These People Blew Up The ‘Psycho Meter’ And We Can Absolutely See Why

We all like to think of ourselves as “normal” or just your average tempered human being, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. We’re all a little bit psychotic whether you like it or not.

Whether it’s our tendency to overreact over the tiniest mishappenings, or having OCD with the most random everyday tasks, we all have a little bit of it in us. With that being said, some people have A LOT more. They ramp up the crazy on a regular basis, and while it might not benefit them all the time, it certainly gives us a laugh or two.

What Kind Of Alien Is This?

Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz

This person has to be a vegan yogi. They do the weirdest, most unorthodox things out of any other group of people.

All they eat is dry kale salad and the odd apple (except it has too much sugar for them) and they go stretch in public parks.

The Cookie Monster Is Crazy

Photo Credit: Twitter / @BunnnB

I don’t know what milk did to this person, but obviously, it was bad. I don’t understand how you can just replace milk with OJ that easily with no remorse.

Not only does this ruin the cookie once you dip it, but more importantly, you ruin the OJ afterward. Nobody wants orange juice with cookie crumbs in it. NOBODY.

You’ve Officially Been Warned

Photo Credit: Reddit / 12jm9

There are certain animals that would just completely destroy your reputation to get beat up by, and a goose is one of them.

If you got eaten by a lion, that’s pretty badass. If you got chased by a Rhino, that’s awesome. If you cried because you got attacked by a goose, that’s just embarrassing. Coming up, a dog that clearly just wants to watch the world burn, but he’s just too darn cute to be mad at.

Carrie Underwood Is To Blame Here

Photo Credit: Reddit / Mind_Virus

It’s fairly easy to see where this girl got her inspiration. Carrie Underwood laid the groundwork for messing up the car of the guy who broke your heart and this girl just put it to work.

I don’t know what this guy did to warrant getting a few pickaxes thrown at his Audi, but, I guess it could be worse? I don’t know, maybe not.

Brother Of The Year

Photo Credit: Reddit / Streets71

A big part of having a brother or a sister is being able to scare them whenever you see fit.

While most of the time it’s as simple as jumping out from behind a door, this brother is taking it to an entirely different level. This picture is a glimpse of the calm before the storm, and it’s about to be a HURRICANE.

This Pup Wants To Watch The World Burn

Photo Credit: Imgur

While it’s very true that dogs are a man’s best friend, it’s also true that some are just out to make our lives a living hell.

If you didn’t think this pup did it on purpose, then you are very mistaken. It’s easy to fall into the cuteness trap that these dogs set, but we must stay strong and stick to the facts that it just ruined the interior of your car. Just ahead, the first sign that someone is a psychopath and it’s actually devastating.

There’s No Bar Too Low During A Sibling Fight

All bets are off when you start fighting with your sibling. These are the most vicious and insane fights you’ll ever get yourself into.

The reason is that you both know you’re still going to be siblings after and will be able to make up eventually. When you fight with your friends, there’s the possibility that you just lose them forever, which makes you go a little easier.

“Thus, I Can Conclude That…”

If your girl asks if you’ve ever texted any other girl, just tell the truth. Why? Because she already knows,

She doesn’t just know how many girls you’ve texted — she’s memorized the dates and times. She has a PowerPoint presentation ready that she’s practiced 17 times in front of her besties. Prepare yourself.

A Very Malicious Monster, That’s Who…

Whoever did this is a sociopath. There’s no way that this person thought about (or cared for) the feelings of the person who was going to open the box and find this tragedy.

The excitement that occurs before you eat an Oreo is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. To have that feeling ripped from you so quickly would be devastating. If you want to know how a serial killer eats a cheese string, just wait for this picture coming up.

Call The Police Immediately

If you see someone driving down the road with their hands in plastic, you need to call the police immediately.

There are only two reasons this is happening; he either just committed a murder, or he has some sort of phobia of germs. Either way, he should be put away for life in prison.

This Is Legitimately Terrifying

There is only one way to eat pizza, and that’s in slices with your hands. If anyone tells you otherwise, you should disown them as a friend.

If a friend takes out a fork and knife when they’re eating pizza, it’s your moral obligation to end their life. That may seem harsh, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

First Sign Of A Serial Killer

It’s hard to figure out who is going to be a serial killer when they get older. There aren’t many signs that directly correlate with wanting to murder people, but this is one of them.

If you cut your cheese string into even parts, I’m very worried about your mental well-being. Keep a close eye on ANYONE who has the urge to cut their cheese strings, This as a public service announcement. Coming up, a picture you’ll only see in New York City. It’s repulsive.

We See You Bambi

Photo Credit Reddit / Afk94

I don’t know what kind of psycho thinks that a baby beer is a pitbull, but I think they should be investigated.

Can deer even be domesticated? I mean they’re super cute and seem cuddly enough, but I’ve seen those things fight and it’s dangerous.

Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies Closer

There are some benefits of putting yourself out there but it can always backfire. This person made it clear that they don’t like peas which is a direct invitation to sabotage them.

When you tell people about your fears, you leave yourself open to getting trolled like this person did. Be afraid of the pea, be very very afraid of the pea.

Stay Classy, New York

New York City is one of the seven wonders of the world, I think. Don’t fact check me on that one but I’m going to go ahead and assume it.

They have about 60 times more rats and mice living on their streets and in their sewers than they do people. Again, the numbers might be off a little bit here, I’m not a rat doctor. Nonetheless, if I see this, I’m burning the entire plaza down no questions asked.

Well That Took An Even Darker Turn

While the rest of us are living in 2018, she’s living in 2035 at the minimum. Her boyfriend is about to get hit with a VERY awkward situation.

This girl is a stage five clinger. She definitely has about seven tattoos of her exes with knives jabbed into each of their faces. I wouldn’t put it past her.

THAT Friend At The Party

Photo Credit: Imgur

There’s always that friend who decides that he’s going to be the pyro of the party. He’s drunk and plays with fire as if it can’t kill him.

This is that friend. He’s going around with a propane tank and some hairspray just daring people to tell him he lost in beer pong.

Over The Top, Or Genius?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @_SHXRXN

I can’t tell whether this is brilliant or just over the top and extra. I think it’s a little bit of both. People who stress over getting every grocery bag in on one trip are crazy, but this is a smart way to do so.

It’s better to bring all the groceries this way rather than cut off all of the circulation in your fingers trying to carry them.

The Lazy, Crazy Innovator

Photo Credit: Reddit / arvzg

Sometimes the laziest people come up with the most brilliant ideas to ensure that they have to move as little as possible.

I’m convinced that some of the best inventors were just inherently lazy people who wanted to make their life more efficient and came up with good ideas.

How Did It Come To This?

Photo Credit: Imgur

At what point does the person caring for the casket think that leaving it tied up like a dog to a pole is a good idea?

I don’t know what kind of psychopath thinks that leaving a dead body unattended is smart, but to each their own, I guess.