These People Are Winning At Life Despite Being Stuck At The Airport

Whether you hate it or love it, flying is a real pain. The experience is quite a hassle from the moment you arrive at the airport. You take off every item of clothing and jewelry, but somehow, you still set off the alarm. Let’s not forget about those exhausting flight delays too.

However, with the ups and downs of flying, people managed to make the best out of everything. These folks went against the grain on moving walkway, and have the perfect luggage to show off. Hopefully, these lovely people will make your next flight a breeze.

Beastie Boys Getting A Hold Of The Gate Display

Photo Credit: DoubleCaser/Reddit

Please, let this not be the ghost of Adam Yauch. It’s like he wanted to Sabotage your entire flying experience.

Maybe the people who are working at the airport just happen to be big fans of the group. Outside of that spooky possibility, the Beastie Boys will always fight for our right to party.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Photo Credit: cloudform/Reddit

Oh no! somebody spilled some puppies. All doggo lovers will agree this is a great example of a dream airport.

Man, I wish there was a way to have dogs accompany you on all of our flights. It would be difficult since you would miss your flight and the next one after that.

Just A Baggage Claim At The Honolulu Airport

Photo Credit: @Chiba_Lotte/Twitter

“Nothing to see here, folks.” Honestly, this is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen all day. Not only are you not expecting to see anything like it, but don’t you want to know who this was?

Me too, but you can’t stop looking because it’s impressive that it didn’t get mashed up in transit. As impressive as the next one ahead is, it’d be interesting to see if Ok Go can pull it off.

“Sorry Mr. Yankovic, You Can’t Bring Your Accordion”

Photo Credit: ElderCunningham/Reddit

A depressed Weird Al just isn’t the same songwriter I grew up listening too. Cheer up, man.

Who knows, maybe the destination you’re going to will welcome you with a box of accordions. That way, you don’t have to be empty-handed again.

There’s A Wrong And Right Way To Carry Neck Pillows

Photo Credit: thevspotblog

According to her, this is the right way. I mean, she could have had any other color, but she got stuck with that.

Sorry to say this, but this cannot be unseen and it’s a good thing it’s at the back and not in the front. That would cause a major uproar.


Photo Credit: alangix/Imgur

As impressive as this is, they would have needed a choreographer to pull this off. These guys know how to have a great sense of humor.

They must have given everyone a good laugh which could make everyone’s delay more exciting than before. I’d like to see if Ok Go would do something like this. The next time you’re bored of being a pilot, you might need a water gun to soak up the fun. More on that shortly.

Kinda Funny It’s Going To O’Hare

Photo Credit: CleanAxe/Reddit

It looks like that whole plane will be the tail section. You can imagine this was a very pleasant flight.

Furries tend to be some of the nicest and most accepting people out there. After all, it’s hard to be bigoted about silly things when you’re pretending to be a cat, dog, or a fox.

You Can’t Lose Your Luggage Now

Photo Credit: TheRealDwightSchrute/Imgur

Give this guy a round of applause. That’s actually smart if you think about it. The second you lose your luggage, you better hope some strangers find you before you call it quits.

I may need to do this for the next time I travel. But good lord, check out the socks and sandals. Ew.

When You’re That Bored With Being A Pilot

Photo Credit: CanadianBacon9001/Reddit

Now do you want to be a pilot? They probably need the exercise as they sit for hours on end during flights.

Seeing this makes you wonder how surgeons are after performing an operation for hours. I’m assuming they do the same thing, but they gotta be clean and sanitized to do it. What happens when it’s winter time at the airport? Well, you’re about to find out shortly.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Photo Credit: sumthininteresting/Reddit

You go, girl! She looks awesome and with a beautiful smile. Somehow, the most hardworking people are the ones who can find a lot of fun.

It’s true, even in the most simple things. It’d be nice if more people who work at the airport smile more.

*Sighs* Get The Pitchfork

Photo Credit: CANT_TRUST_HILLARY/Reddit

Jewish by day, strippers by night. Apparently, being a Rabbi doesn’t pay as well as it used to, so these guys settled for a second job.

Now you finally know what they wear under those coats. The one with the legs looks like Woody Harrelson from King Pin.

How To Entertain Yourself During A Snowstorm

Photo Credit: toothball/Reddit

That circle is in such a great shape that it puts my broccoli trees from art class to shame. I can see why the flight was canceled, but really though, they could have made some snow angels.

It shouldn’t take you four hours to come up with the most perfect thing ever. Coming up, every cyberman wants shiny shoes before their flight.

There Can Only Be One

Photo Credit: apollodeen/Reddit

Running into your doppelgänger at the airport is a strong possibility. It’s no surprise why these guys didn’t seem impressed.

The guy in the back is all “Are you mocking me, bruh?” but really, he forgot the memo about parting his hair to the left.

Parents Who Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Photo Credit: trolollies/Reddit

It was nice of this Victoria’s Secret model to do this. Not everything has to be socio-politically deconstructed. Sometimes, a kid in a shirt is just a kid in a shirt.

You know what? I would have my SO wear this if it helped the possibility of meeting a model. You never know who might come across in this small world.

A Day At The Spa

Photo Credit: Mr. Prestige/Reddit

Did they just get their feet polished, or all of their armor? Every cyberman wants shiny shoes these days. I hope they also had a Dalek polishing station. It’s only fair.

It must be a nightmare going through security with all that metal. Who knows what they’re up to? The next one ahead might have to do with John Connor. He might have reached a diplomatic agreement with the robots.

Dogs Have Luggage Too

Photo Credit: Imgur

Sorry LOTR fans, Gandalf didn’t put the stick there. It’s a nice stick, but it’s too nice. This is clearly a dog’s luggage.

Think about it — they can have water and food and this is the only thing they can have with them. If it gets lost, your dog is going to be one unpleasant animal.

The Ballet Troupe Has Arrived

Photo Credit: mike_pants/Twitter

Fabulous formation, gentlemen. It makes for a lovely change from people who barge through because they’re late.

Not going to lie, I’d get in on the fun if my flight was delayed. Also, this would be the only time that I would want to watch Swan Lake.

Gotta Recharge In Between Flights

Photo Credit: @aanggellli/Twitter

Ah, so John Connor and the gang didn’t succeed after all. Instead, they reached a diplomatic agreement with the robots.

It kind of bothers me that there are two knots in the charging cord. That’s how you damage your cord, man! Didn’t anyone tell you that?

“How’s It Going, Hooman?”

Photo Credit: boyofbrass/Reddit

Peekapoop! I would totally burst out laughing and accidentally pass gas because of it. If I could, I’d give the dog a snack but not everyone is going to have their snacks on hand while traveling.

If he walks into my stall, he’s all mine. Just kidding, I’d gladly return him to their rightful owners.

Ain’t No Rest For The Old Men

Photo Credit: craftbeerito/Reddit

He is wearing glasses with a magnifying glass just to be on the phone. As much as the truth hurts, we probably all will have to have the same pair someday.

I’ll admit, the magnifying glass is a nice touch, but I see he still uses the same suitcase he brought with him to Woodstock.