These Pictures Have Us Screaming ‘HOW THO?’ At The Computer Screen

The world is a weird place. Very bizarre things happen every single day and at this point, we have become immune to it. It seems that if something normal happens to us, it ends up standing out more than if it’s unexpected.

With that being said, this article has compiled some of the weirdest of the weird. These are pictures that are so bizarre that they’ll have you wondering if you’re even a human being. They’re scenarios that actually happened in real life that only seem like a fantasy.

No Seriously, That’s Talent

Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill

I don’t know how this man was able to pull it off, but he did it. The crime is awful, but the determination to follow through with a stabbing while not having arms is both confusing and impressive.

There are so many visuals floating around in my head right now about how this all went down, and I don’t know which one rings true.

So Many Questions

Photo Credit: Reddit

There are so many questions that need to be answered after looking at this lipstick mark on the inside of a toilet.

At what point during your blackout does it seem like a normal thing to do to kiss the inside of a toilet bowl? I don’t even want to know the answer.

Rubber Is For Suckers

Photo Credit: Reddit / xsited1

Look, it’s hard to blame this guy for not being able to replace his tire. Tires are insanely expensive so riding on rims alone might be an option we all have to explore at some point.

The best part of this is that no one will want to drive near him so he’ll have a lot of open road for the entirety of his trip. Coming up, a hair product that not only works, but is also marketed beautifully.

Taking A Quick Five

I can relate to this guy on so many levels. We all have those days when your eyes feel like bricks and you just want to sleep.

You’re literally so tired that you can and will sleep anywhere. If you need to nap on a few air conditioners sitting upon an apartment building than that’s what you do.

How Do You Even Fit Into That Outfit?

Photo Credit: Imgur

I have a lot of questions about this, but my main one revolves around the process that would need to be in place to slip into that thing.

I struggle to put on pants that I bought five days previously, so I can’t imagine putting on a full leather mermaid BDSM suit. It’s just not in the cards for me.


I don’t know why hair mayonnaise isn’t a bigger thing, but I think that it needs to be. This has to be the best hair product because mayo is the best condiment.

If this product was called hair MUSTARD, you would know immediately to not buy it because it’s crappy quality and smells like wet garbage and yellow food coloring. Just ahead, you’ll get a sneak peek into what a real Barber-cue looks like.

This Is The Dedication We Need In The World

As a society, we are starting to lack dedication to our craft. Whatever it is, we end up giving up and not fully exhausting our talents on it.

This kid was able to stick to the game plan for an entire year and it paid off significantly for him. We need to learn from this dedication.

Waiting For A Train Or Time Machine?

Photo Credit: Reddit / Cosmickeys

I don’t know what this guy is waiting for, but I want to know. Is he about to have a sword fight at work?

Or, is he going all out on a first date by wearing this suit and being able to say that he’s her knight in shining armor. If that’s the case, I applaud you, sir.

It’s A Barber-Cue

Photo Credit: Reddit / Bergfried

This is a literal definition of a barber-cue, and it’s magnificent to see it in real life. Who knew that while the barber clips your eyebrows, you could also be cooking up a nice t-bone steak for yourself.

I don’t know the pricing of this place, but I think it’s safe to say that you get enough bang for your buck. Coming up, a car gets hit and a note gets left. What’s in the note is rare and unprecedented.

How Did He Screw Up THAT Bad?

Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know what this girl’s boyfriend did, but I wouldn’t want to be him when she arrives.

If you’ve heard the song by Carrie Underwood called, Before He Cheats, you already know what’s about to go down, and it isn’t going to be pretty for him or his car.

This Is The Worst Crime Of All Time

This thief is someone who is showing signs of being a serial killer. This isn’t your everyday car thief — this is a calculated killer.

If they’re willing to break in AND chew your gum you better watch your back because they’re probably watching you. This is just terrifying.

This Is Very Necessary Compensation

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Ethoz

I don’t know about you, but I think that this is some decent compensation for a little fender bender in a parking lot.

This card would easily go for over $100, which has got to be close to the amount to fix this person’s scrapes. Coming up, a casket that’s left in a very curious spot and we need answers now.

Online Shopping 1 – This Guy 0

It’s becoming all too common for people to get sent the wrong stuff after online shopping.

As we become lazier and don’t actually want to go to the store to get clothing, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this. Gear up folks.

Don’t Get Me Started On Airport Outlets

We need to have a quick chat about airports and their lack of outlets. Why do they have basically one outlet per terminal?

Do they want World War Three to break out? Because it absolutely will. And, if they do have outlets they put them in the most inconvenient places.

*Cue Dog Coming Over And Peeing*

Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know what kind of life you lived if by the end, your casket is tied to a street post and left alone.

I can already see a dog wandering over to the casket and peeing on it, which could make me cry just thinking about it. Coming up, a sight on a highway that will have you thinking you’re hallucinating.

He’s Going To Steal Your Girl

I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing when your grandpa has the stamina and strength to steal your girlfriend right in front of your eyes.

I’m going to go with bad because family members are usually the ones you can trust to not hit on your significant other. But in this case, you’re not safe.

Such A Dad Gift

Why are dads so over the top? This one sent an entire box to his daughter at college with just a single chip.

His excuse was that he wanted her to try it and on that matter, it’s kind of understandable. Trader Joe’s has some outstanding chips, and while he could’ve waited to give his daughter a try, the urgency was too much.

This Is Jaw Dropping

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ladbible

If I’m driving down the road and I see a dog riding a horse, I’m immediately pulling off the road and punching myself in the face 10 times.

Either I got drugged and am hallucinating, or I’m going mentally insane and need to not be driving. How does this happen and where are they going? I need answers.

Dog Vomit On A Cone

Photo Credit: Reddit / godofkratos

There are certain combinations that just should never go together. Coke and ice cream are one of them.

I know what you’re saying, “it’s called a coke float, genius.” But just because something exists doesn’t mean that anyone should like it. This is gross.