We Found The Craziest Fried Foods Ever

Fried Pig Ears


First of all… what? Apparently, just like people enjoy consuming pig feet, they also enjoy eating pig ears. Thanks to Charlie Torgerson, a strange food aficionado and a regular at the Minnesota State Fair, Minnesotans can now enjoy the strange delicacy for themselves. Charlie owns multiple franchises of Famous Dave’s BBQ which has quite a reputation due to their mouthwatering chocolate covered bacon. Clearly a fan of pork, Torgerson’s restaurant also sports pigs’ cheeks with a peach glaze. However, he really went all out for the fried pig ears. First of all, he cuts the ears to look like curly fries and then douses them in a chipotle glaze. A local fair official named Dennis Larson told the media, “He’s running out of organs.”