These People Didn’t Have Any Idea Who They Were Talking To

Here’s some simple advice that we all can follow: don’t assume you know more than another person, especially if you know absolutely zero details about that person’s life. You never know, the person you’re talking to might be an actual expert on the thing that you’re talking about.

The people on this list failed to recognize someone they should have recognized, and then things got super, super awkward. Keep reading to find out what it’s like to be sort of famous, but not famous enough.

Tony Hawk Is The King Of Not Getting Recognized

Photo Credit: IAmTheBestMang / Reddit

Tony Hawk is constantly tweeting about people who don’t recognize him even though they clearly know who Tony Hawk is.

There are more Tony Hawk tweets on this list, but I thought that this one was a nice way to get the ball rolling.

Well, That Backfired…

Photo Credit: svenskarmatey / Reddit

What is Finance Heart doing talking about the military? Like, that is most likely a business Twitter account.

Why are they picking fights with anybody on the internet? At least now I know where not to go for financial advice (or advice of any kind).

Never Cross The Great J.K. Rowling

Photo Credit: LudicrusDestiny / Reddit

That account with Hogwarts as its profile picture just tried to explain Harry Potter to the woman who wrote Harry Potter. This is mansplaining on another level.

Yeah, I know that authors aren’t necessarily the ultimate authority over the text, but she probably knows her book better than a Twitter troll.

Imagine Being Angry About A Guy’s Costume

Photo Credit: Aeirox / Reddit

Wil Wheaton actually pulled this stunt while he was guest starring on The Big Bang Theory as himself.

I’m actually pretty impressed that he decided to do it in real life. Whoever this Twitter troll is obviously isn’t impressed at all.

Tony Hawk Is Back At It Again

Photo Credit: M_for_Matt / Reddit

I wonder how long he waited with his phone ready to get this perfectly timed picture. This picture is basically the definition of irony.

English teachers should just hand it out to students who are confused about what irony is. I’m so glad that Tony Hawk shares these moments with us.

She’s More Than Pretty Good At Swimming

Photo Credit: GetTheeAShurbbery / Reddit

This one is pretty cringey, but it’s also very understandable. I don’t think I know what any Olympic athlete actually looks like. Maybe Tom Daley, but that’s only because I watched him make a cake on YouTube.

I guess Lizzie should follow Dory’s advice and just keep swimming.

Because A Ph.D. In Astrophysics Isn’t Enough Science

Photo Credit: rj_inthe412 / Reddit

This one is just frustrating. The capitalized “SCIENCE” takes it right over the top. I don’t think any amount of actual science is going to satisfy this guy.

At least Katie got to sneak in a satisfying comeback. Maybe he’ll think twice before he trolls someone on Twitter next time.

Those Little Blue Check Marks Actually Mean Something

Photo Credit: nl_alexxx / Reddit

Did this Twitter troll not realize that he was talking to the actual Seth Rogen, or did he just not care?

I would think that Seth Rogen would be THE expert on all things Seth Rogen. He knows his stupid laugh better than just about anybody else.

The CEO Has Spoken

Photo Credit: Froltk / Reddit

Ah, I get it. The space is so soft that you can’t even detect it with the naked eye. Pressing the spacebar would be a hard space.

The company is called Softspace because the space is so soft it’s barely there. Yup, makes sense. Who cares what the CEO says.

Gary Whitta, Writer For Rogue One

Photo Credit: ItsTheShepherd / Reddit

I know this troll was trying to be sarcastic with his “another expert” comment, but it turns out that Gary Whitta is actually a real live expert who’s made a bunch of his own movies.

Just once I’d like someone to try to call me out on something they have no business calling me out on. It seems like it would be so enjoyable to burn them like this.

Just Some Hipster Chick

Photo Credit: ZyroCrystal / Reddit

“The only people in the universe who haven’t seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that’s cause they lived ‘em Ted, that’s cause they lived the Star Wars.”

That’s a quote from Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, but I think it belongs here, right under this picture of Natalie Portman.

When You Don’t Realize That Tape Face Is Taking The Picture

Photo Credit: dgrover9 / Reddit

The person who originally posted this picture on the internet wrote, “My friend was stopped by some tourists to take a photo of them in front of an advertisement for Tape Face in Las Vegas… My friend IS Tape Face.”

I am literally screaming right now.

That “Woman” Is U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Photo Credit: keenedge422 / Reddit

Isn’t it great that neither the person who took this photo nor the person who posted it realized that Amy Klobuchar wasn’t some random lady who wanted a selfie with John McCain and Bernie Sanders?

It’s so great to be a woman in politics…

Accidental Burn

Photo Credit: Balldropperbro / Reddit

He was so close, and yet, so far. Aren’t Jake and Amir basically the same person? Amir’s Twitter handle is @jakeandamir.

Also, they’re both kind of hot. Maybe they’re not hot in the traditional sense, but “not really” is a little harsh.

Why Does Nobody Know What Tony Hawk Looks Like?

Photo Credit: Ryanthelion42 / Reddit

Tony Hawk is so synonymous with skateboarding, that when people see skateboards, they automatically think of him. This guy did, and he doesn’t even know what Tony Hawk looks like.

Thank you, Tony Hawk, for sharing these bizarre moments of your life with us.

Better To Be Silent And Have People Think You’re Stupid Than To Type It Up And Remove All Doubt.

Photo Credit: Trex_Lives / Reddit

I don’t even know what sport those rings are for, and I think this is awesome. They’re football rings, right? For Super Bowls?

If I’m wrong, don’t come after me. I’m just here to look at silly pictures and live my life. Keep reading if you’d like a little more proof that perfection is truly unattainable.

I Mean, They Do All Look Alike

Photo Credit: keeleon / Reddit

Somebody, please explain to me the difference between all of the buff bearded white guys who play superheroes.

They’re all attractive, and they all have superpowers, and they’re all named Chris— except for this guy, whose name is Stephen. I have no idea who Stephen is, but I’m guessing he plays the Green Arrow.

McDonald’s Doesn’t Recognize Their Son

Photo Credit: TheAmazingRaspberry / Reddit

You know that meme of the two Spiderman’s pointing at each other? That’s what’s happening in this picture.

I hope McDonald’s Cyprus is over 18 years old. Imagine if there was no McDonalds in Cyprus in the year 2000? How would people survive?

This Is Awkward As Heck

Photo Credit: GarryAlbean / Reddit

No, no, no, she wants a guy like him, not actually him. I think she was actually perfectly clear. She has specific needs, and this guy doesn’t meet them. He almost meets them, though.

I like that he replied to this tweet two years after it was originally posted. That’s real smooth.

Can He Fix It?

Photo Credit: donvara7 / Reddit

Don’t you just love the internet? This is what happens when you leave bored and creative people to their own devices. They come up with gems like this.

Bob the Builder is almost the perfect guy. If his face wasn’t so goddamn round, I’d date him myself.