We Found The Craziest Fried Foods Ever

Let’s face it, fried foods can be absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, they can also be hard on the stomach but sometimes it’s worth the pain. Fried foods are a staple at state fairs, in particular, where different states try to one-up each another with the outrageousness of their concoctions. Check out the craziest fried foods ever and the amazing places that serve them!

You won’t believe the liquid refreshments they’re able to fry up these days!

Fried Butter


Yes, unbelievably, fried butter is a thing. At the Iowa State Fair, you can get yourself an entire stick of fried butter (on a stick). First, the butter is rolled in a cinnamon batter before being fried and then smothered in a donut-esque glaze. Amazing. Of course, with this particular delicacy the interior – the butter — has essentially melted by the time anyone can get around to eating it. Instead, you pretty much end up tasting a buttery cinnamon dough, which is still delicious. You can also find a similar item at the Texas state fair. Yet apparently not all things are bigger in Texas because the portions offered there are markedly smaller.

Deep Fried Pickles


So, even though the idea of deep fried pickles might seem kind of crazy right off the bat, the treat has become so popular that they are now available at restaurants and grocery stores across the country. Of course, to enjoy this one you should probably love pickles in the first place. Pickle chips are commonly used, or pickles sliced thinly. They are then dipped in batter and then deep fried. The result is a delightfully crunchy and tangy treat. They are also often served with different kinds of dips although ranch salad dressing is among the most popular.

Fried Pig Ears


First of all… what? Apparently, just like people enjoy consuming pig feet, they also enjoy eating pig ears. Thanks to Charlie Torgerson, a strange food aficionado and a regular at the Minnesota State Fair, Minnesotans can now enjoy the strange delicacy for themselves. Charlie owns multiple franchises of Famous Dave’s BBQ which has quite a reputation due to their mouthwatering chocolate covered bacon. Clearly a fan of pork, Torgerson’s restaurant also sports pigs’ cheeks with a peach glaze. However, he really went all out for the fried pig ears. First of all, he cuts the ears to look like curly fries and then douses them in a chipotle glaze. A local fair official named Dennis Larson told the media, “He’s running out of organs.”

Fried Beer


Alright, so this one is truly off the wall – fried beer. How could one possibly fry beer? Of course, we had to leave it to Texas to figure out how to pull this one off. In 2010, the strange concoction won “Most Creative” at the Texas State Fair and it’s easy to see why. Basically, they start with deep-fried ravioli, which are very pretzel-like in consistency. The ravioli are then filled with beer. The beer-filled pasta is only dipped in the boiling oil for about twenty seconds, so the beer stays intact. The little ravioli are actually alcoholic so you can’t even try this one until you reach the age of twenty-one.

In the mood for a burger to wash this beer down with? Wait until you see what’s coming up…

Deep Fried Oreos


Another crazy fried concoction that has become pretty well-known is deep fried Oreos. In order to make this one you must create a batter then dip your run-of-the-mill Oreo in it before dropping it in the deep fryer. The Oreos must not be left too long in the fryer because the white crème middle will completely melt otherwise. Nowadays there are so many different Oreo flavors available that you can really get creative with the flavor options. As if the cookies weren’t sweet enough already, this treat is also often topped off with some powdered sugar and the result is one delightful ooey gooey treat!

Fried Kool Aid


Another one with the fried liquids! This comes from the state of California and instead of alcohol it includes a kid favorite, Kool-Aid. Fried food connoisseur Charlie Boghosian is cited as the creator of his now famed “Kool-Aid Balls”. His inspiration was simple. He loved Kool-Aid as most kids do and said, “why not fry it and see what happens.” This one doesn’t actually leave any liquid behind and it’s more like eating a Kool-Aid flavored donut. Many people also enjoy topping it off with powdered sugar.

