We Found The Craziest Fried Foods Ever

Let’s face it, fried foods can be absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, they can also be hard on the stomach but sometimes it’s worth the pain. Fried foods are a staple at state fairs, in particular, where different states try to one-up each another with the outrageousness of their concoctions. Check out the craziest fried foods ever and the amazing places that serve them!

You won’t believe the liquid refreshments they’re able to fry up these days!

Fried Butter


Yes, unbelievably, fried butter is a thing. At the Iowa State Fair, you can get yourself an entire stick of fried butter (on a stick). First, the butter is rolled in a cinnamon batter before being fried and then smothered in a donut-esque glaze. Amazing. Of course, with this particular delicacy the interior – the butter — has essentially melted by the time anyone can get around to eating it. Instead, you pretty much end up tasting a buttery cinnamon dough, which is still delicious. You can also find a similar item at the Texas state fair. Yet apparently not all things are bigger in Texas because the portions offered there are markedly smaller.