We Found The Craziest Fried Foods Ever

Fried Beer


Alright, so this one is truly off the wall – fried beer. How could one possibly fry beer? Of course, we had to leave it to Texas to figure out how to pull this one off. In 2010, the strange concoction won “Most Creative” at the Texas State Fair and it’s easy to see why. Basically, they start with deep-fried ravioli, which are very pretzel-like in consistency. The ravioli are then filled with beer. The beer-filled pasta is only dipped in the boiling oil for about twenty seconds, so the beer stays intact. The little ravioli are actually alcoholic so you can’t even try this one until you reach the age of twenty-one.

In the mood for a burger to wash this beer down with? Wait until you see what’s coming up…