedly, this wedding must have taken place somewhere in the South. If Southerners are serious about anything, it’s football. The bride was definitely devoted to getting a shot that involved her favorite sport which is obvious in her willingness to hike the ball while still in her beautiful wedding dress! Most brides would not be willing to get down and dirty on one of the most glamorous days of their lives. This bride also used the groomsmen as part of line-up. Perhaps the whole photo is simply a metaphor for the entire wedding – a game day touchdown for sure!

Bye Bye Groomsmen


This hilarious photo definitely encapsulates the sometimes un-approving relationship shared between groomsmen and brides. The groomsmen still want the groom to be able to enjoy the single life which often includes partying and gallivanting around town while the bride is ready to settle down into domesticated life. In this hilarious photo, the bride is getting rid of her problem by simply squishing those pesky groomsmen. Although this tongue-in-cheek snap might symbolize the groom’s bachelor days are over, it’s all in good fun and will definitely be one to remember for years to come. Let’s hope the bride lets her groom get away with his friends every now and then!

Friends Forever


This photo style seems to be a popular one used at weddings around the world. Not only is it cheeky, but it’s actually quite sentimental. While the bride and maid of honor hold hands behind the groom, the groom and best man fist bump. It’s almost as if to say that although the new bride and groom are now a married couple that doesn’t mean their friendships, which likely came first, will change in any way. This is one photo you will definitely want to save to look back at with your friends when all of you reach old age together.

The Ringmaster


This little guy was the ring bearer at a wedding and he definitely looks like he’s the one running the entire show. From his shades down to his hand placement, the ring bearer makes for one stylish cutie. Judging from the groomsmen standing guard in the back, they seem to be following suit. The bride and groom were definitely assured that their rings were in good hands with these guys on the job. We bet this ring bearer was definitely one that was regularly requested for weddings throughout the years. How could you resist?

Superhero In Disguise


This entire bridal party got in on the superhero theme. Of course, the groom himself has to be Superman while his groomsmen all wear the emblems of other superheroes under their suits. The bridesmaids keep it more traditional in their purple bridesmaid dresses. The bride obviously feels very strongly about having found her very own superhero. The only thing that could make this photo any cuter was if the bridal party was made up of couples, each bridesmaid paired with her own personal superhero. Of course, this photo turned out pretty cute, anyway. We wonder if the groom calls the bride is own personal kryptonite?

Speaking Of Superpowers…


Everyone knows that brides are the ones who call the shots when it comes to a wedding. This bride took matters into her own hands (or mind) and used her “superpowers” to take hold of her husband’s groomsman. Much like the bride who attempted to “squish” her husband-to-be’s friends, this bride let them know who was in charge. It definitely doesn’t hurt that this wedding took place with an amazing beach backdrop with beautiful views. On another note, we wonder how many times the groomsmen had to jump in the air to get the perfect shot?

The Tea Party Groomsmen


This situation clearly took place in the playroom of a church somewhere. The Sunday school teacher will probably wonder why this plastic tea set smelled of whiskey. It’s pretty common for groomsmen, and bridesmaids for that matter, to throw back a few drinks before the big event. However, what’s probably not so common is to see a bunch of grown men sitting around a tiny plastic table while drinking out of kiddie tea set. Unless of course, all the groomsmen are fathers to daughters and in that case, it might not seem so out of place to drink out of a tea set.

The Jurassic Wedding


After this photo was uploaded online it pretty much went viral immediately and became an instant classic. How could a bridal party photo get any better than having a gigantic T-Rex chasing you? Thanks to this couple’s amazing use of Photoshop and the bridal party’s excellent acting skills, this photo turned out particularly good. We’re sure all of the bridal party will show the photo and tell the story for years to come. The next Jurassic Park installment should definitely include a bridal party scene as a nod to this photo. Maybe they could even get the originally bridal party to join in!

