These People Blew Up The ‘Psycho Meter’ And We Can Absolutely See Why

We all like to think of ourselves as “normal” or just your average tempered human being, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. We’re all a little bit psychotic whether you like it or not.

Whether it’s our tendency to overreact over the tiniest mishappenings, or having OCD with the most random everyday tasks, we all have a little bit of it in us. With that being said, some people have A LOT more. They ramp up the crazy on a regular basis, and while it might not benefit them all the time, it certainly gives us a laugh or two.

What Kind Of Alien Is This?

Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz
Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz

This person has to be a vegan yogi. They do the weirdest, most unorthodox things out of any other group of people.

All they eat is dry kale salad and the odd apple (except it has too much sugar for them) and they go stretch in public parks.