We Found The Craziest Fried Foods Ever

Fried Bubblegum


Fried bubblegum sounds pretty insane right off the bat, but it’s not so bad once you realize they haven’t actually fried bubblegum but rather it’s simply bubblegum-flavored marshmallows. Of course, it’s still pretty decadent but what else can you expect from the craziness of fried food? To make this over-the-top treat, they take marshmallows, dip them in batter, and then fry them up. The marshmallows are then rolled in icing and powdered sugar to really up the sweetness factor. These crazy bubblegum concoctions are then topped with Chiclets (tiny little pieces of gum). Something about combining gum with fried batter just sounds a little bit on the “no” side to us but we’d probably try it anyway.