These People Played Themselves, And The Internet Gleefully Watched Them Get What They Deserve

Even the smartest person can have a bad day. We all make mistakes, and in the past, those mistakes would go away pretty quickly. But now thanks to the internet, those mistakes can haunt us forever. Seriously, anyone who has run for political office knows that the Internet has an archive of all your greatest mistakes.

These people all got played by themselves, and the internet logged it all for us to laugh at later. One girl learned the hard way not to mess with wildlife. In the immortal words of DJ Khaled: Congratulations, you played yourself.

This Guy Was Asking For Trouble

Photo credit: @kttiens / Instagram
Photo credit: @kttiens / Instagram

I’m not sure what this guy was expecting by posting not one, but both sides of his credit card on Twitter. Scam artists spend a lot of time creating plans to steal people’s money, and you’re practically giving it to them.

Hey, at least you have overdraft protection set up.