Fried Ice Cream Cheeseburger


This one is kind of a combo of two crazy concoctions. First, you start with a loaded cheeseburger. Then you add the special ingredient — a huge portion of fried ice cream. The ice cream is kept super cold and then rolled in both cinnamon and cornflakes. Similar to the beer, it is only dropped into the deep fryer for around 10 to 15 seconds. Of course, the ice cream does typically melt as you are eating it. However, if you are a lover of the sweet and savory, this outlandish delicacy might be for you.

Deep-Fried Chocolate Bacon


This one is not for the faint of heart. Literally, this cannot be healthy! First yo, take cooked bacon and dip it in chocolate. The concoction is then dipped again in batter and then deep fried to crispy goodness. The treat is then also covered in powdered sugar and offered with various sauces. Sometimes before frying people also incorporate beer into the batter to really just drive home the trifecta of unhealthiness. The result is said to be both sweet and delightfully savory and a lot over-the-top. But there are plenty of people who would argue that everything is better with bacon!

Fried Salsa


Chalk another one up for the great state of Texas! Of course, salsa, the Tex-Mex delicacy had to somehow make the list. The interesting part is how they managed to fry up the Texan dietary staple. To really amp up the Tex-Mex factor they take the main ingredients which include jalapeños, tomato, roasted garlic and onion and then dip it in batter (in this case masa) and roll it in tortilla chips. The result is delightfully spicy, crunchy, and delicious. It’s also served with a side of queso to dip it in.

Fried Cadbury Crème Eggs


Fried Cadbury Crème Eggs sound like they might be right out of some twisted Easter horror movie. Cadbury Crème Eggs are already amazingly decadent, consisting of chocolate and liquid crème on the inside. However, people have found a way to make the treat even more rich of an experience of it already is — by frying it, of course! This treat is taken in its normal form right out of the foil wrapper and then dipped in batter before being quickly dipped in the deep fryer. It can’t be left in too long or it will totally melt although the inside is quite a mess of gooey chocolate and crème. That’s one way to get your sugar in!

Fried Bubblegum


Fried bubblegum sounds pretty insane right off the bat, but it’s not so bad once you realize they haven’t actually fried bubblegum but rather it’s simply bubblegum-flavored marshmallows. Of course, it’s still pretty decadent but what else can you expect from the craziness of fried food? To make this over-the-top treat, they take marshmallows, dip them in batter, and then fry them up. The marshmallows are then rolled in icing and powdered sugar to really up the sweetness factor. These crazy bubblegum concoctions are then topped with Chiclets (tiny little pieces of gum). Something about combining gum with fried batter just sounds a little bit on the “no” side to us but we’d probably try it anyway.

Fried Coke


Another from the crazy liquid side of fried treats is fried Coca-Cola. This one was first created back in 2006 by Neil Dorrington at the Texas State Fair. Neil is also credited with crazy concoctions like deep-fried butter and deep-fried beer, so fried Coke seems quite tame in comparison. To get this one, Neil started with frozen Coca-Cola flavored batter so it’s not quite as crazy as one might think. After it’s dropped in the deep fryer it’s then topped with even more delightful goodness which includes Coca-Cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, and even a cherry.

We’ve got a fried treat named after an iconic singer coming up soon. Guess who?

Fried Jelly Beans


Here’s yet another overly sugary fried treat. This one is fried jelly beans. Jelly beans are so small it seems a though this one would be particularly hard to pull off and yet here we are. These treats originated at the Massachusetts State Fair and in order to make them they roll run of the mill jelly beans in batter and then put them in the deep fryer. For some reason, jelly beans seem like they might really retain some heat but these actually end more like a jelly bean donut. So it’s probably not likely that anyone will suffer any horrendous mouth burns from eating this crazy sugary treat.

Deep Fried Pop Tarts


If you want to relive your childhood in a totally insane way – the deep-fried Pop Tart might be for you. Pop Tarts come in tons of varieties and flavors so you can really get creative with this one. You just take your regular old Pop Tart, coat it in a batter and then drop it into the deep fryer. Some people have even wrapped the Pop Tart in bacon first if a regular Pop Tart just isn’t decadent enough. It is then doused in powdered sugar and dipped in the sauce of your choice. Flavor overload!