The Switch


In a world where gender fluidity is accepted and celebrated, this couple decided to showcase how amazing they looked in their tux and wedding gown. For them, this meant switching up their wedding day outfits. Yet in the case of this couple, they look equally amazing in both the tux and the wedding gown. Dare we say that the bride really rocks her husband’s tux? Although, the groom also comes a close second in the bridal gown. One day when their children look back on their wedding album, this one will definitely be one to tell a story about.

The Ring


Every bride knows the ring is a big deal and most girls can’t wait to show off the rock to their friends. Although nowadays people get married with all different kind of stones from sapphires to emeralds, everyone is already excited about their engagement ring. The groomsmen decided to one-up the bridesmaids and do a “ring” photoshoot of their own. Obviously, the groom is very proud of the new ring on his finger and all his friends play the part of astounded, perfectly. Here’s to hoping the bride and friends have a similar photoshoot so the photos can be placed next to each other in their keepsakes.

The Lifelong Challenge


This adorable couple decided to take this beautiful arm wrestling photo complete with their bridal party cheering them on. This photo is so well done it almost looks like a painting. The photo is a great metaphor for marriage in that the bride and groom might be prepared to challenge each other over situations throughout their lives. Perhaps the bride and groom are holding a little challenge of their own to settle one of the many wedding day arguments that might pop up. Needless to say, it looks the like bride might have the upper hand in this particular battle.

I’m Watching You


In this hilarious yet borderline terrifying photo, the bridesmaids are all wearing a mask of the groom. Perhaps the groom was able to convince all of the bride’s friends to wear these shirts as this photo seems to have been taken during a girls’ night out. That’s definitely one way to get the message across! This photo is particularly hilarious because the photo that was used for the mask makes it look like he’s staring straight at the camera. We wonder if all the girls wore this while out on the town for the bride’s last night as a single woman. That would definitely be a sight to behold!

Chug Chug Chug!


While the groomsmen are usually the ones known to party it up and get tremendously wasted during their bachelor parties and even on the actual wedding day, these women decided to flip the script. Not only did these women pose in their wedding dresses while drinking, they also look to be at a sports bar which is totally a “dude-type” way to party it up. Needless to say, the outcome was one super cute photo and we bet both the groom and his buddies think he is the luckiest guy in the world to be marrying such a down to earth woman!

Let It Go


In this funny staged shot, the groomsmen attempt to pull the bride away from their friend. Again, this is yet another reference to the old trope that bride’s steal away the bride from their friends and the single life. Obviously, this couple thinks that the idea is pretty funny and got their friends to join in on the shot. If you notice it seems like everyone has a smile on their face, so it’s certainly good-natured. Hopefully, this couple has found a happy medium where he can enjoy both married life and hang out with his friends from time to time. After all, everyone needs friends!

Bridesmaid Vs. Groomsmen


This photo just might take the cake as the best bridesmaid versus groomsmen photo of them all. In this one, the bridesmaids strike a Charlie’s Angels pose and have literally “protected” the happy couple from the meddling groomsmen trying to stop the marriage. Of course, as with all the other bridesmaid versus groomsmen photos, this is simply done in good fun. In this Bond-esque photo, it’s the women who are the heroes which is a happy change from how the movies usually go. This premise would make maybe the best romantic comedy/Bond hybrid movie ever. That’s definitely one movie we would want to see!

Transformer Wedding


Much like the well-known photoshopped T-Rex attacking the wedding party, this couple opted for something a little different – Transformers. Whether you’re a fan of the old 1980s cartoon or the more recent live action films, Transformers have been a favorite of people everywhere for a long time. What better way to show your love of the menacing characters than by including them in your own wedding party? We wonder if it was the bride or groom who had a special affinity for the Transformers? We’re willing to bet that we can guess who came up with this idea!

Groomsmen Attacks


Just like the T-Rex attack and the aforementioned Transformer attack, this couple opted for something completely different. They used one of their very own giant groomsmen as the one who attacked the bridal party. This seems straight out of one of the 1950s creature features where a giant, like Godzilla for instance, would attack the unassuming town. This groomsman looks like he might have been a pretty big guy already which is why they probably chose him for the role. We think this is definitely the most hilarious out of all the photoshopped bridal party attacks!