Fat Elvis on a Stick


Alright, the name alone this one is straight up out-of-this world. The name refers to the legend that Elvis loved fried peanut butter, chocolate, and bacon sandwiches — which may or may not have lead to his heavier stature towards the end of his life. For this crazy concoction they take peanut butter, chocolate, and bacon and dip them in a banana batter. It’s then deep fried till it’s extra crispy. Alright, out of all the insane fried goodness on the list this one kind of sounds like it would be a hit! Perhaps Elvis was onto something after all.

Fried Alligator on a Stick


Alligator is considered a delicacy in some states, namely places that have a lot of alligators such as Louisiana or Florida. So it might come as a bit of a surprise that the people of the northern state of Illinois enjoy themselves some deep-fried alligator on a stick when they’re at the fair. Apparently, one of the top treats at the Illinois State Fair is none other than alligator. This one is quite simply prepared with the alligator meat put on a stick, rolled in batter and then deep-fried. Who knew that Illinois people fancied themselves to be a little bit on the Cajun side?

Deep Fried White Castle Burgers


The fast-food chain White Castle is known to be somewhat of an East Coast staple. The burger joint is known for their small burgers that people eat by the fistful and they are now even sold as stores across The United States as a microwaveable delicacy. It comes as a bit of a surprise that the people of the Orange County Fair have figured out a way to serve them as a fried-up treat. One might think that Orange County would go with the Californian favorite of In-N-Out. For this treat they dip the entire burger in batter and then fry it up. Talk about decadent.



In some places throughout the United States, and the world for that matter, some people do eat roadkill so the title of this entry alone is enough to stop you in your tracks. Thankfully, this one is not *actual* roadkill. This one was found at the Oregon State Fair in 2011 and is just a piece of dough that has been flattened to resemble roadkill which is, uh, interesting to say the least. The flattened dough is then deep fried and top with various sauces and syrups to make it look even more roadkill-y. This one is really just a glorified donut so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

If roadkill sounds like a sketchy treat, wait until you read about the “buggy” dishes some people enjoy at the fair.

Fried Picnic on a Stick


A fried picnic on a stick sounds like an absolutely delightful name right off the bat. However, it’s actually a totally weird mish-mash of items. This one includes fried chicken, tater tots, and pickles. They are then alternately placed on a skewer, breaded, and deep-fried. This one sounds like an edible treat. However, it might not be for you if you don’t like your food to be mixed together. If that doesn’t bother you than this one seems like it might be one of the most “normal” on the list. Oh, and this fried goodness can also be found in Texas.

Deep Fried Sugar Cubes


Deep fried sugar cubes almost seem like they would be almost impossible to actually pull off and yet they are definitely a favorite staple at the Texas State Fair. Although this one sounds off the charts in sweetness it might be one of the most do-able on the list. Sugar cubes are first double dipped in a batter. You can choose from various flavor options of batter which include chocolate, vanilla, or both. They are then deep-fried and topped off with various drizzles of your choice like chocolate, caramel or fruit sauces. If you are really into sugar this one might be one to try. However, probably not a wise idea to make it a daily occurrence!

Fried Scorpion


Alright, so now we’ve delved back into the totally weird side of fried foods. People who eat scorpions might be a bit on the crazy side anyway although it might be totally normal to eat fried foods on the other side of the world. Apparently, the insect is considered a delicacy in certain types of Chinese cuisine. These are dipped into a batter and deep-fried. You can then either eat it plain or even dip the scorpion in chocolate. Apparently, people love the crunchiness of the strange treat. Other common insects that are fried up are crickets and grasshoppers. These are totally common to find in street fairs around the world and apparently, the insects are actually protein-filled and good for you!